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List of Periodicals

Commercial Law Practitioner - 2017

Irene Lynch Fannon Reckless Trading - Good and Bad Risk-Taking in Irish Companies
(2017) 24(1) C.L.P. 7
Company Law; Risk-Taking. Companies Act 2014. Insolvency. Criminalisation. Re PSK Construction Ltd [2009] IEHC 538.
Edward Murray Surcharge Interest in Loan Agreements - Enforceable or Not?
(2017) 24(1) C.L.P. 3
Banking and Finance; Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co Ltd v New Garage & Motor Co Ltd. Penalty Clause. Irish Telephone Rentals Ltd v I.C.S.B.S. Ltd. ACC Bank Plc v Friends First Managed Pension Funds Ltd. Facility Letters. Basel I (1988) and Basel II (2004).
James Kane Counterclaim - Leasing - Regulation (EC) No. 44/2001 - Jurisdiction - Definition of Counterclaim - Claim Based on Unjust Enrichment
(2017) 24(1) C.L.P. 15
Case Note; Kostanjevec v F&S; Leasing GmbH (C-185/15). Unjust Enrichment. Counterclaim. Jurisdiction.
James Kane European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism - European Union Financial Assistance to Ireland - Recapitalisation of Banks - Second Directive 77/91/EEC
(2017) 24(1) C.L.P. 14
Company Law; Case Note; Dowling v Minister for Finance (C-41/15). Transfer of Shares. Recapitalisation. Financial Crisis
James Kane Regulation (EU) No. 1215/2012 - Whether Rules of Exclusive Jurisdiction Apply - Rules of Special Jurisdiction - Proceedings to Avoid Contract
(2017) 24(1) C.L.P. 15
Contract Law; Schmidt v Schmidt (C-417/15) (2016); Legal Capacity; Rules of exclusive jurisdiction
James Kane Pension Contributions - Employer Insolvency - Insolvency Proceedings
(2017) 24(1) C.L.P. 14
Pensions; Insolvency; Webb-Samann v Seagon (C-454/15) (2016); Pension Contributions; Liquidation
Brian Hutchinson  Editorial - New Disparity between Interest Rates on Judgments and Late Payments
(2017) 24(1) C.L.P 2
Insolvency; Banking and finance; Courts Act 1981 (Interest on Judgment Debts) Order 2016 (S.I. No. 624 of 2016); Judgment Debts; Interest Rates; Judgment Creditors.
John Breslin; Elizabeth Corcoran  Undue Influence and Non-Commercial Guarantees - Court of Appeal Decisions in Ulster Bank (Ireland) Ltd v De Kretser and Bank of Ireland v Curran
Banking and Finance;
Eoin Martin Unfair Terms in Consumer Loan Contracts
[2017] 24(4) C.L.P. 71
Consumer Law; Consumer Contracts; Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Directive; Aziz v Caixa d'Estalvis de Catalunya (2013); loans
Caroline Bergin-Cross Economic Perspective on Why Banks Ought Not Be Classified as a Fiduciary or Agent - Part I
(2017) 24(4) C.L.P. 77
Banking; Bank-Customer Relationship; Fiduciary Relationship; Duty of Care; Contracts
Deirdre Ni Fhloinn Performance Securities in Construction Projects
(2017) 24(4) C.L.P. 86
Construction; Insolvency; Banking & Finance; Performance Securities; Guarantees; Bond; The Capital Works Management Framework;Trafalgar House Construction (Regions) Ltd v General Surety Guarantee Co [1995]
Arthur Cunningham  Re Regan Development Ltd and the Companies Act 2014; Re McGettigan Ltd and the Companies Act 2014 [2017] IEHC 156
(2017) 24(4) C.L.P. 93
Insolvency; Company Law; Examinership; Failure to Disclose Material Information; Improper Purpose; Common law duty of good faith; Re Wogan's (Drogheda) Ltd (No. 3); Utmost Good Faith
Brian Hutchinson Editorial - The Audit Requirement as a Deterrent or Punishment?
(2017) 24(4) C.L.P. 70
Company Law; Companies (Accounting) Bill 2017; EU Accounting Directive on reporting and preparation of financial statements; "Micro" Company; Audit Exemption for Small Companies; s.363 of the Companies Act 2014
John Quinn Passive Directors and the Law of Restriction
(2017) 24(5) C.L.P. 106
Company Law; Insolvency; S.819 Companies Act 2014; Corporate Enforcement; Corporate Governance; Re Hunting Lodges Ltd; Re Swanpool Ltd; Re Newcastle Timber Ltd; Re Walfab Engineering Ltd; Director of Corporate Enforcement v Walsh
Cormac Little; Eoin � Cuillean�in UK Withdrawal from the EU - Procedures and Process - An End to the Jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union?
(2017) 24(5) C.L.P. 99
European Union; Brexit; Article 50(2) of the Treaty on European Union; R. (on the application of Gina Miller & Deir Tozetti Dos Santos) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union [2016] EWHC 2768; European Communities Act 1972; Repeal Bill
Cliona Kelly From Playboy to Pirate Bay - Copyright and Communication to the Public in the Digital Age
(2017) 24(6) C.L.P. 127
Intellectual Property; Communication to the public right; Copyright; Digital technology; EU law; File sharing; Hyperlinks; Knowledge; Online infringement; Streaming media; Art.3(1) of the Copyright Directive
Sinead Eaton; Mary-Elizabeth Tumelty Directors' Duties under the Companies Act 2014
(2017) 24(6) C.L.P. 135
Company Law; Fiduciary Duties; s.228(1) of the Companies Act 2014; La Moselle Clothing Ltd [1998]; Compliance statement; Breach of Duty; Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Noel McGrath Company - Restriction of Directors - Delay (O'Donoghue v. Hanly & Hanly; Re Segamu Developments Ltd [2017] IEHC 87)
(2017) 24(6) C.L.P. 139
Company Law; Restriction; Insolvency; Directors' Duties; s.819 Companies Act 2014; s.56 of the Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
Noel McGrath Company - Restriction of Directors - Delay (O'Donoghue v. Taggart & Taggart; Re Tailored Homes (Navan) Ltd [2017] IEHC 76)
(2017) 24(6) C.L.P. 139
Company Law; Restriction; Insolvency; Directors' Duties; Burden of Proof; Fairness; Honest and Responsible defence; Just & Equitable
Noel McGrath Company - Disqualification of Directors - Passive Director - Role of Undertakings
(2017) 24(6) C.L.P. 141
Company Law; Disqualification; Directors' Duties; Passive Directors; Length of Disqualification; Re Tralee Beef and Lamb Ltd [2008] 3 I.R. 347; Re Walfab Engineering Ltd [2016] IECA 2
Noel McGrath Company - Rectification of Members' Register
(2017) 24(6) C.L.P. 142
Company Law; S.173 of the Companies Act 2014; Shareholders' rights
Noel McGrath Company - Examinership - Appointment of Examiner - Circuit Court Examinership
(2017) 24(6) C.L.P. 142
Company Law; Examinership; Tax; Tax Avoidance
Caroline Bergin-Cross Economic Perspective on Why Banks Ought Not Be Classified as a Fiduciary or Agent - Part II
(2017) 24(5) C.L.P. 115
Banking; Agency/Fiduciary law; Corporate Governance; Disclosure; Agency; Deposits; Investments; Normative economic efficiency theory; Corporate Governance Code
James Kane Competition law - Article 101 TFEU - exercise of decisive influence - parent company liability for subsidiary - joint venture (Toshiba Corp v European Commission (C-623/15 P); Judgment of the Court of Justice (Eighth Chamber), 18 January 2017)
(2017) 24(5) C.L.P. 121
Intellectual Property; Corporate; Company Law; Corporate governance; Cartel
James Kane Public procurement - public contracts - European Communities (Public Authorities Contracts) (Review Procedures) Regulations 2010 - European Communities (Award of Public Authorities' Contracts) Regulations 2006 - standard of review - Directive 2004/18/EC
(2017) 24(5) C.L.P. 122
Public procurement; Copymoore Ltd and others v Commissioners of Public Works of Ireland [2016] IEHC 709; Tenders
James Kane Public procurement - European Communities (Award of Public Authorities' Contracts) Regulations 2006 - Directive 2004/18/EC - European Communities (Public Authorities Contracts) (Review Procedures) Regulations 2010 - plenary summons - whether claim was fou
(2017) 24(5) C.L.P. 122
Public procurement; BAM PPP Ireland Ltd and Balfour Beatty Ireland Ltd v National Roads Authority [2017] IEHC 157
Claire Patton Breast Cancer Cause-Marketing - Reworking the Social Contract
(2017) 24(3) C.L.P. 43
Corporate Law; Corporate Social Responsibility; Charities; Campaigns; MNCs
Noel McGrath Company - Liquidation - Winding Up Petition
(2017) 24(2) C.L.P. 37
Company Law; Re Star Elm Frames Ltd [2016] IEHC 666; creditors' voluntary liquidation; examinership; demand letter; misconduct; "phoenix syndrome"; unsecured creditor
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