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List of Periodicals

Irish Intellectual Property Review - 1999

Raymond Wacks Towards a New Legal and Conceptual Framework for the Protection of Internet Privacy
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 1
Information Technology Law; Internet; Privacy
Pauline Walley Privacy Law in Ireland: A Jurisprudential Cinderella
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 6
Constitutional Law; Privacy
Peter Bolger The Common Law and the Tort of Appropriation of Personality: Part I
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 16
Intellectual Property Law; Appropriation of Personality
Maire Ni Suilleabhain International Exhaustion of Copyright: Lurking in the Wings?
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 31
Copyright Law; Exhaustion of Rights
Louise Carey An Overview of the Draft Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1998 as it applies to software owners
(1999) 3 (1) IIPR 38
Copyright Law; Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1998
Peter Bolger The Common Law and the Tort of Appropriation of Personality: Part 2
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 2
Intellectual Property Law; Appropriation of Personality
Paul Lambert Survey Evidence in Passing Off and Trade Mark Litigations
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 10
Law of Tort; Passing Off; Trade Marks
Anthony P Quinn Conference Report: Public Lending Right (PLR); The Right to Culture and a Culture of Rights
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 16
Public Lending Right
Robert Clarke Recovery Under an Account of Profits and Passing Off - Who Gets What When the Chips are Down?
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 19
Law of Tort; Passing Off; Recovery
Maureen Daly Recent Developments in Case Law
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 23
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Mark Act 1996; Trade Mark Harmonisation Directive
Pauline Walley Recent Developments in Irish Media Law
(1999) 3 (2) IIPR 25
Media Law
David Vaver Moral Rights: The Irish Spin
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 3
Copyright Law; Authors; Performers
Seamus Clarke Remuneration for Digital Content: The Rights of Authors in an Online World
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 10
Information Technology Law; Internet; Authors Rights
Peter B Shortt Implementation in Ireland of the EC Directive on the Legal Protection of Designs
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 16
European Law; Intellectual Property Law; Design
Peter Bolger Making Contracts Over the Internet
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 20
Contract Law; Online Contracts
Bill O Reilly The International Protection of Industrial Designs Under the Berne Convention and the Hague Agreement (Part 1)
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 26
Intellectual Property Law; Berne Convention; Hague Agreement; Industrial Designs
Karen Murray Facts of Finding in US v Microsoft 1999
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 31
Competition Law; Dominance
Kathleen Skelly Case Summary: Montex Holdings v Controller of Patents
(1999) 3 (3) IIPR 34
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks
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