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List of Periodicals

Commercial Law Practitioner - 2000

Fidelma White  The EC Directive on Certain Aspects of Consumer Sale and Associated Guarantees: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back?
(2000) 7 CLP 3
Contract Law; Consumer Protection; Consumer Sales; Guarantees
Lisa Glennon  The Residual Nature of the Minority Shareholder Remedy
(2000) 7 CLP 14
Company Law; Shareholders; Remedies
Austin J Buckley  Subrogation-Have Insurers' Rights Been Extended?
(2000) 7 CLP 22
Insurance Law; Subrogation; Reimbursement
Sean Nolan  Disclosure of Interests in Securities under Part IV of the Companies Act 1990
(2000) 7 CLP 31
Company Law; Companies Act 1990; Disclosure; Interest in Securities
Howard Linnane  Corporate Capacity and Ostensible Authority and their "Inextricable" Entwinement on Display
(2000) 7 CLP 37
Company Law; Agents
Gearoid Carey  Deferred Considerations as payment for Company Acquisitions
(2000) 7 CLP 43
Company Law; Deferred Considerations; Commercial Acquisitions
Mary Donnelly  Transferring Intangibles: Possibilities and Pitfalls
(2000) 7 CLP 59
Property Law; Intangible Property
Michael Twomey  Liability of a Firm for the Acts of a Partner
(2000) 7 CLP 66
Company Law; Partnership Act 1890; Agent Liability
William Prentice  The Anatomy of a Security Document
(2000) 7 CLP 83
Company Law; Security Documents; Mortgage; Charge; Security Interest
Ciaran O Mara  Regulation of Part-Time Work
(2000) 7 CLP 91
Labour Law; Part-Time Work
Brian Kennedy  The Scope of Public Procurement Law
(2000) 7 CLP 95
Administration Law; Public Procurement Law; European Court of Justice
Barbara Cotter  Section 60 of the Companies Act 1963
(2000) 7 CLP 111
Company Law; Companies Act 1963; Section 60
John Breslin  The Future Regulation of the Irish Banking and Financial Services Industry
(2000) 7 CLP 116
Financial Law; Banking Law; Financial Regulation; Financial Services
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott  The ABC of Tendering
(2000) 7 CLP 121
Contract Law; Tenders
Claire Coleman  The Irish Electronic Commerce Bill 2000
(2000) 7 CLP 139
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce Bill 2000
Gearoid Carey  Expert Determination
(2000) 7 CLP 143
Contract Law; Expert Evidence
Richard Grogan  The Trend Towards Self-Employed Contractors-Opportunities and Pitfalls
(2000) 7 CLP 159
Labour Law; Self-Employed; Contractors
Ravi Chandran  Performance Bonds and Unconscionability in Singapore
(2000) 7 CLP 170
International Law; Performance Bonds; Unconscionability
M Ashe & P Reid  Money Laundering-An Overview
(2000) 7 CLP 183
Criminal Law; Money Laundering; Criminal Justice Act 1994
Raymond J Friel  Negotiating Liabilities Without Benefit: The Pre-Contractual Liability Trap
(2000) 7 CLP 188
Contract Law; Liability; Rights and Obligations
David Goldberg; Maurice Abrahamson  A Comparative Analysis of Securities Regulations in Europe and USA-Part I
(2000) 7 CLP 194
European Law; International Law; Securities Regulations; Investment; Protection
Mary Donnelly; Maeve Mc Donagh  Maintaining Standards in Electronic Banking: How Does Ireland Measure Up?
(2000) 7 CLP 211
Information Technology Law; Electronic Banking
Caterina Gardiner  Corporate Manslaughter
(2000) 7 CLP 218
Company Law; Criminal Law; Corporate Criminal Liability; Health and Safety Act 1989
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson  A Comparative Analysis of Securities Regulations in Europe and USA-Part II
(2000) 7 CLP 222
European Law; International Law; Securities Regulations; Investment; Protection
Gearoid Carey  Liability for Innocently or Passively Procuring a Breach of Contract
(2000) 7 CLP 235
Law of Tort; Contract Law; Breach of Contract
Brian Bohan  The Implications of Finance Act 2000 for Foreign Nationals
(2000) 7 CLP 241
Financial Law; Finance Act 2000; Capital Acquisitions Tax Code; Domicile; Residence; Taxation; Foreign Nationals
Michael Twomey  A Partner's Right to Manage the Firm-A Basic Right?
(2000) 7 CLP 255
Company Law; Partnership Act 1890; Management Rights
John Breslin  Money Laundering: Banks and Suspect Accounts
(2000) 7 CLP 260
Criminal Law; Banking Law; Money Laundering
David Newby  Securitisation-A Lead Manager's Perspective
(2000) 7 CLP 264
Security Law; Securitisation