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List of Periodicals

Commercial Law Practitioner - 1999

David Hardiman Deposit of Title Deeds
(1999) 6 CLP 3
Property Law; Mortgage; Title Deeds
Timothy Bird Dealing as Consumer
(1999) 6 CLP 10
Consumer Law; Consumer Rights
Noel Travers A Reluctant Step Towards Fortress Europe: The Inevitable but Regrettable Judgment in Silhouette
(1999) 6 CLP 18
European Law; Competition Law; Trademark
Paul Gallagher Book Review: Capital Markets-Irish and International Laws and Regulations by Agnes Foy
(1999) 6 CLP 35
Foy; Capital Market
Thomas B Courtney The Continuing Development of the Mareva Injunction in Ireland
(1999) 6 CLP 39
Law of Equity; Mareva Injunctions
Patrick O Callaghan An Agents Windfall for the Sale of Goods-The Measure of Recovery
(1999) 6 CLP 45
Contract Law; Agent; Sale of Goods; Recovery
Ciaran O Mara The Impact of European Health and Safety Legislation on the Irish Construction Sector-Part II
(1999) 6 CLP 50
European Law; Health and Safety; Construction Industry
John Kettle Competition Law and Restrictive Covenants
(1999) 6 CLP 67
Competition Law; Restrictive Covenants
Ciaran O Mara The Impact of European Health and Safety Legislation on the Irish Construction Sector-Part III
(1999) 6 CLP 72
European Law; Health and Safety; Construction Industry
John Gaffney The Review of Corporate Claims by the United Nations Compensation Commission
(1999) 6 CLP 80
European Law; Compensation Commission
Declan Costello Book Review: Mareva Injunctions and Related Interlocutory Orders by Thomas B Courtney
(1999) 6 CLP 96
Courtney; Mareva Injunctions; Interlocutory Orders
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson Recent Developments in Financial Regulation
(1999) 6 CLP 99
Financial Law; Financial Intermediaries Act 1995; Investment
Agnes Foy The ISDA Master Agreement-Managing Legal Risk: Jurisdictions and Counter-parties
(1999) 6 CLP 104
Risk; Jurisdiction; Counter-party
Ravi Chandran Share Buy-Backs in Singapore
(1999) 6 CLP 111
Company Law; Shareholder; International Law
G Carey & SJ Leonowicz Director's Meetings: Modern Technology and Best Practice
(1999) 6 CLP 127
Information Technology
Austin J Buckley Fraud or Mere Exaggeration-A Recent Decision
(1999) 6 CLP 132
Jimmy Muyanja Arbitrators' Immunity or Liability?-A Semantic Approach to the Shifting Paradigm in Ireland and England
(1999) 6 CLP 135
Noel Travers The Right of Establishment of Companies which are Economically Inactive in their Member State of Registration
(1999) 6 CLP 159
European Law; Right of Establishment
Mary Donnelly Undue Influence, Misrepresentation and Guarantees: What is a Bank to do?
(1999) 6 CLP 167
Undue Influence; Misrepresentation; Guarantee
Gregory Burton A Special Equity for the Wife Confirmed
(1999) 6 CLP 176
Law of Equity; Mortgages
Raymond J Friel Corporate Criminal Liability: A Comparative Analysis-Part I
(1999) 6 CLP 191
Company Law; Corporate Criminal Liability
John Meade Ultra Vires or Directors' Abuses: When can shareholders right a wrong?
(1999) 6 CLP 198
Company Law; Directors; Shareholders; Ultra Vires
Hwee-Ying Yeo Variation of Default Rule Governing Equal Sharing of Profits
(1999) 6 CLP 203
Company Law; Partnership; Profits
Ravi Chandran Express Terms in Employment Contracts
(1999) 6 CLP 215
Labour Law; Contract Law; Express Terms
John Gaffney An Overview of World Trade Organisation Law
(1999) 6 CLP 218
Commercial Law; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1947
Raymond J Friel Corporate Criminal Liability: A Comparative Analysis-Part II
(1999) 6 CLP 226
Company Law; Corporate Criminal Liability
Oonagh Breen The Road From Genoa-Direct Causal Links and The Case of Raso
(1999) 6 CLP 239
European Law, Article 90
Leo Flynn The Essential Facilities Doctrine in the Community Courts
(1999) 6 CLP 245
Competition Law; European Law; Essential Facilities
Tony O Dwyer The Role of the Company Secretary
(1999) 6 CLP 249
Company Law; Companies Act 1963; Company Secretary
Eugene Gallagher Collaring The White Collar Criminal
(1999) 6 CLP 263
Commercial Law; Criminal Law; Fraud; White Collar Crime
Blanaid Clarke Exempting or Limiting Liability in Sale
(1999) 6 CLP 267
Contract Law; Limitation Clause; Sale of Goods
Dermot Cahill The EC Merger Regulations-A Review of Recent Developments
(1999) 6 CLP 272
European Law; Merger Regulations
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson Securities Regulation and the Doctrine of Caveat Vendor in the USA
(1999) 6 CLP 287
International Law; Securities Regulation; Investment; Intermediaries
Paul Lambert Section 24 of the Trade Marks Act 1996-A New Remedy for Groundless Threats
(1999) 6 CLP 293
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Mark Act 1996
G Carey & SJ Leonowicz Litigation of Shareholder Disputes Under Woolf-Can Such Changes Yield Advantages for Ireland?
(1999) 6 CLP 300
Company Law; Shareholders; Woolf
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