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List of Periodicals

Commercial Law Practitioner - 2001

Michael Collins Competition, the Commission and a Firm Purpose of Amendment
(2001) 8 CLP 3
Competition Law; Competition Commission
Anthony Moore Payments Received by Cheque Drawn on Bank Account of Company Following Presentation of Winding Up Petition: the Legal Position in England after Hollicourt (Contracts) Limited v Bank of Ireland
(2001) 8 CLP 10
Company Law; Winding Up
Austin J Buckley Employer's Liability and the Personal Liability of the Manager Behind the Corporate Veil
(2001) 8 CLP 13
Company Law; Employers Liability; Personal Liability
Walter Beatty Transmission of Copyright and Moral Rights
(2001) 8 CLP 27
Information Technology Law; Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000; Electronic Commerce Act 2000
Brian Walker Dot Com Disputes and The WIPO Centre
(2001) 8 CLP 32
Information Technology Law; Intellectual Property; Domain Names
Louise Crowley Ireland's Answer to Europe's Call for Patent Protection for Biotechnological Inventions
(2001) 8 CLP 51
European Law; European Communities (Legal Protection of Biotechnological Inventions) Regulations 2000; Biotechnology
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott Good Faith in Insurance Claims
(2001) 8 CLP 56
Insurance Law; Insurance Claims
Ciaran O Mara Changing Times? Recent European Developments in Working Time Law
(2001) 8 CLP 60
Labour Law; Working Time Directive; Working Time Act 1997
Stephen Dodd Passing Off, Domain Names and Injunctive Relief
(2001) 8 CLP 79
Information Technology Law; Internet; Passing Off; Domain Names; Injunctions
G Carey & S Leonowicz Litigating Settlement Contributions
(2001) 8 CLP 85
Darius Whelan The Existence or Non-existence of An Enforceable Contract for the Sale of Property: The Statute of Frauds Revisited
(2001) 8 CLP 103
Contract Law; Statute of Frauds; Deposit; Memorandum
Anthony Moore Section 218 of the Companies Act 1963, Banks and Hollicourt, the Irish Perspective
(2001) 8 CLP 108
Company Law; Companies Act 1963
N Brennan & J Hennessy Forensic Accounting and Intellectual Property Infringement
(2001) 8 CLP 112
Intellectual Property Law; Forensic Accounting; Damages
Elizabeth O Brien Procuring Evidence in the US - USC 1782
(2001) 8 CLP 127
Law of Evidence; International Law
Gearoid Carey Misrepresentation and the Avoidance of Liability
(2001) 8 CLP 131
Contract Law; Misrepresentation
Brian Walker Company Directors: All is About to Change! The New Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
(2001) 8 CLP 151
Company Law; Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
Edel O Herlihy Legal Issues concerning the Monitoring of E-Mail and Internet use in the Workplace in Ireland
(2001) 8 CLP 160
Information Technology Law; Internet; Electronic Mail; Workplace
Maura Connolly Employment Law Issues in the Context of a Re-Organisation or Closure of a Business
(2001) 8 CLP 167
Employment Law; Redundancy
Mary Donnelly Book Review: Leading Cases of the 20th Century edited by O Dell
(2001) 8 CLP 179
Legal History; Case Law
Gearoid Carey Concurrent Liability in Contract and Tort-Part 1
(2001) 8 CLP 183
Contract Law; Law of Tort; Concurrent Liability; Duty of Care
Declan O Reilly Industrial Espionage and the Encryption Debate
(2001) 8 CLP 189
Information Technology Law; Encryption; Industrial Espionage
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson Conflicts of Interest in the Sale of Financial Products
(2001) 8 CLP 191
Contract Law; Conflict of Interests; Disclosure
John Breslin Brumark Investments Ltd : Charges over Book Debts, Divisibility of Assets, and the Role of Conduct in Interpretation of Contracts
(2001) 8 CLP 207
Contract Law; Charges; Divisibility of Assets
Gearoid Carey Concurrent Liability in Contract and Tort-Part II
(2001) 8 CLP 214
Contract Law; Law of Tort; Concurrent Liability
Martin Clarke Procedural Mishap and the Remission of Arbitral Awards; Catherine Mc Carrick v The Gaiety (Sligo) Ltd
(2001) 8 CLP 221
Arbitration; Arbitration Act 1954
G Carey & S Leonowicz Entire Agreement Clauses
(2001) 8 CLP 235
Commercial Law; Entire Agreement Clauses; Parol Evidence Rule; Representation
Louise Crowley Who Regulates the Insurance Industry?
(2001) 8 CLP 241
Insurance Law; Insurance Act 1989; Insurance Regulation
Fidelma White Commercial Agents in Irish Law: A Privileged Position
(2001) 8 CLP 259
Company Law; Agents
N Brennan & J Hennessy Valuing Businesses in a Legal Context
(2001) 8 CLP 270
Company Law; Business Valuation
Maura Connolly Equal Access to Goods and Services-The Equal Status Act 2000
(2001) 8 CLP 275
Equality Law; Equal Status Act 2000; Equal Access; Discrimination
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