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List of Periodicals

Technology & Entertainment Law Journal - 2001

Brian Gormley Regulation of the Electronic Media: Ireland's Future Approach to Issues of Convergence
[2001] 2 (4) TELJ 2
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce; Convergence Regulation
Gemma Forde A Right to Privacy and Intellectual Property Law
[2001] 2 (4) TELJ 9
Intellectual Property Law; Privacy
Cirami Drahaman Karupiah Entertainment Pays or does it? A Performer's Struggle for Equal Rights: A Comparative Insight
[2001] 2 (4) TELJ 17
Intellectual Property Law; Entertainers Rights
Robert Clark E-Commerce and Legal Texts-End of Term Report
[2001] 2 (4) TELJ 24
Intellectual Property Law; Copyright Law
Mark Rasdale Privacy, Confidence and Naomi Campbell-The Irish View
[2001] 2 (4) TELJ 27
Information Technology Law; Privacy; Breach of Confidence
Ada A Harte The Domain Name Debate
[2001] 2 (1) TELJ 2
Information Technology Law; Domain Names
Rhona O Brien Data Protection in the European Telecommunications Sector
[2001] 2 (1) TELJ 8
European Information Technology Law; Data Protection
Denis Kelleher Electronic Government
[2001] 2 (1) TELJ 13
Information Technology; Electronic Government
Karen Murray Privacy Law Update
[2001] 2 (1) TELJ 16
Privacy Law
David Geary EU Developments
[2001] 2 (1) TELJ 20
European Information Technology Law
Rhona O Brien Broadcasting Act 2001, Digital Terrestrial Television in Ireland
[2001] 2 (2) TELJ 3
Telecommunications Law; Broadcasting Act 2001
Denis Kelleher Stealing Information
[2001] 2 (2) TELJ 8
Information Technology Law; Theft of Information
Karen Murray Europe Responds to Spamming
[2001] 2 (2) TELJ 12
European Information Technology Law; Unsolicited Communications
David Geary EU Developments
[2001] 2 (2) TELJ 16
European Information Technology Law
Robert Clark Copyright Infringement and Electronic Media-Some US Straws in the Wind
[2001] 2 (3) TELJ 2
Information Technology Law; International Law; Copyright Infringement
Claire Ryan Who Creates the Originality?
[2001] 2 (3) TELJ 6
Copyright Law
Robert Clark Direct-Marketing and Public Registers
[2001] 2 (3) TELJ 12
Information Technology Law; Public Register; Unsolicited Communication
Donnacha O Conchuir The International Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights
[2001] 2 (3) TELJ 14
Intellectual Property Law; Exhaustion of Rights
David Geary EU Developments
[2001] 2 (3) TELJ 17
European Information Technology Law
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