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List of Periodicals

Law Society Gazette - 2015

James MacGuillEU Accession to the ECHR - Back to the Drawing Board
109(2) LSG 22
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights, Accession Agreement, Harmonisation, Lisbon Treaty
Colm RobertsHere Come the Gals
(2015) 109(1) LSG 18
Family Law; Guardians Ad Litem, section 3(2)(b) of the Child Care Act 1991, Children Acts Advisory Board,
Teri KellyProfession's Perfect Parity
(2015) 109(1) LSG 20
Legal Practice; Female Practising Solicitors, Solicitors Act 1843, Garda Commissioner, Minister for Justice, Judicial Appointments,
Carol CoulterDistrict Court Airs Child Care Concerns
(2015) 109(1) LSG 22
Family Law; Child and Family Agency, Care Orders, Habitual Residence,
Michaela Herron, Kevin PowerA Matter of Life and Death
(2015) 109(1) LSG 24
Constitutional Law; PP v HSE, Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution, Foetal Survival, Maternal Brain Death, In Re a Ward of Court (withholding medical treatment) (No 2),
Mark McDermottCircle of Trust
(2015) 109(1) LSG 28
Legal Practice; Frances FitzGearld, Policing Authority, GSOC, Asylum Seekers, Direct Provision
Cormac � Cul�inOpportunity Costs
(2015) 109(1) LSG 32
Legal Practice; Legal Costs, Medical Protection Society, Indemnity Cap, Legal Services Regulation Bill,
Eamonn MaguireShoot to Thrill
(2015) 109(1) LSG 36
Legal Practice; Claims-Harvesting, Section 5 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act 2002, Thema Intl Fund v HSBC Inst Trust Services (Ireland), Referrals
Maggie ArmstrongTaking Care of Business
(2014) 109(1) LSG 40
Legal Practice; LawCare, Mental or Physical Health Problems, Charity, Workplace Environment
Marco HickeyCalculating Fines for Competition Infringement
(2015) 109(1) LSG 56
European Union Law; Guardian Industries and Guardian Europe v Commission, Article 101 TFEU, Article 23(2) of Regulation 1/2003, Principle of Equal Treatment
Loughlin DeeganLet's Work Together
(2015) 109(2) LSG 24
Employment Law; Workplace Relations Bill 2014, Workplace Relations Commission, Article 6 European Convention on Human Rights, Right of Appeal, Labour Inspectorate,
Lorcan RocheSPN Connect - A Unified Force for Sole Practitioners
(2015) 109(2) LSG 26
Legal Practice; Sole Practitioner Network, Recession, Insurance
Edmund SweetmanEntering the Bullpen
(2015) 109(2) LSG 28
Succession Law; Spanish Civil Code, Property Market, "Accepting the Inheritance," Non-Residents, 1961 Hague Convention on the Conflict of Laws Relating to the Form of Testamentary Dispositions,
Paul Keane, Neil KeenanMammoth Task
(2015) 109(2) LSG 32
Company Law; Companies Act 2014, Designated Activity Company, Company Constitution, Director's Duties, Director's Loans, Declaration of Solvency
Maggie ArmstrongThe Life of Bryan
(2015) 109(2) LSG 36
Legal Practice; Bryan Stevenson, Equal Justice Initiative, FLAC Lecture, UN Investigation
Anthony FayThe Great Outdoors
(2015) 109(2) LSG 40
Public Law; Part XVI of the Planning and Development Act 2000, Strict Liability Offence, Gareth Brooks, Arsenal FC v SSCLG & Islington LBC, Article 8(1) European Convention on Human Rights,
Cliona BolandClearing the Undergrowth
(2015) 109(2) LSG 44
Constitutional Law; McGowan & ors v the Labour Court & ors, Labour Court, Article 15.2.1 of the Constitution, Registered Employment Agreements, Industrial Relations (Amendment) Act 2012
Jeanne KellyDetermining Jurisdiction in Online Copyright Infringement
(2015) 109(2) LSG 56
EU Law; C- 441/13 Pez Hejduk v EnergieAgentur.NRW GmbH (22 January 2015), Brussels I Regulation, Harmful Event,
Cormac � Cul�inDo You Want Your Aul' Lobby Washed Down?
(2015) 109(3) LSG 18
Public Law; Regulation of Lobbying Act, Standards in Public Office Commission, Excepted Communications,
Mark McDermottChildren of the Revolution
(2015) 109(3) LSG 20
Legal Practice; iPad, Moodle, Law Society Education Centre, Trainees
Stephan FitzpatrickBest Served Cold
(2015) 109(2) LSG 22
Criminal Law; Revenge Porn, LRC�s 2014 Issues Paper on Cyber-crime, Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015, Domestic Violence, Right to Be Forgotten,
Maggie ArmstrongTake it to the Max
(2015) 109(3) LSG 26
Legal Practice; Max Abrahamson, Engineering Law, Legal Services Regulation Bill,
Lorcan Tiernan, David O�MahonyShuffling the Deck
(2015) 109(3) LSG 30
Company Law; Companies Act 2014, Mergers, Summary Approval Procedure, Division,
Gary HayesCaught in a Trap
(2015) 109(3) LSG 34
Succession Law; Statute of Limitations, Section 9(2)(b) of the Civil Liability Act 1961, Administrator of Estate, Doctrine of Relation Back,
Ann FitzgearldDance of the Seven Veils
(2015) 109(3) LSG 38
Family Law; Separate Corporate Personality, SQ v TQ (2014), Group of Companies, Section 38 of the Family Law Act 1995, Resulting Trust
Peter BeatonBrussel I Recast - Courting Favour
(2015) 109(3) LSG 54
EU Law; Hague Choice of Court Convention 2005, Private International Law, Jurisdiction, Exequatur, Lis Pendens,
Eileen KingMarriage is not the Measure of Equality
(2015) 109(4) LSG 20
Human Rights; Article 41 of the Constitution, Children and Family Relationships Act 2015, In Vitro Fertilisation, Civil Partnership
Muriel Walls, Michelle DunneThe Meaning of Marriage - Past, Present and Future
(2015) 109(4) LSG 22
Constitutional Law; Children and Family Relationships Act 2015, Loving v Virginia (388 US 1), Zappone & Gilligan v Revenue Commissioners ([2006] IEHC 404)
Maggie ArmstrongLife Setence
(2015) 109(4) LSG 24
Criminal Justice; Custodial Sentences, Mountjoy, Parole Board,
Lorcan RocheLet the Games Begin
(2015) 109(4) LSG 28
Sports Law; David Casserly, International Sports Law Arbitrator, Court of Arbitration for Sport,
Rory O'NeillRevenge of the Cybermen
(2015) 109(4) LSG 32
Legal Practice; Online Banking, Fraud, Malware,
Gary Fitzgearld, James DwyerToo Much Information
(2015) 109(4) LSG 36
EU Law; Directive 2012/13/EU on the right to information in criminal proceedings, "Letter of Rights," Pre-Trial Disclosure, HSE v White [2009] IEHC 242,
Sean NolanMaking a Statement
(2015) 109(4) LSG 40
Company Law; Companies Act 2014, International Financial Reporting Standards, Directors' Compliance Statements, Audits, Accounting Directive (2013/34/ EU) of 26 June 2013
Peter BeatonBrussels I Recast Yet Again
(2015) 109(4) LSG 56
EU Law; Private International Law, Recognition of Judgments, Enforcement, Provisional and Protective Measures, Arbitration
Mark McDermottGetting to Grips with the Rule of Law
(2015) 109(5) LSG 20
Legal Practice; Law Society Annual Conference, Magna Carta, Migration, EU Law
Yvonne KeatingLaw Society to Consider Specialist Accreditation
(2015) 109(5) LSG 24
Legal Practice; Report and Recommendations of the Future of the Law Society Task Force, Section 4 of the Solicitors (Amendment) Act 2002,
Jenny McGeeverLove It/Hate It
(2015) 109(5) LSG 26
Criminal Law; DPP v JC, Unconstitutionally obtained evidence, Admissibility, Inadvertance Rule, Section 23 of the Criminal Procedure Act 2010
Ben ManneringThe Thin Blue Line
(2015) 109(5) LSG 30
Tort Law; Kelly v Commissioner of An Garda S�och�na, Garda Liability, Duty of Care, Bail Act 1997, Article 2(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights, Immunity
Denis KelleherData Day Problems
(2015) 109(5) LSG 34
Privacy Law; Date Protection Commissioner, Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1988, Collins v FBD Insurance, Criminal Convictions,
Conor LuptonLeviathan
(2015) 109(5) LSG 41
Company Law; Companies Act 2014, Summary Approval Procedure, Registration of Charges, Declaration of Solvency, Restricted Activity, Examinership
Maggie Armstrong"Sorry" Seems to be the Hardest Word
(2015) 109(5) LSG 42
Interview; Carmelite Community Centre, Care After Prison, Child Abuse,
Judy O'ConnellEU Policy in the Energy Sector: Tempering Russia's Political Influence?
(2015) 109(5) LSG 58
EU Law; EU Sanctions, Russian Gas Market, Gazprom, Article 101 TFEU,
Helen DillonWhere's the Beef?
(2015) 109(6) LSG 16
Trade Law; Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, European Food Safety Authority, BSE Crisis,
Michael BoylanCatastrophically Injured Plaintiffs - A False Dawn?
(2015) 109(5) LSG 18
Personal Injury Law; Civil Liability (Amendment) Bill 2015, Report of the Working Group on Medical Negligence and Periodic Payments, Consumer Price, Periodic Payment Orders,
Michael KellyMilestone for Law Society's eConveyancing Project
(2015) 109(6) LSG 22
Legal Practice; Continuing Professional Development, Property Regulation Authority, Full Vendor Disclosure
Mark McDermottSalvo of Superior Entries takes "Jammies" by Storm
(2015) 109(5) LSG 24
Media; Justice Media Awards, Ann Murphy (Evening Echo), Television and Print Media
Helen KehoeHuman Rights - The Elephant in the Room
(2015) 109(6) LSG 26
Human Rights Law; European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly, Migration, Marriage Referendum, Post-WWII Human Rights Development,
Caroline Bergin-CrossThe Burning Question
(2015) 109(6) LSG 30
Banking Law; Bank Guarantee, Insolvency Priorities, Senior Bondholders, Reorganisation and Winding-up of Credit Institutions Directive, State Aid, Constitutional Right to Property, Subordinated Liability Orders, Deposit Guarantee Directive,
Lorcan RocheCompany Bee
(2015) 109(6) LSG 34
Legal Practice; Companies Act 2014, Law Society Business Law Committee, Paul Keane,
Dara Robinson, Donough MolloyPiece by Piece
(2015) 109(6) LSG 38
Criminal Law; Codification of Criminal Law, Definition of Offences, Sexual Offences,
David BoughtonSummons to Watch Over Me
(2015) 109(6) LSG 42
Criminal Law; Expired Summons, Order 8 of the Rules of the Superior Court, Renewal, Ex parte application, "Good Reason", Delay, Interests of Justice,
Fiona Lalor, Maree GallagharKnow Your Onions
(2015) 109(6) LSG 46
Food Law; Council Directive 79/112 on labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs, Food Information, Allergens, List of Nutrients
Diane BaldingEU Energy Union Package
(2015) 109(6) LSG 58
EU Law; e proposed framework strategy (COM(2015) 80 final), European Energy Security Strategy, Energy Efficiency,
Patricia T Rickard-ClarkeEqual Rights and Adequate Support
(2015) 109(7) LSG 18
Mental Health Law; Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Bill, Law Society�s Mental Health and Capacity Task Force, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Mental Health Act 2001, Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights,
Claire HamiltonGreen Guards, Good Faith and the Exclusionary Rule
(2015) 109(7) LSG 20
Criminal Law; DPP v JC, Admission of Evidence, Balance in the Criminal Law Review Group
Mark McDermottPresident Condemns Bias in the Appointment of Judges
(2015) 109(7) LSG 22
Legal Practice; Appointment of Solicitors, Funding, President Kevin O'Higgins
Gary FitzgearldWater Bomb
(2015) 109(7) LSG 24
Landlord and Tenant Law; Irish Water, Water Services (No 2) Act 2013, Data Protection, NAMA v Commissioner for Environmental Information,
Maeve Verdon, Ciaran BradyThe End of the Affair
(2015) 109(7) LSG 28
Financial Services; Funds, Brexit, Investment Firm Passports, European Free Trade Area, Tax Treaty Network,
Malachy RyanThe Numbers Game
(2015) 109(7) LSG 32
Legal Practice; Crowd Funding, Harbour Litigation Funding, Financial Conduct Authority, Arkin Cap, Assistance After-the-Event, Access to Justice
Una ButlerGood Sauce
(2015) 109(7) LSG 36
Competition Law; Competition and Consumer Protection Act 2014, Mergers, Financial Thresholds,
Tim O'Hanrahan, Sylvia CroninRisky Business
(2015) 109(7) LSG 40
European Union Law; Insurance, Solvency II Directive, European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority, Capital Requirements
Jeanne KellyLego: It's What You Make of It
(2015) 109(7) LSG 56
European Union Law; Best-Lock (Europe) Ltd v OHIM and Lego Juris (case T395/14), Protected Shapes, Trademark,
Setanta Success a "Route to Justice" for Victims
(2015) 109(8) LSG 18
Tort Law; Car Insurance, MIBI, Liquidation,
Cormac � Cul�inA Word in Your Ear
(2015) 109(8) LSG 20
Public Law; Regulation of Lobbying Act, Standards in Public Office Commission, Public Service Bodies, Guide to Good Professional Conduct
Teri KellyChildren of the Revolution
(2015) 109(8) LSG 24
Legal Practice; System 360, Future of the Law Society Task Force Report, Education,
Catherine O'FlynnSomething in the Air
(2015) 109(8) LSG 28
Health Law; E-Cigarettes, Tobacco Smoking (Prohibition) Regulations 2003, Workplace Health and Safety, Insley v Accent Catering
Patrick AmbroseMad Men
(2015) 109(8) LSG 32
Advertising Law; Branding, Misleading and Comparative Advertising Directive, Passing Off, Film and Television, ASAI Code
Joe ThomasBuyer Beware
(2015) 109(8) LSG 36
Consumer Law; Private Treaty Sales, Caveat Emptor, Online Sales, European Communities (Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts) Regulations, Property Purchase,
Ruth O'TooleWhat's the Password?
(2015) 109(8) LSG 40
IT Law; Financial Services Market, Payment Services Directive, Biometric Authentication, FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance
Elaine QuinnIt's All in the Mind
(2015) 109(8) LSG 44
Legal Practice; Initiative for Mindfulness in Law, LawCare, Legal Profession
Eva MassaThe Refugee Crisis: A Challenge for Europe
(2015) 109(8) LSG 52
EU Law; Migration, Dublin Regulation, Directive 2008/115/EC (Returns Directive),
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