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List of Periodicals

Commercial Law Practitioner - 1998

Brian Hutchinson Taking Security Over Cash Deposits: The House of Lords Confirms the Conceptual Possibility of Charge-Backs
(1998) 5 CLP 3
Security Law; Deposits
Brian Bohan Buying a Business-Legal and Taxation Aspects: Part 2
(1998) 5 CLP 10
Company Law; Taxation Law
Patrick O Callaghan Set-Off on Insolvency
(1998) 5 CLP 20
Company Law; Insolvency
RJ White Performance Bonds: Surety Bonds and Demand Guarantees Distinguished
(1998) 5 CLP 35
Contract Law; Commercial Contracts; Bonds
Ciaran O Meara European Social Policy After Amsterdam
(1998) 5 CLP 42
Treaty of Amsterdam; Social Policy
John Breslin Banks as Fiduciaries
(1998) 5 CLP 47
Banking Law; Fiduciary Duties
Denis Kelleher Licensing Software
(1998) 5 CLP 51
Information Technology Law; Software
Noel Travers The Value Added Taxation of Arbitrators' Services
(1998) 5 CLP 59
Arbitration; Taxation of Services
Kevin Langford The Classification of Workers: Employees and Independent Contractors
(1998) 5 CLP 63
Labour Law; Independent Contractors
Frank Beatty Value Added Tax-Entitlements to Credit Inputs by Way of Deduction on Commercial Leases
(1998) 5 CLP 70
Revenue Law; Commercial Leases
TB Courtney Book Review: Table A Articles of Association by Rosalind Nicholson
(1998) 5 CLP 84
Nicholson; Articles of Association; Company Law
Julian Conlon The Role of the Irish Lawyer in US offerings by Irish Companies
(1998) 5 CLP 87
Company Law; Legal Profession; International Law
Blanaid Clarke The Hampel Committee Report on Corporate Governance and the New Super Code
(1998) 5 CLP 93
Company Law; Corporate Governance
Eunice O Raw Prey of the Protected: Competition Actions Against Undertakings within the Remit of Article 90
(1998) 5 CLP 96
Competition Law; Undertakings
Paul Lavery National Irish Bank v RTE-The Defence of Public Interest in Irish Law
(1998) 5 CLP 111
Law of Tort; Breach of Conficence; Defences; Public Interest
Louise Carey Trade Marks and the Internet
(1998) 5 CLP 115
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks; Internet
John Gaffney The European Company Statute: A Case of All Kinds of Everything
(1998) 5 CLP 119
Company Law; European Law
Peter Curran Legal Aspects of the Transition to Euro
(1998) 5 CLP 135
Single Currency; Euro
Fergus O Rourke A Look at Utmost Good Faith
(1998) 5 CLP 140
Contract Law; Insurance Law; Good Faith
Oonagh Breen The Competition Authority and the Effect of the Freedom of Information Act 1997
(1998) 5 CLP 144
Competition Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
William Johnston Book Review: Consumer Credit Law by Timothy C Bird
(1998) 5 CLP 156
Bird; Consumer Credit Law
Brian Walker Creditors Rights to have Directors Restricted-A New Development
(1998) 5 CLP 159
Company Law; Directors; Creditors
Blanaid Clarke The Investor Compensation Act 1998
(1998) 5 CLP 164
Financial Law; Investor Compensation Act 1998
Ravi Chandran Restraint of Trade-Some Recent Developments
(1998) 5 CLP 168
Contract Law; Restraint of Trade
Hugh O Neill Book Review: Banking and Security Law in Ireland by William Johnston
(1998) 5 CLP 184
Johnston; Banking Law; Security Law
Kevin Hoy Quick, Quick, Slow? The Government Payment Dance
(1998) 5 CLP 187
Dermot Cahill The EC Merger Regulation-Recent Amendment and Reform: Part I
(1998) 5 CLP 193
European Law; Merger Regulations
Eunice O Raw Prey of the Protected: Why Some Undertakings are Given Protection from Competition
(1998) 5 CLP 198
Competition Law; Undertakings
John Breslin Credit Derivatives: The Need for Legislative Clarification
(1998) 5 CLP 219
Financial Law; Credit
Geoffrey Shannon Employers Liability and Safety Management: Part I
(1998) 5 CLP 224
Labour Law; Employers Liability; Health and Safety
Dermot Cahill The EC Merger Regulation-Recent Amendment and Reform: Part II
(1998) 5 CLP 229
European Law; Merger Regulations
TB Courtney Book Review: Banking Law in the Republic of Ireland by John Breslin
(1998) 5 CLP 244
Breslin; Banking Law
David Hardiman Settlement of Actions
(1998) 5 CLP 247
Commercial Litigation; Settlements
Thomas B Courtney Receiverships in Ireland in the Wake of Demite Ltd v Protec Health Ltd
(1998) 5 CLP 255
Company Law; Receivership
Geoffrey Shannon Employers Liability and Safety Management: Part II
(1998) 5 CLP 262
Labour Law; Employers Liability; Health and Safety
Adele Murphy The Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1998-Presumptions and Penalties
(1998) 5 CLP 268
Intellectual Property Law; Intellectual Property (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1998
John L O Donnell Examinerships after Springline-Another Line in the Sand
(1998) 5 CLP 279
Company Law; Examinership
Ciaran O Mara The Impact of European Health and Safety Legislation on the Irish Construction Sector-Part I
(1998) 5 CLP 282
European Law; Health and Safety; Construction Industry
Hugh Garvey Restricting Directors-Recent Case Law on Section 150 of the Companies Act 1990
(1998) 5 CLP 289
Company Law; Companies Act 1990; Directors
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