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List of Periodicals

Commercial Law Practitioner - 1997

Barbara Maguire The Bill of Sale: The Forgotten Relation
(1997) 4 CLP 3
Contract Law; Bill of Sale
Oliver Mills International Contractual Disputes: The Conundrum of Options
(1997) 4 CLP 9
Contract Law; Private International Law; Contractual Dispute
Gavin Barrett The Beef on the EU Convention on Insolvency Proceedings
(1997) 4 CLP 12
European Law; Company Law; Insolvency
Tomas B Courtney Book Review: Corporate Insolvency and Rescue by Lynch; Marshall and O Ferrall
(1997) 4 CLP 24
Lynch; Marshall; O Ferrall; Corporate Insolvency; Company Law
Hugh Gaffney Being Brought to Book Under Section 204 of the Companies Act 1990
(1997) 4 CLP 27
Company Law; Companies Act 1990
Carrie Jane Canniffe Restraining a Creditors Winding Up Petition-The Position Since Truck and Machinery Sales v Marubeni Komatsu Ltd
(1997) 4 CLP 30
Company Law; Winding Up; Creditors
Oliver Mills International Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
(1997) 4 CLP 35
International Law; Arbitration
Brian Hutchinson Criminal Liability of Directors, Managers and Other Similar Officers under the Competition (Amendment) Act 1996
(1997) 4 CLP 47
Competition (Amendment) Act 1996; Corporate Criminal Liability; Directors
Paul Lavery Commercial Secrets and the Employer/Employee Relationship
(1997) 4 CLP 54
Company Law; Commercial Secret; Employer; Employee
TP Kennedy A Rose by Any Other Name-Quasi Contract and the Judgments Convention
(1997) 4 CLP 60
Contract Law; Judgment Convention
Mary Donnelly Credit Cards: The Law Relating to Your Flexible Friend
(1997) 4 CLP 75
Financial Law; Credit
Jonathan Newman Patentability of Computer-Related Inventions in Europe
(1997) 4 CLP 81
European Information Technology Law; Patents
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson Discretionary Mandates and the Duty of Care
(1997) 4 CLP 88
Mandate; Duty of Care
M Mc Dowell Book Review: Practice and Procedure in the Superior Courts by Benedict O Floinn
(1997) 4 CLP 100
O Floinn; Practice and Procedure; Superior Courts
Gavin Barrett The Intended Legal Framework for the Introduction of the Single European Currency
(1997) 4 CLP 103
Single Currency; Euro
Jonathan Newman Is there Liability for Playing Music to Telephone Callers "On Hold"?
(1997) 4 CLP 109
Agnes Foy Accountability-Trustee, Corporate and Personal Liability
(1997) 4 CLP 115
Company Law; Accountability; Personal Liability
Gregory Burton Recent Australian Developments in Commercial Law
(1997) 4 CLP 120
Commercial Law; International Law
Mary Donnelly Electronic Banking and the Consumer: What Price Convenience
(1997) 4 CLP 132
Banking Law; Information Technology; Electronic Banking
Thomas B Courtney Substantial Property Transactions between Directors and Companies-Section 29 of the Companies Act 1990
(1997) 4 CLP 142
Company Law; Directors
Benedict O Floinn Pleadings
(1997) 4 CLP 149
Court Proceedings; Pleadings
John Breslin The Central Bank Act 1997: The New Definition of Banking Business
(1997) 4 CLP 160
Banking Law; Central Bank Act 1997
Paul Lavery Confidentiality Obligations
(1997) 4 CLP 164
Barbara Maguire Agricultural Chattels Mortgages
(1997) 4 CLP 170
Property Law; Agricultural Chattels; Mortgages
M Ashe & P Reid Equity and the Pursuit of Hot Money-Warning to Banks
(1997) 4 CLP 188
Law of Equity; Banking Law
Blanaid Clarke Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks-The Irish Takeover Panel Rules
(1997) 4 CLP 195
Company Law; Takeovers
Benedict O Floinn Implied Undertakings-Valuable Safeguard or Unnecessary Obstacle?
(1997) 4 CLP 200
Commercial Information; Confidentiality
Mary Donnelly Cheque fraud: Modern Treatment and Future Trends
(1997) 4 CLP 216
Banking Law; Fraud
Helen Sheehy Is There a Liability For Playing Music to Telephone Callers On Hold?-an Alternative View
(1997) 4 CLP 222
Copyright Law; Music
Stephen Glanville Partnership Liability-All Aboard the LLP Train?
(1997) 4 CLP 226
Company Law; Partnership; Liability
William Johnston Corporate Guarantors-Capacity and Authority
(1997) 4 CLP 240
Company Law; Guarantors
Ciaran O Mara Freedom of Establishment for Professionals
(1997) 4 CLP 251
European Law; Freedom of Establishment; Professional Bodies
Ravi Chandran Once a Mortgage, Not Necessarily Always a Mortgage
(1997) 4 CLP 258
Property Law; Mortgages
Brian Bohan Buying a Business-Legal and Taxation Aspects: Part I
(1997) 4 CLP 268
Company Law; Taxation Law
Denis Cagney Can Industry Regulators Impose Levies?
(1997) 4 CLP 275
Company Law; Industrial Regulation; Levies
Carrie Jane Canniffe More Than Mere Formalities: Re Aston Colour Print Ltd and The Companies Acts
(1997) 4 CLP 280
Company Law; Companies Acts 1963-99
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