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List of Periodicals

Commercial Law Practitioner - 1996

Thomas B Courtney Mareva Injunctions: Proving an Intention to Frustrate Judgment
(1996) 3 CLP 3
Law of Equity; Mareva Injunction
John Breslin Survivorship Rights and Joint Deposit Accounts: Lynch v AIB Bank plc
(1996) 3 CLP 12
Company Law; Survivorship Rights
Gary Byrne Book Review: Jornal of the Irish Society for Labour Law Vol 10 (no 1) 1994-1995 edited by Tony Kerr
(1996) 3 CLP 28
Labour Law
Mark Sanfey Consenting Adults: The Implications of Bank of Ireland v Smyth
(1996) 3 CLP 31
Blanaid Clarke The Greenbury Committee Report-The Determination and Disclosure of Directors Emoluments
(1996) 3 CLP 36
Company Law; Directors; Emolument
James Bridgeman Registerability of Trade Marks and Service Marks in Ireland: The Trade Marks Bill 1995
(1996) 3 CLP 40
Intellectual Property Law; Trade Marks Bill 1995
Oliver Mills Intellectual Property and Biotechnology-Life after the Death of the Draft Directive
(1996) 3 CLP 46
Intellectual Property Law; Biotechnology
David Tomkin Book Review: The Fiduciary, the Insider and the Conflict: A Compendium of Essays by B Rider and M Ashe
(1996) 3 CLP 52
Rider; Ashe; Fiduciary Relations
Brian Hutchinson Charge-backs, Set-off and Flawed Assets: Taking Security over Self-held Cash Deposits
(1996) 3 CLP 55
Security; Deposit
Paula Reid Money Laundering-Industry Guidelines for the Financial Sector
(1996) 3 CLP 67
Criminal Law; Financial Law; Money Laundering
Agnes Foy The Netting of Financial Contracts Act 1995-A Delectable Piece of Legislative Dynamite
(1996) 3 CLP 72
Financial Law; Financial Contracts Act 1995
William Johnston Impact Day for the Consumer Credit Act
(1996) 3 CLP 87
Contract Law; Consumer Credit Act 1995
Leo Flynn Free Movement of Capital: A Freedom Reaching Maturity?
(1996) 3 CLP 94
European Law; Financial Law; Free Movement of Capital
Attracta O Regan Cazabon Irish Insurance Law: An Overview
(1996) 3 CLP 98
Insurance Law
Richard Grogan Book Review: Capital Acquisition Tax by Brian Bohan
(1996) 3 CLP 108
Bohan; Capital Acquisition Tax; Revenue Law
John Furlong Labelling and Packaging: an Introduction to Sources of Statutory Law
(1996) 3 CLP 111
Statutory Law; Packaging
Raymond J Friel Extra-territorial Application of Competition Law
(1996) 3 CLP 118
Competition Law; International Law; Enforcement
Patrick O Callaghan The Hague Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil and Commercial Matters
(1996) 3 CLP 123
International Law; Hague Convention
Gary Byrne Business Sales and Transfers, The Contracting Out of Services, and Employee Rights
(1996) 3 CLP 139
Contract Law; Labour Law; Provision of Services; Employee Rights
John Furlong Labelling and Packaging: Sources of Statutory Law-Foodstuffs and Other Goods
(1996) 3 CLP 153
Statutory Law; Packaging
Jonathan Buttimore Security for Costs against Foreign Plaintiffs
(1996) 3 CLP 158
International Law; Security for Costs
Patrick O Callaghan Safeguarding Solicitors Fees
(1996) 3 CLP 167
Legal Profession; Fees
Michael J Twomey The Legal Requirement for the Establishment of a Partnership Under Irish Law
(1996) 3 CLP 178
Company Law; Partnership
Barbara Maguire Interested in Money Lending
(1996) 3 CLP 181
Financial Law; Money Lending
John B Elliot Housing Loans Under the Consumer Credit Act 1995
(1996) 3 CLP 195
Property Law; Mortgages; Consumer Credit Act 1995
Peter Johnson Forensic Accounting-A Legal Support
(1996) 3 CLP 206
Financial Law; Forensic Accounting
Michael J Twomey The Limited Partnership Act 1907
(1996) 3 CLP 211
Company Law; Limited Partnership Act 1907
Kevin Mc Hugh CREST in Ireland: The Uncertified Securities Regulations 1996
(1996) 3 CLP 219
Security Law; Securities Regulations 1996
Mark Donnelly The Erosion of the Bankers Duty of Secrecy
(1996) 3 CLP 226
Banking Law; Professional Confidentiality
Alan Doherty Ship Arrest in Ireland
(1996) 3 CLP 232
Maritime Law; Ship Arrest
Thomas B Courtney Book Review: Irish Company Law Reports 1963-1993 edited by Daly
(1996) 3 CLP 240
Company Law; Case Law
John Breslin Guarantees Under Attack
(1996) 3 CLP 243
Contract Law; Guarantee
Blanaid Clarke The Irish Takeover Panel Bill 1996
(1996) 3 CLP 253
Company Law; Takeover Panel Bill 1996;
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson Will the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 Prevent the Bubbles Bursting?
(1996) 3 CLP 256
Financial Law; Investment Intermediaries Act 1995
Attracta O Regan Cazabon Property Insurance
(1996) 3 CLP 260
Insurance Law; Property Insurance
D Goldberg & M Abrahamson Will the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 Prevent the Bubbles Bursting (Part II)
(1996) 3 CLP 271
Financial Law; Investment Intermediaries Act 1995
Ciaran A O Meara The Use of Article 118a of the EC Treaty to Achieve Wider Social Goals : United Kingdom v Council
(1996) 3 CLP 276
European Law; European Treaty; Enforcement
David Cullen Extension of the Copyright Regime in Ireland: Who will Benefit?
(1996) 3 CLP 283
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