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List of Periodicals

Commercial Law Practitioner - 2003

Mary Donnelly  Electronic funds transfers: obligations and liabilities of participating institutions
(2003) 10 CLP 35
Banking Law; Online Banking
Brian Foley  The case for a liberal interpretation of section 60(1) of the Companies Act 1963
(2003) 10 CLP 40
Company Law; Companies Act 1963; Section 60; Finance
Oliver Mills  The utility criterion of US patent law and biotechnological inventions
(2003) 10 CLP 48
Patens; Biotechnology
Elizabeth O'Brien  Legal professional privilege-How far does it extend?
(2003) 10 CLP 63
Law of Evidence; Professional Privilege
Siun O'Keeffe  Court scathing of Comission's merger analysis
(2003) 10 CLP 68
Competition Law; Mergers
Noman Ali  Risk of examinership: Ireland's nemesis in whole business securitisation?
(2003) 10 CLP 78
Company Law; Receivership; Examinership
Brian Hutchinson  Company law update
(2003) 10 CLP 83
Company Law; Corporate Governance; Litigation; Shareholders; Winding Up
James Doherty  European law update
(2003) 10 CLP 85
European Law; Electronic Commerce; Consumer; Insurance Law; Freedom of Establishment
John Morgan  Resolving property disputes
(2003) 10 CLP 91
Property Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution
Donncha O'Connor  Universal service - a value for money solution?
(2003) 10 CLP 96
Universal Service Obligation
Philip Andrews  Full Function Joint Ventures under E.C. and Irish Merger Rules
(2003) 10 CLP 3
Competition Law; Mergers
Austin Buckley  Moral Hazard and Non-Disclosure
(2003) 10 CLP 10
Court Proceedings; Disclosure
Ciaran O Mara  Informing and Consulting with the Workforce-What the new Directive means for Ireland's Voluntarist Tradition
(2003) 10 CLP 15
European Integration; Information and Consultation Directive
Norman Ali  A comparative analysis of the Irish Financial services Regulatory Authority and the UK's Financial Services Authority - Part 1
(2003) 10 CLP 115
Financial Law
Gearoid Carey  Enforcement of guarantee: The Statute of Frauds is alive and well in the House of Lords
(2003) 10 CLP 121
Statute of Frauds; Guarantees
Pauline O'Hare  Protection of moral rights under the Copyright Act 2000
(2003) 10 CLP 126
Copyright; Moral Rights; Intellectual Property
Norman Ali  A comparative analysis of the Irish Financial services Regulatory Authority and the UK's Financial Services Authority - Part 2
(2003) 10 CLP 147
Financial Services
William McKechnie  Determining Jurisdiction on the Internet
(2003) 10 CLP 155
Internet; Information Technology Law
Lesley Caplin  Resolving consumer disputes online: A review of consumer ODR
(2003) 10 CLP 207
Information Technology Law; Consumer; Online Disputes
Martin Canny  Trade marks as a badge of origin after Arsenal v. Reed
(2003) 10 CLP 216
Trade Marks; European Law; Online Disputes
Maeve McDonagh and Fidelma White  Electronic signatures: the legal framework and the market reality in Ireland
(2003) 10 CLP 224
Information Technology Law; Electronic Commerce; Electronic Banking
Austin Buckley  Moral hazard and non-disclosure revisited
(2003) 10 CLP 252
Commercial Law; non-disclosure; moral hazard
Niall O'Hanlon  Barrowland and Bloomberg - the new enfants terrible of restoration applications
(2003) 10 CLP 256
Commercial Law; Restoration
Colman Candy  A critical assessment of cases and legislative initiatives to combat spam
(2003) 10 CLP 261
Information Technology Law; Spam
Rory White  Restrictions of directors and the applicant liquidator's costs
(2003) 10 CLP 283
Re GMT Engineering; Company Law; Liquidation
Gearoid Carey & Siun Leonowicz  Letters rogatory and the new European Regime
(2003) 10 CLP 287
Law of Evidence; Jurisdiction
Roderick Maguire  Handle with care - Designated bodies and the new anti-money laundering regime
(2003) 10 CLP 292
Proceeds of Crime; Money Laundering
Thomas Schultz  Connect complaint processes to online resolution systems
(2003) 10 CLP 307
Dispute Resolution; Online Disputes
Deirdre McEvoy  The ban on smoking in the workplace: the law
(2003) 10 CLP 315
Smoking; Health and Safety Law; Workplace
Keith Spencer  A case of mistaken identity
(2003) 10 CLP 320
Shogun Finance Ltd. v. Hudson; Unilateral Mistake; Contract Law