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List of Periodicals

The Bar Review - 2006

Michael McDowell The regulation of the legal profession
(2006) 11 (1) BR 2
Regulating Body; Restrictive practices; fused regulating body; economic and social issues; legal costs; the Haran Report
Frances Gardinar Interference with jurors and attempting the impossible
(2006) 11 (1) BR 6
Juries; "Res Judicata; embracery; intention, proximity"
Maire Reidy The Payment of Compensation to Victims of Rape
(2006) 11 (1) BR 9
Criminal Law; Aggravated sexual assault; judge's discretion; compensation; proportionality
Gerry Whyte Socio - Economic rights in Ireland: Judicial and non-judicial enforcement
(2006) 11 (1) BR 27
Enforcement; Distributive justice; infringement; non-judicial; political influence
Niall Buckley Calling time on adverse possession?
(2006) 11 (1) BR 32
Property Law; Private property rights; Constitution; productive use of land; 'registered' owner; ECHR
Hugh KennedyPutting the case against the rule in Browne v Dunn
(2006) 11 (2) BR 39
Trial; Fundamental fairness; breach of privilege; trial procedure
Elaine Fahy Commission v Council. EU Legislation and the Irish Constitution
(2006) 11 (2) BR 44
Constitutionality; principle and policies' test; direct effect; Constitution; precedent
Jack Hickey Recognition of a pre - 1986 Divorce. Domicile v Residency
(2006) 11 (2) BR 47
Divorce; Foreign divorce rules; dependent domicile; constitutionality; bigamy
Brian Conroy Recent Developments on the Restriction of Directors
(2006) 11 (2) BR 63
Directors; La Moselle test; onus of proof; obligation to apply; classes of directors; extra-territorial application
Michael Lynn Hathaway and the rights of refugees under international law
(2006) 11 (2) BR 69
Refugee Law; Geneva Convention; refugee status; family reunification; free movement
Micheal P. O' Higgins "The king of Swaziland' tenth wife, Habeas Corpus and the Irish experience"
(2006) 11 (3) BR 75
Constitutionality; Due process; Constitutional law; Art 40.4; legality; unlawful detention
Tony McGillicuddy The Criminal Law (Insanity) Act 2006
(2006) 11 (3) BR 95
Criminal Law; Interpretation; fitness to be tried; diminished responsibility; mental illness
David Dodd The Interpretation Act 2005
(2006) 11 (3) BR 100
Interpretation; Administration of justice; obscurity; ambiguity; plain intention of the legislature
Colm O' Dwyer The Haran Report on Legal Costs
(2006) 11 (4) BR 107
Legal Profession; Recoverable costs; estimation of costs; PIAB
"Glen Gibbons, Mark O' Riordan" Eurofood IFSC Limited - Judicial Clarification of Insolvency Regulation 1346/2000
(2006) 11 (4) BR 111
European Law; Public policy factors; transposition of EC law; 'centre of main interests'
Garrett Simons Development Consents and the EIA Directive
(2006) 11 (4) BR 129
European Law; Planning permissions; national law; environmental impact assessment; legal certainty
Gerard Murphy Misuse of Drugs provisions in the Criminal Justice Bill
(2006) 11 (4) BR 133
Criminal Law; New offences; penalty provisions; public interest; proportionality; unnecessary reforms
Jeanne McDonagh Lawyers in Afghanistan
(2006) 11 (4) BR 136
Legal Representation; Action Aid; assistance foe women; legal rights; domestic violence; human rights
John Eardly The Constitution and marriage; the scope of protection
(2006) 11 (4) BR 137
Constitutional Law; Defininition of marriage; family protection; freedom of choice; discrimination
Colin Gonslaves The development of public interest law in India
(2006) 11 (5) BR 143
Public Interest; International law; access to court; fundamental rights; protection against sexual harassment
Colm Ó hOisín ADR and Arbitration Opportunities for the Bar
(2006) 11 (5) BR 144
Arbitration; Mediation; dispute resolution; domestic and international arbitration
Eoin Carolan Defamation and privacy reform: a democratic model of media freedom?
(2006) 11 (5) BR 147
Defamation; Press freedom; free market; public interest; accuracy; veracity of sources
Aideen Collard Public interest law and beyond
(2006) 11 (5) BR 167
Public Interest; Litigation; locus standi; procedural obstacles; rights of the underprivileged
Neil Maddox The Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Bill 2006: An overview
(2006) 11 (5) BR 171
Land Law; Fee simple; ownership of land; trusts of land; conveyancing; covenants; mortgages
Keith Spencer A Goodyear for auld habits - formalising the practises of plea bargaining
(2006) 11 (5) BR 175
Plea Bargaining; Prosecution; defence; guilty plea; administration of justice
"Niall F. Buckley, James McDermott" Expecting too much of legitimate expectation?
(2006) 11 (6) BR 184
Litigation; Promissory estopple; legitimate expectation; judicial review; ultra vires; creation of expectations
Neil Maddox The law and practise of judgment mortgages
(2006) 11 (6) BR 189
Land Law; Real property; debt due; enforcement; judgment creditor; execution
Dr. Brian Hunt Ignorantia Juris Meninem Excusat - Time for the state to get its act[s] together?
(2006) 11 (6) BR 206
Legal Systems; Legislation; judicial system; state's obligation; principle of ignorantia
Brian Byrne Defrenne to Cadman. Female employees and length of service
(2006) 11 (6) BR 209
Women; Gender equality; Art. 141(1) EC; discrimination; length of service; women's struggle
Siobhan Mullally Asylum procedures: recent developments in EU law
(2006) 11 (6) BR 212
European Law; Asylum claims; minimal standards and protection; asylum determination; refugee status; fair proceedures
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