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List of Periodicals

The Bar Review - 2005

Alisdair A. Gillespie Tackling Child Grooming on the Internet: The UK Approach
(2005) 10 (1) BR 4
Sexual Offences; Internet; Child Abuse
Jenny BulbulbiaThe Mental Health Act 2001
(2005) 10 (1) BR 8
Mental Health Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Mental Health Tribunal; Mental Health Commission
Stuart Gilhooly PIAB and MIBI claims - An Alternative View
(2005) 10 (1) BR 25
Insurance Law; Personal Injuries; Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003
David Nolan Civil Liability and the Courts Act 2004 (Part II)
(2005) 10 (2) BR 38
Personal Injuries; Civil Procedure; Statute of Limitations; Rules of Court
Stephen Dodd Setting Aside Leave in Judicial Review Proceedings
(2005) 10 (1) BR 27
Judicial Review; Leave
Brian Conroy Judicial Discretion and the Brussels I Regulation
(2005) 10 (1) BR 32
Commercial Law; Judicial Discretion; Forum Non Conveniens
Sunniva McDonaghAssessing the Refugee Appeals Tribunal: The Case for the Publication of Decisions
(2005) 10 (2) BR 43
Refugee Law; Refugee Appeals Tribunal; Judicial Review; Transparency
Kate O Toole Strasbourg - Experience Gained
(2005) 10 (2) BR 48
European Court of Human Rights
Bernard Barton, Cathleen Noctor & Richard Lyons The PIAB and claims involving the MIBI - A Reply to the Alternative View
(2005) 10 (2) BR 61
Insurance Law; Personal Injuries; Personal Injuries Assessment Board
John Mee Freeing the Law: BAILII and IRLII
(2005) 10 (2) BR 65
BAILII; IRLII; Legal Resources; Fantastic
Karl Monahan Abritrators' Immunity From suit at Common Law
(2005) 10 (2) BR 69
Arbitration; Immunity;
Frances Gardiner Access to Justice - How Barristers Can Help
(2005) 10 (3) BR 74
Access to Courts; Legal Aid; Community Law Centre
Inge Clissman & Paul Hutchinson The Hague Convention and the habitual residence of newborn infants
(2005) 10 (3) BR 75
Hague Convention; Habitual Residence
Keith Spencer A New Era of Tribunalism - The Commissions of Investigation Act 2004
(2005) 10 (3) BR 80
Alan Doherty & John Patrick Gallagher Elderly Claims for refund of Nursing Home Charges
(2005) 10 (3) BR 98
Constitutional Law; Administrative Law; Medical Law
Murray Smith Mulvey v McDonagh and Bullying at School
(2005) 10 (3) BR 106
Education; Bullying; Mulvey v. McDonagh
Gerard Whyte The Future of Civil Legal Aid in Ireland
(2005) 10 (4) BR 111
Legal Aid
Inga Ryan Continuing Professional Development
(2005) 10 (4) BR 110
Continuing Professional Development; Barristers
Jack Hickey Sentencing Policy and a Guilty Plea in Sexual Offence Cases
(2005) 10 (4) BR 115
Sexual Offences; Sentencing
Patrick Leonard Independent News and Media v. Ireland. The Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights
(2005) 10 (4) BR 117
Defamation; Independent News and Media v. Ireland; DeRossa v. Independent Newspapers
Rosemary Healy Rae Judicial Review and the Transposition of EU Directives
(2005) 10 (4) BR 131
Administrative Law; Planning Law; Judicial Review
Liam Dockery Postal Voting - is it safe?
(2005) 10 (4) BR 135
Vote; Postal Voting; Fraud
Martin Canny Asbestos Litigation in the aftermath of Fletcher: The Minimum Actionable Damage for a claim in Negligence
(2005) 10 (4) BR 138
Law of Torts; Environmental Law; Fletcher v. Commissioner of Public Works
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