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List of Periodicals

The Bar Review - 2001-2002

Conor Keogh Self-Defence - A Legal Basis for the Attacks on Afghanistan?
(2001) 7 (1) BR 3
Public International Law; Self-Defence; International Law
N Brennan & J HennessyForensic Accounting and the Calculations of Commercial Damages
(2001) 7 (1) BR 6
Commercial Law; Commercial Loss; Damages
Stephen Dodd Abuse of Dominance in Meridian v Eircell
(2001) 7 (1) BR 12
Competition Law; Dominance
Rory Brady The Personal Injuries Assessment Board
(2001) 7 (1) BR 39
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries
R Murphy & S Wills The European Convention on Human Rights and Irish Incorporation - adopting a minimalist approach (Part II)
(2001) 7 (1) BR 41
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Irish Incorporation
Brian Hunt Plain Language: The End of the Road For Recondite Legislation?
(2001) 7 (1) BR 47
Linguistics; Legislative Interpretation; Drafting; Law Reform Commission
Stephen O Sullivan The Abolition of the Preliminary Examination
(2001) 7 (1) BR 52
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice Act (No10) 1999; Preliminary Examination
David Mc Grath Book Review: Civil Liability for Industrial Accidents, Vol 3 by John PM White
(2001) 7 (1) BR 55
White; Civil Liability; Industrial Accidents
Aoife Goodman Tax Appeal Hearings
(2001) 7 (2) BR 63
Revenue Law; Tax Appeal
Cliona Kimber Equality Disability (Part II)
(2001) 7 (2) BR 66
Equality Law; Equal Status Act 2000; Disability; Discrimination
Derek Sheahan Arbitration Clauses and the Infant Plaintiff
(2001) 7 (2) BR 74
Arbitration Clauses; Infant Plaintiff
Grainne Mullan State Obligations in Respect of the Use of Lethal Force
(2001) 7 (2) BR 76
Human Rights Law; European Court of Human Rights; Reasonable Force; State Responsibility
Aillil O Reilly The Cross Border Insolvency Regulation
(2001) 7 (2) BR 97
European Law; Company Law; Insolvency
Patrick Leonard Recent Developments in Privacy and Breach of Confidence
(2001) 7 (2) BR 102
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Media; Privacy; Breach of Confidence
Una Ni Raifeartaigh The European Convention on Human Rights and the Irish Criminal Justice System
(2001) 7 (2) BR 111
Criminal Law; European Convention on Human Rights
R White & E Stewart Arbitration: Remission to Remedy a Procedural Mishap
(2001) 7 (3) BR 122
Arbitration Act 1954; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Awards
Robert Clark Irish Contract Law Reform and the European Commissions Agenda
(2001) 7 (3) BR 126
Contract Law; European Integration
John Breslin What Makes a Term in a Standard Form Contract Unfair?
(2001) 7 (3) BR 131
Contract Law; Unfair Terms; Standard Forms
Tom O Malley Principled Discretion: Towards the Development of a Sentencing Canon
(2001) 7 (3) BR 135
Court Proceedings; Sentencing; Judicial Discretion
Cathal Murphy Contempt for Failure to Make Discovery following The Sole Member v Lawlor
(2001) 7 (3) BR 160
Court Proceedings; Contempt of Court; Discovery
Peter Heerey Expert Evidence: The Australian Experience
(2001) 7 (3) BR 166
Law of Evidence; Expert; International Law
Brian Kennedy Awarding Damages to a Party to an Anti-Competitive Agreement
(2001) 7 (3) BR 171
Competition Law; Anti-competitive Practices; Vertical Agreements; Damages
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott Book Review: Safety Health and Welfare At Work Law in Ireland: A Guide, by Raymond Byrne
(2001) 7 (3) BR 175
Byrne; Health and Safety
Karen Murray The Changing Face of Data Protection
(2002) 7 (4) BR 2
Information Technology Law; Data Protection (Amendment) Bill 2002
Wesley Farrell The Law of Workplace Stress, Bullying and Harassment
(2002) 7 (4) BR 6
Employment Law; Health and Safety; Stress
Blathna Ruane The Separation of Powers and the Granting of Mandatory Orders to Enforce Constitutional Rights
(2002) 7 (4) BR 11
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers; Rights
Ray Murphy Treatment of Prisoners of War: Age Old Problem for Protagonists
(2002) 7 (4) BR 19
Humanitarian Law; Human Rights; Prisoners of War
Niall Neligan The Gunpowder Plot: The First Act of Modern Terrorism
(2002) 7 (4) BR 27
National Security; Legal History
I Bacik & C Costello Women in Law in Ireland
(2002) 7 (4) BR 31
Legal Profession; Gender; Women
John L O Donnell Oil in troubled waters-Tuskar Resources Plc and the Companies (Amendment) (No2) Act 1999
(2002) 7 (4) BR 33
Company Law; Companies (Amendment) (No2) Act 1999; Examinership
Shivaun Quinlivan The Disabilities Bill 2001
(2002) 7 (4) BR 37
Welfare Law; Disabilities Bill 2001; Disabilities
Brian Kennedy Restrictions and Disqualification of Directors
(2002) 7 (5) BR 241
Company Law; Company Law Enforcement Act 2001
Mary Johnson Human Rights Commissions: North and South Compared
(2002) 7 (5) BR 250
Human Rights Law; Northern Ireland
Wesley Farrell The Law of Workplace Stress, Bullying and Harassment
(2002) 7 (5) BR 252
Employment Law; Health and Safety; Stress
Carol O Kennedy Book Review: Cassidy On The Licencing Acts (2nd ed)
(2002) 7 (5) BR 260
Cassidy; Licensing Law
Murray Smith Workplace Bullying
(2002) 7 (5) BR 271
Employment Law; Internal Investigation; Fair Procedure; Workplace
R Horgan, G Shanon & B Gallagher Reform of the In Camera Rule
(2002) 7 (5) BR 278
In Camera; Public Justice
Sunniva Mc Donagh Manifestly Unfounded Procedures and the Fear of Persecution
(2002) 7 (5) BR 284
Refugee Law; Refugee Act 1996; Asylum
Siobhan Stack Z v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform
(2002) 7 (5) BR 287
Refugee Law; Asylum; Oral Hearing
Patrick Hunt The European Court of Justice and Domestic Tax Legislation
(2002) 7 (5) BR 291
European Integration; Revenue Law; Discrimination
Donal O Sullivan Developments in the Employment Injunction
(2002) 7 (6) BR 303
Employment Law; Injunctions
T Mallon & P Millen Wrongful Dismissal - A Right To General Damages
(2002) 7 (6) BR 307
Employment Law; Damages
Stephen O Sullivan Caselaw on Judicial Review Applications in Asylum Law
(2002) 7 (6) BR 312
Refugee Law; Judicial Review
Conor Maguire Proposed Changes To The Handling Of Personal Injuries Claims
(2002) 7 (6) BR 331
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries
William McKechnie Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Administrative Tribunals and Judicial Review
(2002) 7 (6) BR 333
Human Rights Law; Judicial Review; Tribunals
Caroline Carney Sed Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodies
(2002) 7 (6) BR 335
Aillil O Reilly Asset Backed Securities
(2002) 7 (6) BR 343
Claire Loftus Establishment of Office of Chief Prosecution Solicitor
(2002) 7 (6) BR 348
Legal Systems
Cathal Murphy Inquiries and Tribunals After Abbeylara
(2002) 7 (7) BR 355
Administrative Law; Inquiries; Tribunals
William Abrahamson Discovery in the Master's Court
(2002) 7 (7) BR 360
Court Proceedings; Discovery
William McKechnie Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Administrative Tribunals and Judicial Review
(2002) 7 (7) BR 364
Administrative Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Tribunals; Judicial Review
Mark O Connell Competition Act 2002
(2002) 7 (7) BR 382
Competition Law; Competition Act 2002
Hugh I. Mohan Contempt of Court and the Media
(2002) 7 (7) BR 384
Court Proceedings; Contempt; Media
Niall McFadden The Right to a Solicitor-Recent Developments
(2002) 7 (7) BR 390
Court Proceedings; Representation
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