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List of Periodicals

The Bar Review - 1998-1999

Frank Callanan Army Deafness Claims in the Wake of the Hanley Judgment
(1998) 4 (1) BR 7
Medical Law; Law of Tort; Army Deafness
Teresa Blake Child Protection and Welfare while in Care: the Role of the Courts
(1998) 4 (1) BR 12
Family Law; Children; Care Order; Duty of Care
Una Ni RaifrartaighThe Criminal Justice System and Drug Related Offending: Some Thoughts on Procedural Reforms
(1998) 4 (1) BR 15
Criminal Law; Drug Offences
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott Res Judicata in Family Law
(1998) 4 (1) BR 37
Family Law; Res Judicata
Benedict O Floinn Banquos Ghost at the Commercial Banquet? - Some Old and New Alternatives to the Live Witness
(1998) 4 (1) BR 41
Information Technology; Evidence; Witnesses
Jonathan Buttimore Recent Decisions on the Brussels Convention on Jurisdiction and the Enforcement of Judgments
(1998) 4 (1) BR 46
European Law; Jurisdiction; Enforcement
Denis Kelleher The Electronic Commerce Communique
(1998) 4 (1) BR 51
Information Technology; Electronic Commerce
Colm O hOisin International Conference on Arbitration and Maritime Law
(1998) 4 (1) BR 52
Maritime Law; Arbitration
Michael Mc Dowell Book Review: Contemporary Issues in Irish Law and Politics, Issue 1, edited by Clarke & Mc Mahon (eds)
(1998) 4 (1) BR 53
Politics; Legal System
Thomas B Courtney The Golden Rule in Ex Parte Applications for Mareva Injunctions
(1998) 4 (2) BR 63
Court Proceedings; Interpretation; Mareva Injunctions; Disclosure
Sara Phelan Recent Developments in Family Law
(1998) 4 (2) BR 69
Family Law; Nullity; Child Abduction; Separation; Family Home; Non-marital Couples; Domestic Violence
Teresa Pilkington Section 117 of The Succession Act, 1965
(1998) 4 (2) BR 89
Law of Succession; Succession Act 1965; Section 117
Fintan J O Connor Company Law enforcement in Ireland - Fact or Fiction?
(1998) 4 (2) BR 92
Company Law; Enforcement
Cormac O Dulachain Acht Teanga
(1998) 4 (2) BR 96
Irish Language
Jonathan Newman Suing for Foreign Copyright Infringement in Ireland
(1998) 4 (2) BR 97
International Law; Copyright Infringement; Enforcement
Micheal O Scanaill Review of the 1997 Annual Report of the Health and Safety Authority
(1998) 4 (2) BR 103
Health and Safety
Niall O Hanlon Book Review: Banking Law in the Republic of Ireland by John Breslin
(1998) 4 (2) BR 104
Breslin; Banking Law
Anon Book Review: Wasting by Degrees by Conor Bowman
(1998) 4 (2) BR 104
Bowman; Waste
Jarlath Spellman Book Review: Principles of Medical Law, edited by Ian Dennehy and Andrew Grubb
(1998) 4 (2) BR 104
Medical Law
Pat Rabbite A Tribunal of Enquiry or an Investigation by Dail Committee?
(1998) 4 (3) BR 114
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Dail
Gerard Hogan The Supreme Court and the Equality Clause
(1998) 4 (3) BR 116
Constitutional Law; Equality; Courts
Patrick Dillon Malone Reflections on In Re Pinochet Ugarte
(1998) 4 (3) BR 121
European Law; Sovereign Immunity; Pinochet
Michael P O Higgins Hearsay Evidence in Bail Applications
(1998) 4 (3) BR 129
Law of Evidence; Bail; Hearsay
Sara Phelan Recent Developments in Family Law (Part 2)
(1998) 4 (3) BR 145
Family Law; Nullity; Child Abduction; Family Home; Non marital Couples
Sheena Hickey Lodgements and Extension Time
(1998) 4 (3) BR 155
Court Proceedings; Lodgement; Extension
Jonathan Newman Suing for Foreign Copyright Infringement in Ireland
(1998) 4 (3) BR 159
Copyright Law; International Law; Copyright Infringement; Enforcement
Karen Murray First come first served: Assigning Domain Names
(1998) 4 (3) BR 163
Information Technology Law; Internet; Domain Names
Conor Power Book Review: A Casebook of Equity & Trusts in Ireland (2nd ed) by JCW Wylie
(1998) 4 (3) BR 166
Wylie; Equity; Trust
Donal O Donnell Constitutional Background to and Aspects of The Good Friday Agreement - A Republic of Ireland Perspective
(1999) 4 (4) BR 174
Constitutional Law; Articles 2 and 3; Good Friday Agreement
Rory Brady The Disclosure and Exchange of Experts Reports in Personal Injuries Litigation
(1999) 4 (4) BR 181
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries; Expert Evidence
Robert Barr Expert Evidence - A Few Personal Observations and the Implications of Recent Statutory Development
(1999) 4 (4) BR 185
Law of Evidence; Expert Evidence
Gerard Hogan The Belfast Agreement and the Future Incorporation of the European Convention of Human rights in the Republic of Ireland
(1999) 4 (4) BR 205
Human Rights; Belfast Agreement
Brice Dickson The Northern Ireland Act: Issues of Equality and Human Rights
(1999) 4 (4) BR 212
Human Rights; Equality; Northern Ireland Act 1998
Eileen Barrington An Outline of the Right of Establishment under the Europe Agreements
(1999) 4 (4) BR 214
European Law; Right of Establishment; Free Movement of Workers; Direct Effect
Cian Ferriter The Irish Statute Book Database
(1999) 4 (4) BR 217
Legal Resources; Information Technology; Statutes
John Breslin Book Review: The Capital Markets - Irish and International Laws and Regulations by Agnes Foy
(1999) 4 (4) BR 221
Foy; Marketplace
Conleth Bradley Book Review: Administrative Law in Ireland by Gerard Hogan & David Gwynn Morgan
(1999) 4 (4) BR 221
Hogan; Morgan; Administrative Law
Declan Mc Grath Review of Moriarty Tribunal and Flood Tribunal To Date
(1999) 4 (5) BR 230
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Moriarty; Flood
Paddy Dillon Malone Voluntariness, the Whole Truth and Self Incrimination after In Re National Irish Bank
(1999) 4 (5) BR 237
Law of Evidence; Self Incrimination; Right to Silence
Kevin Feeney Restraining the Publication of Allegedly Defamatory Material
(1999) 4 (5) BR 261
Law of Tort; Defamation; Publication
Bernard Dunleavy The Power of Shareholders to Remove Directors under s182 of the Companies Act, 1963
(1999) 4 (5) BR 265
Company Law; Companies Act 1963; Directors; Shareholders
Carol Corbett Recognition of Foreign Divorces in Ireland in Light of Mc G v DW and AR
(1999) 4 (5) BR 270
Family Law; Foreign Divorce; International Law
Niamh Hyland Recent decisions of the Court of Justice on Sex Equality
(1999) 4 (5) BR 273
European Law; Equality; Gender
Gavin Ralston Book Review: Landlord and Tenant Law (2nd ed) by JCW Wylie
(1999) 4 (5) BR 278
Wylie; Landlord; Tenant
James Nugent Review of the Scheme of Compensation for Personal Injuries Criminally Inflicted
(1999) 4 (6) BR 286
Criminal Law; Personal Injuries; Compensation
Ivana Bacik Review of the Report of the National Crime Forum 1998
(1999) 4 (6) BR 288
Criminal Law; National Crime Forum
John Breslin The Impact of European Law on the Enforceability of Bank Security Documents
(1999) 4 (6) BR 291
European Law; Security Documents; Enforcement
Oisin Quinn Existing Duties on Employers to consult with Trade Unions
(1999) 4 (6) BR 305
Labour Law; Employers; Trade Union
Karen Murray Electronic Anonymity
(1999) 4 (6) BR 311
Information Technology Law; Privacy; Anonymity
George Brady Book Review: Property Law (2nd ed)by Paul Coughlan
(1999) 4 (6) BR 314
Coughlan; Property Law
Niall O Neill Y2K - recent comments and concerns
(1999) 4 (7) BR 322
Information Technology; Millennium Bug
Denis Kelleher Limiting Year 2000 Liabilities
(1999) 4 (7) BR 325
Information Technology; Millennium Bug
Karen Murray Protective Legal Steps to Combat the Year 2000 Problem
(1999) 4 (7) BR 327
Information Technology; Millennium Bug
Cian Ferriter The Millennium Bug: Causes of Action and Legal Remedies
(1999) 4 (7) BR 343
Information Technology; Millennium Bug
Rory Mulcahy Can Computers Catch Colds? Some Information About Computer Viruses
(1999) 4 (7) BR 349
Information Technology; Computer Viruses
Faye Breen Judicial Review Proceedings and the Principle of Effective Protection of Community Rights
(1999) 4 (7) BR 351
European Law; Administrative Law; Judicial Review; Community Rights
Hugh O Neill Book Review: Mareva Injunctions and Related Interlocutory Orders by Thomas B Courtney
(1999) 4 (7) BR 353
Courtney; Mareva Injunctions; Interlocutory Orders
Jarlath Spellman Book Review: Psychiatry and the Law by Patricia Casey & Ciaran Craven
(1999) 4 (7) BR 353
Casey; Craven; Mental Health Law
Teresa Blake Investigating Child Abuse
(1999) 4 (8) BR 362
Criminal Law; Child Abuse; Health Bords; Duty of Care
Pauline Walley Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1999: Defences to Copyright Infringement
(1999) 4 (8) BR 366
Copyright Law; Copyright and Related Rights Bill 1999; Copyright Infringement
Raghnal O Riordan The Children Act 1997
(1999) 4 (8) BR 371
Family Law; Children Act 1997
Anthony M Collins Contracting Authorities Under The Public Procurement Rules
(1999) 4 (8) BR 385
European Law; Administrative Law; Public Procurement
Cian Ferriter First Law Current Awareness Service
(1999) 4 (8) BR 395
Legal Resources; FirstLaw
Tom Mallon Book Review: Dismissal Law in Ireland by Mary Redmond
(1999) 4 (8) BR 396
Redmond; Employment Law; Dismissal
Tom Mallon Book Review: Transfer of Undertakings, Employment Aspects of Business Transfers in Ireland and European Law by Gary Byrne
(1999) 4 (8) BR 396
Byrne; Transfer of Undertakings; Employment Law; European Law
Paul GallagherTribunals and the Erosion of the Right to Privacy
(1999) 4 (9) BR 406
Administrative Law; Tribunals of Enquiry (Evidence) Act 1921; Privacy
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott The Proceeds of Crime Act 1996: A Review of the past 12 Months
(1999) 4 (9) BR 413
Criminal Law; Proceeds of Crime Act 1996; Criminal Assets
David O Neill The Implied Undertaking on Discovery
(1999) 4 (9) BR 431
Court Proceedings; International Law; Discovery
Adele Murphy Legal Portals, Gateways and Search Engines on the Internet
(1999) 4 (9) BR 441
Legal Resources; Information Technology; Internet
Rory Brady Inquiries: The Rights of Individuals, Privacy and Confidentiality, Reform of The Law of Tribunals
(1999) 4 (9) BR 443
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Privacy
Sara Moorhead Inquiries: The Rights of Individuals, Privacy and Confidentiality, Representing The Public Interest
(1999) 4 (9) BR 445
Administrative Law; Tribunals; Rights; Privacy; Public Interest
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