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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 2008

Stefano Bertea Law and legal reasoning
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 5
Jurisprudence; Rhetoric and the Rule of Law; Neil MacCormick; legal argumentation; concept of law
Giovanni Sartor Syllogism and defeasibility: a comment on Neil MacCormick's Rhetoric and the Rule of Law
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 21
Jurisprudence; Rhetoric and the Rule of Law 2005; Neil MacCormick; syllogistic logic; theory construction; rule-based legal reasoning
Leonor Moral Soriano Precedents: reasoning by rules and reasoning by principles
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 33
Jurisprudence; Neil MacCormick; Civil law; Germany; Legal reasoning; Netherlands; Precedent; Spain
Neil MacCormick A reply to comments on Rhetoric and the Rule of Law
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 43
Jurisprudence; Legal reasoning; Precedent
Sean Coyle Positivism as a statist philosophy of law
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 49
Jurisprudence; Legal history; Legal positivism; Morals and law; Hobbes; Grotius
Andreas Ch Takis Positivism and political obligation
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 73
Jurisprudence; Legal positivism; Morals and law; Public common standard
Dimitrios Kyritsis The transcendental, the existential and the ethical: Alexy and Dworkin on the foundation of rights
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 91
Jurisprudence; Human rights; fundamental nature; Theory of rights; Philosophy
Corrado Roversi Constitutionalism and transcendental arguments
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 109
Jurisprudence; Legal history; Morals and law; Robert Alexy; Ronald Dworkin; Kant; Wittgenstein; Apel
Carsten Backer The discourse-theoretic necessity of flexibility in the law
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 125
Jurisprudence; Alexy; Ideal discourse; Legal theory
Bartosz Brozek Revisibility versus defeasibility
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 139
Jurisprudence; Legal reasoning; Burden of proof; Legal discourse; Theory of rules
Elizabeth Cooke A postscript to Pye
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 149
Property; Adverse possession; Ireland; Limitation periods; Northern Ireland; Peaceful enjoyment of possessions; Registered land
James Kirkbride The boundaries of governance in the post-modern world
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 161
Company Law; Corporate governance; EC law; EU
Nicola Glover-Thomas, Warren Barr Re-examining the benefits of charitable involvement in housing the mentally vulnerable.
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 177
Charities; Charity; Housing provision; Mentally disordered persons
Patrick Ford A statute of unintended consequences? The impact of the Charities and Trustee Investment (Scotland) Act 2005 on non-Scottish charities operating in Scotland
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 201
Charities; Charitable purposes; Foreign companies; Registered charities; Scotland
Oonagh B. Breen Neighbouring perspectives: legal and practical implications of charity regulatory reform in Ireland and Northern Ireland
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 223
Charities; Charitable purposes; Charities; Ireland; Northern Ireland; Public benefit
John F. McEldowney Paul O'Higgins (1927-2008)
(2008) Vol 59 NILQ 245
Legal Profession; Academic lawyers; Obituaries
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