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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 2007

Irene Lynch Fannon The Corporate Social Responsibility Movement and Law's Empire: Is There a Conflict?
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 1
Company; CSR; Courts; Norm scholarship
John Cooke, David Oughton Retailers Liability for the Acts and Words of Others - The Life of a Retailer May Not Be a Happy One . . .?
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 22
Commercial; Conformity; Standard; Extended liability; Tort; English law
Robert Thomas Risk Legitimacy and Asylum Adjudication
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 49
Human Rights; Claims; Credibility; Country of Origin
Victoria Jenkins, Bernadette Rainey Moving into the Mainstream: An Analysis of Regulatory Responses to Impact Assessment in Equality and Sustainable Development
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 78
Environmental; Policy Impact Assessment; Regulatory response; Judicial review
Ray Ryan, Des Ryan Party Hosts, Intoxicated Guests and Negligence
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 98
Tort; Canadian law; Duty of care; Nonfeasance; Autonomy
Elizabeth Craig Irish Language Education and the Council of Europe's Minority Treaties: The Monitoring of Developments in Northern Ireland
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 121
European Law; UN human rights treaties; Normative framework; UK law
Charlotte Skeet Gender and 'Modern' Constitutionalism: The Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 142
European Law; Constitutional theory; Women; Campaigns
Kiron Reid The Legal Implications of a National Police Force
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 167
Criminal Justice; Policy setting; Accountability; Scotland; Investigations
Lara McMurtry Mortgage Default and Repossession: Procedure and Policy in the Post-Norgan Era
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 194
Mortgage Law; Northern Ireland; Policy; Arrears
Alice Belcher Boundries, Corporate Decision- Making and Responsibility
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 211
Company; Corporate legal theory; Economic; Management
Piyel Haldar The Character of the Oriental Despot in Oriental Jurisprudence
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 229
Jurisprudence; Plato; Despotism; Aristotle; Oriental jurisdictions
Anne Barlow Configuration(s) of Unpaid Caregiving Within Legal Discourse in and Around the Family
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 251
Welfare; Marriage; Cohabitation; Parents
Simone Wong Would You 'Care' to Share Your Home?
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 268
Property; Caregiving; Law Commission; Reform; Cohabitation
Sarah Nield Testamentary Promises: a Test Bed for Legal Frameworks of Unpaid Caregiving
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 287
Welfare; Contractual constructs; Estoppel; Enrichment
Jo Bridgeman Accountability Support or Relationship? Conceptions of Parental Responsibility
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 307
Welfare; Dependency; Care; Responsibility
Joanne Conaghan, Emily Grabham Sexuality and the Citizen Carer
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 325
Welfare; Citizenship; Sexuality; Work; Family
Margarita Leon, Susan Millns Parental, Maternity and Paternity Leave: European Legal Constructions of Unpaid Care Giving
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 343
European Law; Pregnant workers; Regulatory techniques; UK law, Spain
Ann Stewart Who do we care about? Reflections on Gender Justice in a Global Market
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 359
International; Legal feminism; Global justice, UK, West Africa
Jane Krishnadas Global De-valuing of Local Capacities to Care: From Rights of Redistribution to Revaluation in the Post-earthquake Reconstruction
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 376
International; Reconstruction; Resources; Rights
Richard Buckley The March of Negligence: Has Nuisance a Future?
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 395
Tort; Immunities; Breach of duty; Causal approach
Dania Thomas Contract, Context and Contest: Re-visiting Tito v Waddell
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 406
Contract; Marginalisation; Contracting situation; Vulnerability
Sharon Turner Laying the Foundations for a Sustainable Northern Ireland: The Review of Environmental Governance
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 422
Environmental; Context; Terms of reference, Public participation
Jonathan Doak One Size Fits All? The Case for Special Measures in Civil Procedings
(2007) Vol 58 NILQ 459
Evidence; Vulnerable witnesses, Intimidation; Anonymity; Judicial control
Michael Haley, Lara McMurtry Identifying an Easement: Exclusive Use, De Facto Control and Judicial Constraints
(2007) Vol 58 N.I.L.Q. 490
Property; Exclusionary use; Ouster principle
Karen Brennan Beyond the Medical Model: A Rationale for Infanticide Legislation
(2007) Vol 58 N.I.L.Q.505
Criminal; Legislation; Mercy; Medicine
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