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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 2004

Sir John Laws Human Rights and Citizenship
(2004) 55 NILQ 1
Human Rights; Citizenship; European Convention of Human Rights
Una Woods Rights for Cohabitees - Who Should Qualify?
(2004) 55 NILQ 8
Alan Dowling Black, White or Grey? - The Case of the Doubtful Title
(2004) 55 NILQ 33
Property Law; Title Deeds
The Honourable Mr Justice Gillen "O Tempora, O Mores"
(2004) 55 NILQ 55
Daniel O' Connell
Glenys Williams and Gavin Dingwall Inferring Intention
(2004) 55 NILQ 69
Criminla Law; Intent
Niaz A. Shah Kakakhel Honour Killings: Islamic and Human Rights Perspectives
(2004) 55 NILQ 78
Human Rights; Culture
Jo Shaw and Jean MonnetLegal and Political Sources of the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe
(2004) 55 NILQ 214

Lord Hutton Reasonableness and the Common Law
(2004) 55 NILQ 242
John Harrington "Elective Affinities" The Art of Medicine and the Common Law
(2004) 55 NILQ 259
Medicine; Medical Law
Maureen Spencer Bureaucracy, National Security and Access to Justice: New Light on Duncan v Cammell Laird
(2004) 55 NILQ 277
Stuart R. Cross The Community Interest Company: More Confusion in the Quest for Limited Liability?
(2004) 55 NILQ 302
Company Law; Liability
Dr. Kenneth Mullan The Provision of Information Necessary to Determine Claims to Social Security Benefits - Kerr v Department of Social Development for Northern Ireland
(2004) 55 NILQ 320
Social Welfare
George Pavlakos Theory and Practice in Jurisprudence: A False Dichotomy
(2004) 55 NILQ 337
Jurisprudence; Abstract theory; Practical Accounts
Sean Coyle Facing Jorgensen's Dilemma
(2004) 55 NILQ 341
Jurisprudence; Legal Representation; Legal Argument; Rationality
Carsten Heidermann Hans Kelsen and the Transcendental Method
(2004) 55 NILQ 358
Jurisprudence; Kant; Philosophy
Emmanuel Melissaris Is Common Law Irrational? The Weberian 'England Problem' Revisited
(2004) 55 NILQ 378
Common Law; Jurisprudence; Lord Denning
Stefano Bertea On Law's Claim to Authority
(2004) 55 NILQ 396
Jurisprudence; Norms; Positivitism
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