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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 2000

Norma Dawson Heirlooms: The Evolution of a Legal Concept
(2000) 51 NILQ 1
Property Law; Heirlooms
R A Buckley Negligence in the Public Sphere: Is Clarity Possible?
(2000) 51 NILQ 25
Law of Tort; Negligence
David Smyth Deferral of Sentence: Principles, Practice and Proposals
(2000) 51 NILQ 48
Court Proceedings; Sentencing
Sharon Turner Modernising the Regulation of Water Pollution in Northern Ireland
(2000) 51 NILQ 65
Environmental Law; Pollution; Northern Ireland
Desmond M Clarke Nationalism, The Irish Constitution, and Multicultural Citizenship
(2000) 51 NILQ 100
Constitutional Law; Nationalism; Citizenship
Lisa Glennon Questioning the Legal Status of Unincorporated Associations
(2000) 51 NILQ 120
Company Law; Unincorporated Associations
M Milner & K Syrett Personal Pensions and The Financial Services authority: New Chapter or Same Old Story?
(2000) 51 NILQ 140
Finance Law; Pension
M Milner & K Syrett Personal Pensions and the Financial Services Authority: New Chapter or Same Old Story?
(2000) 51 NILQ 141
Finance Law; Pension
Richard J Goldstone Past Human Rights Violations-The Mac Dermott Lecture
(2000) 51 NILQ 164
Human Rights Law; Human Rights Violations
E Grant & JG Small Disadvantage and Discrimination: The Emerging Jurisprudence of the South African Constitutional Court
(2000) 51 NILQ 174
Constitutional Law; International Law; Discrimination
Sheena Grattan Of Lame Ducks, Black Sheep and Family Bonding
(2000) 51 NILQ 198
Family Law
Sharon Turner Modernising the Regulation of Water Pollution in Northern Ireland-Part II
(2000) 51 NILQ 230
Environmental Law; Pollution
Carl F Stychin Grant-ing Rights: the Politics of Rights, Sexuality and European Union
(2000) 51 NILQ 281
European Law; Rights; Politics
Joseph Savirimuthu The Model of Social Relations: Strategic Behaviour, Trust and Loyalty
(2000) 51 NILQ 303
Social Relations
R Costigan & PA Thomas Anonymous Witnesses
(2000) 51 NILQ 326
Law of Evidence; Witness; Anonymity
Lord Reed Internationalism and Tradition-Some Thoughts on Incorporating Human Rights
(2000) 51 NILQ 365
Human Rights Law; Irish Incorporation
Conor Gearty Democracy and Human Rights in the European Court of Human Rights: A Critical Appraisal
(2000) 51 NILQ 381
Human Rights Law; European Court of Human Rights; Democracy
Jane Liddy Article 8: The Pace of Change
(2000) 51 NILQ 397
European Law; Article 8; Change
Aileen Mc Colgan Women and The Human Rights Act
(2000) 51 NILQ 417
Human Rights Law; Women; Human Rights Act 1998
C Harvey & S Livingstone Protecting The Marginalised: The Role of the European Convention on Human Rights
(2000) 51 NILQ 445
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights
Ursula Kilkelly The Human Rights Act 1998: Implications for the Detention and Trial of Young People
(2000) 51 NILQ 466
Human Rights Law; Criminal Law; Human Rights Act 1998; Detention; Young Offenders;
Olivier De Schutter Waiver of Rights and State Paternalism Under The European Convention on Human Rights
(2000) 51 NILQ 481
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; State Paternalism
Andrew Keay Insolvency Law: A Matter of Public Interest?
(2000) 51 NILQ 509
Company Law; Insolvency
Kay Goodall What Defines the Roles of A Judge? First Steps Towards the Construction of a Comparative Method
(2000) 51 NILQ 535
Constitutional Law; Judiciary; Judicial Function
John E Stannard A Presumption and Four Burdens
(2000) 51 NILQ 560
Criminal Law; Presumption of Innocence; Evidence; Burden
Neville Cox Causation, Responsibility and Fetal Personhood
(2000) 51 NILQ 579
Medical Law; Causation; Personhood
Ben Pontin Tort Interacting With Regulatory Law
(2000) 51 NILQ 597
Law of Tort; Regulatory Law
David Capper Final Report Of The Civil Justice Reform Group-Still Keeping Woolf From The Door
(2000) 51 NILQ 619
Civil Justice Reform
Ian Ward Citizens and Legislators of the World
(2000) 51 NILQ 630
Legal Systems; International Law; Citizen; Legislators
AR Hart Book Review: English Criminal Justice In The Nineteenth Century by David Bently
(2000) 51 NILQ 647
Bently; Criminal Law
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