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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 1997

Sandra Day O Connor Religious Freedom: America's Quest for Principles
(1997) 48 NILQ 1
International Law; Religion
Mary Donnelly The Injury of Parenthood: The Tort of Wrongful Conception
(1997) 48 NILQ 10
Law of Tort; Medical Law; Wrongful Conception
Rebecca Parry Insolvency: An Evaluation of the New Law
(1997) 48 NILQ 24
Company Law; Insolvency
WA Leitch Reflections of a Part-Timer of the Thirties
(1997) 48 NILQ 42
Legal History
J Cumberbatch Melting Down to Common Sense: A Comment on Re Selectmove Ltd
(1997) 48 NILQ 48
Contract Law; Consideration; Rule in Pinnels Case
Heather Conway The Status and Effect of Limitations in Planning Permission
(1997) 48 NILQ 58
Planning Law; Planning Permission
Ciaran Moore Criminal Injuries Compensation for Gross Negligence Manslaughter?
(1997) 48 NILQ 66
Criminal Law; Gross Negligence; Manslaughter; Injury Compensation
Grainne Mc Keever Book Review: Medical Negligence by Jones
(1997) 48 NILQ 77
Jones; Medical Negligence
David Capper Book Review: Mareva Injunctions and Anton Piller Relief by Gee
(1997) 48 NILQ 80
Gee; Mareva Injunctions; Anton Piller
Kieran Mc Evoy Book Review: Cultural Criminology by Ferrell and Sanders
(1997) 48 NILQ 84
Ferrell; Sanders; Criminology; Culture
Rosemary J Carson Book Review: A Practical Approach to Land Law by Mackenzie and Phillips
(1997) 48 NILQ 86
Mackenzie; Phillips; Land Law
Brice Dickson Book Review: Death at Midnight: The Confession of an Executioner by Cabana
(1997) 48 NILQ 88
Cabana; Death; Execution
Imelda Mc Auley Rethinking the Scope of Discrimination: Political Opinion and Fair Employment Law in Northern Ireland
(1997) 48 NILQ 93
Employment Law; Northern Ireland; Discrimination; Politics
Paul Spink Contravening EC Law: The Liability of the Member State
(1997) 48 NILQ 111
European Law; State Liability
RE Bell Restraint Orders under the Proceeds of Crime Legislation
(1997) 48 NILQ 128
Criminal Law; Proceeds of Crime (Northern Ireland) Order 1996; Restraint Orders; Criminal Assets
Gavin Dingwall The Court of Appeal and Guideline Judgments
(1997) 48 NILQ 143
Court of Appeal; Guideline Judgments
Julianne O Leary Lament for the Intoxication Defence
(1997) 48 NILQ 152
Criminal Law; Defence; Intoxication
David Capper Garnishee Orders: The Untouchability of Joint Accounts
(1997) 48 NILQ 162
Banking Law; Garnishee Orders; Joint Accounts
Ivan Topping Public Perceptions and Private Lives-Lessons in Policing
(1997) 48 NILQ 168
Eoin Quill Book Review: Contract Cases and Materials by Clark and Clark
(1997) 48 NILQ 179
Clark; Contract Law
David Capper Book Review: Casebook on Restitution by Mc Meel
(1997) 48 NILQ 182
Mc Meel; Restitution
Constantin Stefanou Book Review: Reviewing Maastricht Issues for the 1996 IGC by Dashwood
(1997) 48 NILQ 184
Dashwood; Maastricht
Gordon Anthony Book Review: Blackstone's LLB Cases and Materials on Constitutional and Administrative Law by Cumper
(1997) 48 NILQ 188
Cumper; Constitutional Law
TJ Mullen Book Review: Scots Public Law by Deans
(1997) 48 NILQ 190
Deans; International Law; Public Law
Linda Clarke Book Review: Sexual Harassment by Houghton-James
(1997) 48 NILQ 191
Houghton-James; Sexual Harassment
Niall Osborough Book Review: The Restoration Land Settlement in County Dublin by Arnold
(1997) 48 NILQ 193
Arnold; Legal History; Land Settlement
Robert Carswell Professional Negligence-the sword of Damocles
(1997) 48 NILQ 197
Law of Tort; Professional Negligence
John Lowry Directorial Self-Dealing: Constructing a Regime of Accountability
(1997) 48 NILQ 211
Company Law; Directors Accountability
Alan Reed Article 5(1) of the Brussels Convention, Restitutionary Claims and the Need for a New Approach
(1997) 48 NILQ 243
Brussels Convention; Restitutionary Claims
Alan Dowling Your Deed but Not Mine: Unilateral Execution of Multipartite Deeds
(1997) 48 NILQ 264
Property Law; Land Transactions; Multipartite Deeds
Catherine Mitchell Privity of Contract: Another Missed Opportunity
(1997) 48 NILQ 286
Contract Law; Privity
Dennis Boyd Corporate Rescue and Employees Rights
(1997) 48 NILQ 297
Corporate Law; Corporate Rescue; Employees Rights
Gordon Anthony Fact, Fiction and Function: Some Questions About Public Interest Intervention and Public Law in the United Kingdom
(1997) 48 NILQ 307
International Law; Public Law; Public Interest
John D Jackson Truth and Compromise in Criminal Justice: A Critique of Trial Practice and Lawyers Ethics
(1997) 48 NILQ 321
Criminal Justice; Legal Profession; Ethics
N Taylor & C Walker The British-Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body
(1997) 48 NILQ 338
Northern Ireland; Politics
L Dunford & V Pickford Nervous Shock: Another Opportunity Missed to Clarify the Law?
(1997) 48 NILQ 364
Law of Tort; Nervous Shock
JF Nijboer The Dynamics and Paradoxes of an Institution: the Public Prosecution Service in the Netherlands
(1997) 48 NILQ 378
International Law; Public Prosecution
Paula Giliker Hunter v Canary Wharf: A Return to the Roots of Private Nuisance
(1997) 48 NILQ 389
Law of Tort; Private Nuisance
David Capper The Debtor, the Wife, the Farm and the Opportunist
(1997) 48 NILQ 400
Property Law; Debtors; Agricultural Land
Brian Childs A Small Mystery? Book Review: An Explanatory Guide to the English Law of Torts by Peter Kaye
(1997) 48 NILQ 408
Kaye; Law of Tort
Dermot Walsh Book Review: Criminal Justice in Crisis by Mc Conville and Bridges
(1997) 48 NILQ 415
Mc Conville; Bridges; Criminal Law; Justice
Jenny Mc Ewan Book Review: Blackstone's LLB Cases and Materials: Criminal Law by Heaton
(1997) 48 NILQ 419
Heaton; Criminal Law
Jenny Mc Ewan Book Review: Blackstone's LLB Learning Texts: Criminal Law by Heaton
(1997) 48 NILQ 419
Heaton; Criminal Law
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