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List of Periodicals

Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland - 2001

DA Cusack & S Mills Legislating for Competence Assurance - Cool Water on a Hot Topic?
(2001) 7 MLJI 2
Professional Standards; Competence; Education; Audit
Faye Boland Improving Conditions in Irish Psychiatric Hospitals?
(2001) 7 MLJI 5
Mental Health Law; Psychiatric Hospitals
D Reynolds, H Kearns; P Mullany, CP Leavy & DA Cusack Introduction of Evidential Breath testing in Ireland
(2001) 7 MLJI 9
Law of Evidence; Forensic Medicine; Breath Testing
Cliona Mc Govern A Comparative Study of the Law on Infectious Disease Testing of Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Europe and the USA
(2001) 7 MLJI 13
Medical Law; International Law; Refugees
S Moane, CP Leavy & DA Cusack Drugs Driving in Ireland - A Preliminary Study of the Prevalence of Driving under the Influence of Drugs on Irish Roads
(2001) 7 MLJI 21
Medical Law; Criminal law; Drug Offences; Driving
James Donovan The Obtaining, Examining, Analysis and Retaining of Forensic Samples in Criminal Investigation
(2001) 7 MLJI 25
Criminal Law; Law of Evidence; Forensic Sample
Medico-Legal Case Reports Aziz v Midland Health Board; Farrell v The Minister for Defence; Morris and Morris v The Dublin City Coroner; DPP v Syron; DPP v Tate Croom-Carroll; Wolfe v St James’s Hospital
(2001) 7 MLJI 27
Medical Law; Judicial Review; Certiorari; Audi Alteram Partem; Dismissal
Asim Sheikh Book Review: Clinical Negligence by Michael Powers and Nigel Harris
(2001) 7 MLJI 44
Denis A Cusack Road Traffic Deaths and Injuries - A Personal Responsibility
(2001) 7 MLJI 50
Medical Law; Road Traffic Accident
Deirdre Madden Recent Developments in Assisted Human Reproduction: Legal and Ethical Issues
(2001) 7 MLJI 53
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction
Caroline E Ward Mediation: an Invaluable Component of any Alternative Dispute Resolution Forum within the Irish Healthcare System
(2001) 7 MLJI 63
Medical Law; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation; Healthcare
Dervla Browne The Impact of the Incorporation of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Practice of the Coroner's Court
(2001) 7 MLJI 71
Medical Law; Human Rights; Coroner
A A Sheikh & DA Cusack Maternal Brain Death, Pregnancy and the Foetus: The Medico-Legal Implications
(2001) 7 MLJI 75
Medical Law; Pregnancy; Foetus
KJ Flynn, G Harrington, P Furney, CP Leavy & DA Cusack Driving Under the Influence of an Intoxicant in Ireland
(2001) 7 MLJI 86
Medical Law; Criminal Law; Drug Offences; Driving
Case Reports O Ceallaigh v an Bord Altranais; Hanley v Minister for Defence; AG v Lee; Geraets-Smits v Stichting Ziekenfonds; Northern Area Health Board v Geraghty
(2001) 7 MLJI 90
Medical Law; Professional Misconduct; Fitness to Practice; Expert Witness; Fair Procedure; Judicial Review
Myra Cullinane Conference Report: Annual Conference of the Coroners Society of Ireland 2001
(2001) 7 MLJI 100
Medical Law; Coroner
Patrick Hayden Book Review: Jim Donovan; Cracking Crime
(2001) 7 MLJI 103
Donovan; Crime
Cliona Mc Govern Book Review: Levine on Coroner's Courts
(2001) 7 MLJI 103
Levine; Coroners Court
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