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List of Periodicals

Irish Planning and Environmental Law Journal - 1997

Garrett Simons  Travellers: Planning Issues
(1997) 4 IPELJ 8
Planning Law; Travellers Accommodation
James Macken  Outline Permissions: Are they Worth The Paper They Are Written On?
(1997) 4 IPELJ 13
Planning Law; ; Planning Permission; Outline Permission
Tom Flynn  Genetically Modified Organisms and The Environment: The Legal Issues
(1997) 4 IPELJ 17
Environmental Law; Genetically Modified Organisms
Tom Flynn  The Litter Pollution Act 1997
(1997) 4 IPELJ 47
Environmental Law; Litter Pollution Act 1997; Litter Pollution
Garrett Simons  Unauthorised Travellers Halting Sites
(1997) 4 IPELJ 53
Planning Law; Housing Law; Travellers Accommodation; Halting Sites
Anne Marie O Connor  Pharmacies and Neighborhood Planning
(1997) 4 IPELJ 57
Planning Law; Pharmacies
Owen Mc Intyre  Case Note: Liability for Asbestos-Related Illness
(1997) 4 IPELJ 83
Environmental Law; Health and Safety Law; Asbestos
Berna Grist  Wildlife Legislation-The Rocky Road to Special Areas of Conservation Surveyed
(1997) 4 IPELJ 87
Environmental Law; Conservation
Garrett Simons  Locus Standi to Challenge Planning Decisions
(1997) 4 IPELJ 96
Planning Law; Planning Appeals; Locus Standi
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing Practice-The Natural Habitats Regulations
(1997) 4 IPELJ 106
Conveyancing; Natural Habitat
Owen Mc Intyre  UK Case Notes-Television Interference and Non-Proprietary Rights in Nuisance
(1997) 4 IPELJ 119
Planning Law; Tort Law; Nuisance
Tom Flynn  Pop Concerts and Planning
(1997) 4 IPELJ 127
Planning Law; Concerts
Owen Mc Intyre  Identifying Environmental Directives Capable of Producing Direct effect
(1997) 4 IPELJ 139
European Environmental Law; Direct Effect
Ainsley Heffernan  The Waste Management (Packaging) Regulations1997
(1997) 4 IPELJ 146
Environmental Law; Waste Management
Patrick Sweetman  Recent Developments in Conveyancing practice-The Natural Habitats Regulations
(1997) 4 IPELJ 152
Conveyancing; Natural Habitat