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List of Periodicals

Irish Law Times - 2005

Stephen Dodd Hardcore Offences Under the Competition Act 2002
(2005) 23 ILT 23
Competition Law
Melody Buckley Implementation of a Modern Civil Case-Management System
(2005) 23 ILT 27
Civil Procedure
Mr Justice Michael Peart Book Review: Civil Procedure and Practice: An Introduction - Melody Buckley
Civil Procedure
Neal Maddox Regulating Peaceable Assembly Under Irish Law - Some Comparative Guidance for Local Authorities
(2005) 23 ILT 10
Local Authority; Freedom of Assembly
Sinead Eaton Issues Surrounding The Transfer Of Assets To The Airport Authority
(2005) 23 ILT 38
Company; State Airport Act 2004, Capital Maintainence Rules, Dublin Airport Authority
Elaine Fahey The Application Of Article 234(3) EC In The Irish Courts - Arklow Holidays Limited v Wicklow County Council
(2005) 23 ILT 40
Practice & Procedure; Article 234(3) EC, Appellate Jurisdiction
Robert Pierse Guessins Damages In Personal Injury Cases - A Practicioner's View
(2005) 23 ILT 43
Tort; Compensation, Personal Injuries, Personal Injuries Assesment Board Act 2003, Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004
Siún Leonowicz The Privelege Against Self Incrimination - Part 1
(2005) 23 ILT 55
Criminal; Constitutional Protection, extent of priviledge
Ray Ryan & Des Ryan Tresspasser (And Recreational User) Beware - The Supreme Court Decision in Weir-Rogers v S.F. Trust
(2005) 23 ILT 59
Tort; Occupiers Liability Act 1995, Rights of walkers, recreational activity under the act
Anna-Louise Hinds New European Constitution Competition Decentralisation Policy: An Effective Enforcement Mechanism?
(2005) 23 ILT 70
Competition; Reform of Community Competition Law, Automatic Exemption Principle, Regulation 1/2003
Siún Leonowicz The Privelege Against Self Incrimination - Part 2
(2005) 23 ILT 77
Criminal; Constitutional Protection, extent of priviledge, possible reforms
Stephen Dodd Hardcore Offences Under The Competition Act 2002 Revisited - The Burden Of Proof
(2005) 23 ILT 87
Competition; Criminal Offences Under The 2002 Act, Constitutionality of Burden, Mens Rea
Claire Hamilton Child Abuse, The United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child And The Criminal Law
(2005) 23 ILT 90
Family; Article 44 of The UNCRC, Reform in Child Law in Ireland, Further Requirements
Illian Wall & William Wall Law's Innocence Lost
(2005) 23 ILT 102
Jurisprudence; Philosophy of Law, Formalism
Keith Spencer A New Era Of Tribunalism - The Commissions Of Investigation Act 2004
(2005) 23 ILT 105
Administrative; Tribunals, Legal Services, Amnesty, Reform
David P. Boyle Financial Services Ombudsman - An Overview
(2005) 23 ILT 118
Commercial; Functions and Powers of the Financial Services Ombudsman
Gerard Casey Are There Unenumerated Rights In The Irish Constitution?
(2005) 23 ILT 123
Constitutional; Unenumerated Rights, Ryan v Attorney General, privacy, latent rights
Sam Middlemiss Legal Rights Of Atypical Workers
(2005) 23 ILT 132
Employment; Comparision with fukk time workers rights, casual workers, United Kingdom
Eoin Carolan Drugs, Competition Law and Purely Sporting Rules - The Decision in Meca-Mecina
(2005) 23 ILT 139
Sport/Competition; European Competition Law, Sporting Bodies, Doping,
Jack Anderson Sports And The Courts - Time For A Sports Disputes Tribunal Of Ireland?
(2005) 23 ILT 149
Sport/Disputes; Sport and Recreation of New Zeland Act 2002, internal disciplinary mechanisms
Paul O'Mahony Recent Penal Policy Is Losing Touch With The Goal Of Rehabilitation
(2005) 23 ILT 154
Penology; Use of Custody, Rehabilitiaion, Punative and Deterrent Use Of Custody
Marguerite Gallagher A Company's Separate Legal Personality - Lifting The Corporate Veil
(2005) 23 ILT 167
Company; Corporate Veil, Court intervention, Salomon v Salomon & Co
Arran Dowling Hussey Recent Developments In The Regulation Of EU Securities Matters
(2005) 23 ILT 170
Commercial; Stock Exchanges, Codification, European Regulation
Séan Patrick Nolan Book Review: Western Jurisprudence - Tim Murphy
(2005) 23 ILT 176
Jurisprudence; Jurisprudence
Cliodhna Murphy Refugees: Complementary Protection In Ireland
(2005) 23 ILT 183
Immigration/Human Rights; Limitations of defination of Refugee, Protections offered, 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees
Declan Black & David Mangan The Rule Against The Enforcement Of Foreign Revenue Debts - Has Cedarlease Finished It For Good?
(2005) 23 ILT 189
Taxation; EU Regulation 1346/2000, Peter Buchanan Ltd. v McVey
Robert Pierse Book Review: Evidence - Declan McGrath
(2005) 23 ILT 191
Evidence; Evidence
Brendan Kirwan Locus Standi And Representative Bodies
(2005) 23 ILT 198
Practice & Procedure; Judicial Treatment of Representative Bodies, Cahill v Sutton, locus standi
Cliodhna Murphy Refugee Subsidiary Protection In The European Union
(2005) 23 ILT 203
Immigration/Human Rights; Council Directive 2004/83/EC, Qualification Directive, Additional Protection for Refugees.
Claire Hamilton Anti-Social Behaviour Orders Aand The Presumption Of Innocence
(2005) 23 ILT 215
Criminal; Criminal Justice Bill 2004, ASBO's, problems with UK Law, Compatability
Ray Ryan & Des Ryan Assessing Proportionality In Damages For Defamation: Independent News v Ireland
(2005) 23 ILT 220
Tort; Defamation, Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights
Hilary Delany The Requirement To Act Promptly In Judicial Review Proceedings
(2005) 23 ILT 229
Practice & Procedure; O'Brien v Moriarty, Time Limits On Review Proceedings
Barry Sheehan Biased Judgements: are Irish Courts Too Lenient With Public Maladministration?
(2005) 23 ILT 235
Administrative; Rule of law, and seperation of powers, bias
Tony Fay PIAB One Year On - A Happy Anniversary?
(2005) 23 ILT 247
Tort; Personal Injuries Assesment Board Act 2003, Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004, Assesment
Grainne Mullan Law Report: Motor Insurers Bureau of Ireland v Stephen Galvin
(2005) 23 ILT 250
Insurance; Recovery from uninsured driver, Entitlement, Road Traffic
Johnnie Mc Coy Book Review: Practicioners Court Guide, 2005 - Agnes McKenzie
(2005) 23 ILT 252
Practice & Procedure; Practice & Procedure
Elaine Fahey Browne v Attorney General and Kennedy v Attorney General - The Current State Of The Ultra Vires Doctrine And The Necessitated Clause
(2005) 23 ILT 258
Constitutional; Article 15.2.1, Article 29.4.10, vires, Impact of European law
Niall Mac Giollabhuí Primary Education Under The Constitution - The Bottom Line
(2005) 23 ILT 262
Education; State obligation to Educate, Special education needs, Article 42.4 of the Constitution
Arran Dowling Hussey The Revised EU Merger Regulation - The New Substantive Test Discussed
(2005) 23 ILT 272
Competition; Reform of the Substantive Test, Merger Regulation, Council Directive No. 4064/89 of December 21, 1989
Elliott Payne The Impact Of The Equality Act 2004 On Equality In The Workplace - Part 1
(2005) 23 ILT 278
Equality; Equality Act 2004, discrimination, Additional Rights
Elliott Payne The Impact Of The Equality Act 2004 On Equality In The Workplace - Part 2
(2005) 23 ILT 291
Equality; Equality Act 2004, discrimination, Additional Rights, Future Reforms
Vicky Conway An Garda Síochána Act 2005 - Breaking Down The Thick Blue Wall?
(2005) 23 ILT 297
Criminal; An Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission, An Garda Síochána Inspectorate, Duty to report.
Laura Cahillane Éire, Ireland Or The Republic Of Ireland - What's In A Name?
(2005) 23 ILT 303
Constitutional; State Name, Independence
Sam Middlemiss Anglo-American Comparison Of The Legal Liability Of Employers For Sexual Favouritism
(2005) 23 ILT 311
Employment; United States and United Kingdom comparision, Employer/Empolyee sexual relationships, advancement due to sexual favours
Sinéad Hayes The Commercial Court
(2005) 23 ILT 317
Practice & Procedure; Division of the High Court, Commercial List rules, Details of the Commercial List.
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