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List of Periodicals

Irish Jurist - 2001

Ronan Keane Brave new world-a new era in human rights law?
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 1
Human Rights Law
Luzius Wildhaber The right to offend, shock or disturb?-aspects of freedom of expression under the European Convention on Human Rights
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 17
Human Rights Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Freedom of Expression
Conor Gearty The Casement treason trial in its legal context
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 32
Criminal Law; Offences Against the State; Treason
Noel Travers An overview of emerging trends in European trade-mark integration
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 43
European Law; Trade Marks
John Mc Mullen Transfer of undertakings-perspectives from Britain and Ireland
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 83
International Law; Transfer of Undertakings
Declan Mc Grath Legal professional privilege
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 126
Professional Privilege
Ian O Donnell Prison Matters
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 153
Criminal Justice System; Prisons
Gerard Hogan Directive principles, socio-economic rights and the Constitution
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 174
Constitutional Law; Directive Principles; Rights
Morris L Cohen Irish influences on early American law books: authors, printers and subjects
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 199
Legal Systems; Legal Publications
Paul O Higgins An essai on puzzles in Irish legal bibliography
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 214
Legal Bibliography
Sean Patrick Donlan Beneficence acting by a rule: Edmund Burke on law, history, manners
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 227
Jurisprudence; Legal History
Brice Dickson Irelands Human Rights Commission
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 265
Human Rights Commission
Stanley Yeo Rethinking the incapacities of insanity
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 275
Criminal Law; Insanity
Martin Phillipson The United States withdrawal from the Kyoto protocol
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 288
International Environmental Law; Kyoto Protocol
Una Woods Adverse possession of unregistered leasehold land
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 304
Property Law; Adverse Possession; Leasehold; Unregistered Land
Colin Scott Regulation and governance reforms for Ireland and the European Union
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 318
European Law; European Incorporation; Governance
Mary Catharine Dwyer John M Kelly Memorial Essay: Carroll v Carroll and the Advising Solicitor; the Role of Independent Advice
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 324
Contract Law; Independent Advice; Undue Influence
David Mc Clean Book Review: Freedom of Religion under the European Convention on Human Rights by Evans
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 352
Evans; European Convention on Human Rights; Religion
Joseph Jaconelli Book Review: Promoting Human Rights through Bills of Rights: Comparative Perspectives edited by Alston
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 353
Human Rights; Bill of Rights
Jeremy Horder Book Review: Criminal Liability by Mc Auley and Mc Cutcheon
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 355
Mc Auley; Mc Cutcheon; Criminal Liability
Esin Orucu Book Review: Roman Law, Contemporary Law, European Law: The Civilian Tradition Today by Zimmermann
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 357
Zimmerman; Jurisprudence
Neville Cox Book Review: The Common European Law of Torts by Van Bar
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 359
Van Bar; Law of Tort
Tim Murphy Book Review: Globalisation and Legal Theory by Twining
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 362
Twining; Globalisation; Legal Theory
Oonagh Breen Book Review: The Modern Law of Estoppel by Cooke
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 364
Cooke; Estoppel
A V Gill Book Review: Enforcement of Judgments in Europe by Kennett
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 367
Kennett; Enforcement
W N Osborough Book Review: Human Rights and Legal History: Essays in Honor of Brian Simpson edited by O Donovan and Rubin
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 370
Human Rights; Legal History
Bernard Ryan Book Review: EC Employment Law (2nd ed) by Barnard
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 375
Barnard; Employment Law; European Law
Raymond Byrne Book Review: Prison Law by Mc Dermott
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 377
Mc Dermott; Prison Law
Stephen Siegel Book Review: Law without Values: The Life, work and Legacy of Justice Holmes by Alschuler
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 380
Alschuler; Biography
Michael Rubenstein Book Review: Sex Discrimination Law by Bolger and Kimber
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 382
Bolger; Kimber; Discrimination
Antonio-Carlos Pereira Menaut Book Review: The Spanish Legal Tradition by Viellers
(2001) xxxvi IR JUR 384
Viellers; Spanish Law; International Legal Systems
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