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List of Periodicals

Irish Jurist - 2000

D Neil Mc Cormick Stands Scotland still where she did? New unions for old in these islands
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 1
Jurisprudence; International Law; Legal History
Louise Arbour Exposing truth while keeping secrets: publicity and privilege
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 17
Constitutional Law; Privilege
WN Osborough Law and the spread of literacy-millennial reflections on Boddingtons plight
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 36
Literacy; Legal Doctrine
Ken Motoyama The Constitution of Japan-a critical review of its developments since the 1980s
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 62
Constitutional Law; International Law
Alan Dowling Protection of interests in remainder under settlements of land
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 84
Property Law; Remainder
Kevin Costello Costs principles and environmental judicial review
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 121
Administrative Law; Environmental Law; Judicial Review
Rosemary Byrne Expediency in refugee determination procedures
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 149
Refugee Law; Immigration; Time
Noel Travers Access to documents in Community law: on the road to a European participatory democracy
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 164
European Law; Freedom of Information; Democracy
Gerard Hogan The Supreme Court and the Reference of the Offences Against the State (Amendment) Bill 1940
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 238
Constitutional Law; Offences Against the State (Amendment) Bill 1940; Constitutional Law
Paul Anthony Mc Dermott The separation of powers and the doctrine of non-justiciability
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 280
Constitutional Law; Separation of Powers; Justiciability
Bairbre O Neill The referendum process in Ireland
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 305
Constitutional Law; Referendum
David Ibbetson Legal printing and legal doctrine
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 345
Legal Printing; Legal Doctrine; Jurisprudence
WN Osborough The history of Irish legal publishing: a challenge unmet
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 355
Legal Publishing; Legal Doctrine
Richard Humphreys Our bilingual Constitution
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 375
Irish Language; Constitutional Law;
Richard O Maolalaigh Book Review: Bunreacht Na hEireann, A Study of the Irish Text by O Cearuil
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 388
O Cearuil; Constitution; Irish Language
WN Osborough Book Review: Medieval Papal Representatives in Scotland: Legates, Nuncios and Judges-Delegates by Ferguson
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 391
Ferguson; Jurisprudence
Colum & Kenny Book Review: The Minute Book of the Faculty of Advocatee edited by Stewart
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 392
Stewart; Advocate
WN Osborough Book Review: A Legal History of Scotland-Vol. V: the Eighteenth Century by Walker
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 394
Walker; International Law; Legal History
Alistair Mowbray Book Review: Judicial Review in Ireland by Bradley
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 396
Bradley; Judicial Review; Administration Law
Laurence Lustgarten Book Review: The Irish Police-A Legal and Constitutional Perspective by Walsh
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 399
Walsh; Police; Constitutional Law
Chris Barton Book Review: Child and Family Law by Sutherland
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 402
Sutherland; Family Law; Children
Pamela Ferguson Book Review: Criminal Law by Charleton, Mc Dermott and Bolger
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 404
Charleton; Mc Dermott; Bolger; Criminal Law
Richard Whish Book Review: Competition Law: Alignment and Reform by Maher
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 406
Maher; Competition Law
Peter Sparkes Book Review: Equity and the Law of Trusts in Ireland (2nd ed) by Delaney
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 408
Delany; Law of Equity; ; Trust
Lucey Ann Buckley Book Review: Working Within the Law: A Practical Guide for Employers and Employees (2nd ed) by Meenan
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 412
Meenan; Employment Law
Kevin Costello Book Review: The Most Fundamental Legal Right: Habeas Corpus in the Commonwealth by Clark and Mc Coy
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 414
Clark; Mc Coy; Habeas Corpus
WN Osborough Book Review: Education and the Constitution by Farry
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 416
Farry; Education; Constitutional Law
Martin Hession Book Review: Irish Environmental Legislation by Maguire, O Reilly and Roche
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 418
Maguire; O Reilly; Roche; Environmental Law
Anon Book Review: Japanese Law by Oda
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 419
Oda; International Law
Christopher Brooks Book Review: Studies in Irish Legal History by Osborough
(2000) xxxv IR JUR 490
Osborough; Legal History
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