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List of Periodicals

Irish Jurist - 1999

Lord Irvine  Reporting the courts: the medias rights and responsibilities
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 1
Telecommunications Law; Media; Broadcasting
Richard A Posner  Relations between law and literature
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 18
Legal Writings; Interpretation
Noel Travers  Some reflections on recent developments in European Community law concerning State aid
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 31
European Law; State Aid
Finbarr Mc Auley  Relational liability in criminal law
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 100
Criminal Law; Voluntas
Liz Heffernan  A discretionary jurisdiction for the European Court of Justice?
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 148
European Law; European Court of Justice; Jurisdiction
Declan Mc Grath  The accomplice corroboration warning
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 170
Law of Evidence; Accomplice; Testimony; Corroboration
John E Stannard  Murder, intention and the inference of intention
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 202
Criminal Law; Murder; Intent
Shane Kilcommins  Impressment and its genealogical claims in respect of community service orders in England and Wales
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 223
International Law; Community Service Orders
David Gwynn Morgan  Mary Robinsons Presidency: relations with the Government
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 256
Constitutional Law; President
Fernando Atria  A Roman puzzle
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 276
Jurisprudence; Legal History
Tony Gaynor  The legal challenge to the Irish Government in the 1790s
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 300
Assizes; Legal History
Jean Howell  Book Review: The Property Rights of Cohabitees by John Mee
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 338
Mee; Property Law; Cohabitees
Gavin Barrett  Book Review: Transfer of Undertakings-Employment Aspects of Business Transfers in Irish and European Employment Law by Byrne
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 340
Byrne; Employment Law
Christopher Allen  Book Review: English Criminal Justice in the Nineteenth Century by Bentley
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 344
Bentley; Criminal Law
Sara Dillon  Book Review: The Habitats Directive in Ireland by Scannell, Cannon, Clarke and Doyle
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 346
Scannell; Cannon; Clarke; Doyle; Habitats
Judith Brett  Book Review: Lionel Murphy, A Political Biography by Hocking
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 350
Hocking; Politics
James H Bergeron  Book Review: Military Law in Ireland by Humphreys and Craven
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 352
Humphreys; Craven; Military Law
Robert Upex  Book Review: Dismissal Law in Ireland by Redmond
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 354
Redmond; Employment Law; Dismissal
Niall O Ciosain  Book Review: Irish Law and Lawyers in Modern Folk Tradition by Hickey
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 358
Hickey; Lawyers
Andrew Lyall  Book Review: Irish Land Law (3rd ed) by Wylie
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 360
Wylie; Land Law
Oonagh Breen  Book Review: Probate Law and Practice by Keating
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 363
Keating; Law of Succession; Probate
Paul Brand  Book Review: Lawyers, Litigation and English Society Since 1450 by Brooks
(1999) xxxiv IR JUR 366
Brooks; Legal History