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List of Periodicals

Irish Journal of Family Law - 2002

Raymond Arthur Changing Families: The Role of Childcarers in the Modern Family
[2002] 4 IJFL 3
Family Law; Child Care
Dervla Browne Recent Developments in the Law Governing the Recognition of Foreign Divorces
[2002] 4 IJFL 8
Family Law; Divorce
Robert D King Sexual Minorities and Marriage: The United States Constitution's Equal Protection Mandate
[2002] 4 IJFL 13
Family Law; International Law; Marriage
Louise Crowley Pre-Nuptial Agreements-Have They Any Place in Irish Family Law?
[2002] 1 IJFL 3
Family Law; Pre-Nuptial Agreement
Frank Bates Divorce Law Reform in Australia: The Emergence of Fault in the Family Law Act 1975
[2002] 1 IJFL 9
Family Law; International Law; Divorce
Raymond Arthur Medical Treatment: The Welfare of the Child v The Wishes of the Parents
[2002] 1 IJFL 20
Consent; Medical Treatment; Child
Lorna Fox Creditors and the Family Home: Three Perspectives on Family Property Policy
[2002] 2 IJFL 3
Family Law; Property Law; Family Home
Sinead Conneely Researching the Irish Family Mediation Service: Women in Mediation
[2002] 2 IJFL 10
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation; Women
Lisa Glennon The "Family": A Comparative Analysis of A Contextual Definition
[2002] 2 IJFL 17
Stephen Herman Family Law and Mental Health Professionals: The View from the United States
[2002] 2 IJFL 25
Family Law; International Law; Mental Health
Jack Anderson Statutory Aids in the Construction of Wills: Section 90 and 99 of the Succession Act 1965
[2002] 3 IJFL 2
Law of Succession; Succession Act 1965; Drafting
Siobhan Wills Protecting the Rights of Cohabitees-Recommendations for Reform
[2002] 3 IJFL 8
Family Law; Cohabitees
Aisling Parkes Children and the Right to Separate Legal Representation in Legal Proceedings in Accordance with International Law
[2002] 3 IJFL 18
Family Law; Child Plaintiff
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