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List of Periodicals

Irish Journal of Family Law - 2000

John Dewar Property and Superannuation Reform in Australia: A danger averted or an opportunity missed?
[2000] 1 IJFL 2
International Law; Property; Superannuation
Helen Buckley Risk assessment In Child Care Proceedings
[2000] 1 IJFL 6
Family Law; Children; Risk Assessment
Owen Mc Intyre Domestic Violence: The Case for Reform
[2000] 1 IJFL 10
Family Law; Domestic Violence
Niamh Lalor Female Genital Mutilation-An Irish Perspective?
[2000] 1 IJFL 17
Family Law; Medical Law; Genital Mutilation
Frank Martin To Live Apart or Not to Live Apart: That is the Divorce Question
[2000] 2 IJFL 2
Family Law; Divorce
Ursula Kilkelly Child Protection and the European Convention on Human Rights
[2000] 2 IJFL 12
Family Law; Children; European Convention on Human Rights
Conor Power The Domicile of Children: Towards a New Basis
[2000] 2 IJFL 21
Family Law; Children
Fergus Ryan Sexuality, Ideology and the Legal Construction of Family: Fitzpatrick v. Sterling Housing Association
[2000] 3 IJFL 2
Family; Discrimination
D Marianne Blair Unveiling Our Heritage: A Comparative Examination of Access by Adopted Persons and Their Families to identifying and Non-identifying Information
[2000] 3 IJFL 10
Family Law; Adoption
D Marianne Blair Unveiling Our Heritage: A Comparative Examination of Access by Adopted Persons and their Families to Identifying and Non-identifying Information-Part II
[2000] 4 IJFL 2
Family Law; Adoption
Helen Buckley Children First: Implications For Practice
[2000] 4 IJFL 10
Family Law; Children
Sinead Conneely Researching the Irish Family Mediation Service: Children in Mediation
[2000] 4 IJFL 16
Family Law; Children; Mediation
Barry Sheehan Till Death do Us Part?: The Rights of Cohabitees-Is Statutory Reform the Answer?
[2000] 4 IJFL 23
Family Law; Cohabitees
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