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List of Periodicals

Irish Journal of Family Law - 1998

Rosemary Horgan  Domestic Violence-a Case for Reform? (Part 1) Defining Domestic Violence
[1998] 1 IJFL 3
Family Law; Domestic Violence; Reform
Frank Martin  Towards the Establishment of a Children’s Ombudsman-Champion of Children’s Rights or Unnecessary Interloper? (Part 1)
[1998] 1 IJFL 8
Family Law; Children; Ombudsman
Conor Power  Maintenance: No Clean Break with the Past
[1998] 1 IJFL 15
Family Law; Maintenance
C White & C Archbold  Looking North, Looking South?-Comparing legal responses to matrimonial breakdown in the two jurisdictions
[1998] 1 IJFL 20
Family Law; Marriage; Separation; Northern Ireland
Geoffrey Shannon  Practice and Procedure
[1998] 1 IJFL 23
Family Law; Custody; Maintenance; Guardianship; Access
C Keville, C Power & G Shannon  Cases and Comment
[1998] 1 IJFL 26
Family Law; Sexual Offences; Barring Order; False Accusation
William Duncan  Hague Conference on Private International Law
[1998] 2 IJFL 3
Private International Law; Hague Agreement
Louise Monaghan  Recent developments in the Law of Succession
[1998] 2 IJFL 5
Law of Succession; Succession Rights; Section 117
Rosemary Horgan  Domestic Violence-a Case for Reform? (Part 2) The Domestic Violence Act
[1998] 2 IJFL 9
Family Law; Domestic Violence Act 1996
Frank Martin  Towards the Establishment of a Children’s Ombudsman-Champion of Children’s Rights or Unnecessary Interloper? (Part 2)
[1998] 2 IJFL 15
Family Law; Children; Ombudsman
G Shannon & C Power  Practice and Procedure
[1998] 2 IJFL 21
Family Law; Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997; Medical Treatment; Consent; Parental Leave
S Gillane, F Martin & C Power  Cases and Comment
[1998] 2 IJFL 23
Family Law; Family; Nullity; Child Abduction; Chastisement