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List of Periodicals

Irish Criminal Law Journal - 1999

Robert Barr  Justice for young offenders in a caring society
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 1
Criminal Law; Young Offenders
Sile Mc Guckian  Recent developments in the law governing the admissibility of confessions in Ireland
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 8
Law of Evidence; Admissibility; Confession
Declan Mc Grath  Two steps forward, one step back: the corroboration warning in sexual cases
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 22
Criminal Law; Law of Evidence; Corroboration; Sexual Offence
Gearoid Carey  The performative character of media presentation of crime
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 47
Criminal Law; Media
Julie Liston  Cases and Comments: DPP (Garda John Ivers) v Angela Murphy; PC v DPP and Judge Flann Brennan
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 75
Criminal Law; Criminal Justice (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1997
Johnny Connolly  Book Review: The Irish Police: the Pursuit of Accountability by D Walsh
[1999] 9 (1) ICLJ 110
Walsh; Police; Accountability
JP Mc Cuthcheon & DPJ Walsh  Seizure of Criminal Assets: An Overview
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 127
Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Seizure; Proceeds of Crime
F Murphy & B Galvin  Targeting the financial wealth of criminals in Ireland: The law and practice
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 133
Criminal LAW; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Shane Murphy  Tracing the proceeds of crime: Legal and Constitutional implications
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 160
Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Chris Cole  British legislative developments on the confiscation of criminal assets
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 176
International Law; Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Sonia C Jaipaul  Assets forfeiture in the United States
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 191
International Law; Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
Eamonn J Walsh  The enforcement of money laundering legislation
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 204
Criminal Law; Money Laundering
John O Donoghue  Closing remarks; International Conference on the Confiscation of Criminal Assets
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 218
Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime
J Paul Mc Cutcheon  Select Bibliography; Confiscation of criminal assets and money laundering
[1999] 9 (2) ICLJ 221
Criminal Law; Criminal Assets; Proceeds of Crime