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List of Periodicals

Hibernian Law Journal - 2010

Richard Kelly Tackling Bid Rigging in Public Procurement - Another Means of Cutting Public Expenditure During the Recession
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 1
Competition; Burden of proof; Leniency; European Commission
Anthony McGrath The Provocation Predicament
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 26
Criminal; Partial defence; Burden
Grace O'Connor When in Rome: An Examination of Article 4 of the Rome Regime on the Governing Law of International Contracts
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 39
International Law; Contract; Conflict of laws; Presumption
Eoin Daly  Regulating Religious Function: The Strange Case of Mass Cards
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 55
Constitutional Law; Religion; Discrimination
Ewa Komorek Legal Protection of Media Pluralism at National Level. An Examination of the United Kingdom and Ireland
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 92
Media Law; EU law; Media regulation
Barry O'Sullivan  Is a Class Action System for Consumers Desirable in Europe?
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 123
EU Law; Redress; Collective litigation
Donal Loftus  Towards a Compete Construction of an International Patent Protection System: The Case for a Supra-National Patent Mechanism in the EU
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 137
Intellectual Property; EU law; Patent project
John Biggins Children of the Fíne and Children of the Family: Reformulating Children's Best Interests and Social Parenting in the Spirit of the Brehon Laws
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 155
Legal history; Children's rights; Protection of the Family; Constitutional law
Brian Ó Beirne  An Eye for that Blind Eye: Retributive Justice As a Means to Re-Legitimating Ireland's International Law Obligations Post-Rendition
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 193
International Law; UN Convention; Extraordinary Rendition; ECHR; Accountability
Maria Scott The House that the Supreme Court Built: The Rulings in Coughlan and McKenna, the Lisbon Treaty and the Constitutional Referendum in Ireland
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 219
Constitutional Law; Referenda; Funding; Referendum Commission
Paul R. Dobbyn Book Review: Corporate Governance and Regulation, Ronan Keane & Ailbhe O'Neill
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 244
Corporate Governance
Julie Murphy-O'Connor Book Review: Bankruptcy Law, Michael Forde & Daniel Simms
(2010) 10(1) HLJ 250
Bankruptcy Law
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