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Product ID: IE-SGAcst17

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This is a straight forward contract for small construction work on a residential building. That may include extensions, repairs or maintenance.

It covers the requirements of the Consumer Contracts Regulations and will help ensure that you are paid on time and in full.

The scope of a project is defined in a schedule, separate to the main terms of the agreement. This allows the same document to be used multiple times with the same client without further editing, requiring just the specification of work to be updated. This is ideal if the work is completed in stages.

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Product ID: IE-SGAcst18

Building contract: small works: client version

This contract is for a client, not the contractor, on a small residential building project such as a house extension.

It takes some of the risk out of using an unknown firm or counter party, by allowing you to define the work to be done and making sure that it is performed to the standards you require.

It makes clear that the contractor is independent and self employed at all times, and covers the use of sub-contractors, confidentiality and many other smaller matters that may arise from time to time.

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Product ID: IE-SGAcst19

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This is a short contract between a general builder and a domestic client for work on a residential project. The document has been designed to be easy to use and of minimal length so as not to make it look overly formal for a straightforward building task.

It helps protect the tradesman against non-payment and claims by the client. It also allows you to complies with consumer law, notably the Consumer Contracts (ICAC) Regulations.

The builder may be self-employed or working through a company structure.

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Product ID: IE-SGAcst23

Tradesman contract with householder client

This contract is for any construction industry tradesman to use for every domestic or small business contract. It is intentionally simple, so that your customer will not quibble. It does not matter what is your trade. You just add the details of the actual work to be done.

This contract helps to protect your legal rights against your client, reduces the scope of complaint and helps to get your money in. The European Union (Consumer Information, Cancellation and Other Rights) Regulations 2013 are explained simply and covered thoroughly.

This is the contract you need whether you are self employed as individual or work through a company. Extensive drafting notes explain every paragraph.

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