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This is a short contract between a general builder and a domestic client for work on a residential project. The document has been designed to be easy to use and of minimal length so as not to make it look overly formal for a straightforward building task.It helps protect the tradesman against non-payment and claims by the client. It also allows you to complies with consumer law, notably the Consumer Contracts (ICAC) Regulations.The builder may be self-employed or working through a company structure.
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About this document

This contract has been kept simple and short in length so that you can use it on the smallest of jobs while still complying with your legal obligations and giving yourself protection against the client not paying or claiming that the work done was not as agreed. 

Like our longer contracts, this template covers just those areas where you most need legal strength: limiting your liability if things go wrong, cash collection, and payment for extras. It provides a simple way to deal with the legal requirements of the European Union (Consumer Information, Cancellation and Other Rights) Regulations 2013.

This contract also contains drafting notes to make quite clear what the text means and to advise you on choosing from the options we give.

Note: that this document is drawn for use by a general builder or tradesman engaged to work on residential works such as building an external wall, fitting a bathroom, or fitting insulation.

It does not comply with the Construction Contracts Act 2013 and therefore is not suitable for work worth more than €10,000 or if the floor area of residential property is not more than 200 square metres.

Alternative contracts

This contract is short and most suitable for a sole trader on a straightforward job. If you want something more suitable for a larger domestic project, look at this agreement for small works.


  • All about the contract - the ground rules
  • Special factors of which the client should be aware
  • Model terms for payment
  • Alternative payment arrangements
  • Safety and insurance
  • Confidentiality: no using social networks
  • Limitation of liability
  • Uncontrollable events
  • Miscellaneous legal matters
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30 June 2020
Very fair price, available without subscription.
Feels like a helping hand.
Very impressed. I had my contract and all its documents signed. Happy client, happy me.
I will, purchase other documents.
Brilliant service.
David Isherwood
Review of the United Kingdom version
23 July 2018
by Bill Bedford. I found the Contract to be very understanable for both the Client and the Builder, I will certainly use it and would have no hesitation in recomending it to anyone.
Having been a Builder for the last fifty odd years I have seen a vast amount of Contracts that talk a lot of dribble and confuse both parties. i would give it 5 stars
Bill Bedford
Review of the New Zealand version
08 March 2018
The contract we downloaded was very helpful. We were very happy that it covered everything we needed and that we could tailor it to suit our needs.
We were very satisfied with the quality and comprehensiveness of the document and found the product very good value. Thanks!!
Brett McMartin
Review of the Australian version
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