Sponsorship agreements

Sponsorship deals vary hugely in complexity. Whether the sponsor is just providing financing in return for straightforward advertising, or whether the deal involves an exchange of expertise, finance, and products in return for specific promotions and media rights, a Net Lawman sponsorship agreement can be used. These agreements are suitable for sponsoring an individual, or events such as a "Perfect Kitchens" show or sports tournament.


Sponsorship agreement: single event

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This event sponsorship agreement sets out the commercial deal between an event organiser and a sponsor. It also provides for practical arrangements, such as rights of access prior to the event for the sponsor to setup, use of intellectual property by the sponsor in marketing, dedicated parking on the day for the sponsor's guests and provision of corporate hospitality areas.

Sponsorship agreement: sports person or other individual

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This agreement provides a flexible framework for defining a sponsorship arrangement, regardless of the activity in which the sponsored person participates, their level of participation and the benefits to each party. The arrangement could be as simple as payment for advertising on clothing, or a more complex arrangement where the sponsored individual acts as a brand ambassador, product tester or content producer.

Sponsorship agreement: tournament, league or series of events

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This agreement is for the sponsorship of a number of events within a series, such as the matches in a sports tournament or league, or a number of shows in a travelling theatre production. The agreement is flexible in order to allow you to specify the deal you want in terms of advertising and promotion. It also provides for practical arrangements such as rights of access prior to the event for the sponsor to setup their materials, the use of intellectual property by the sponsor in marketing, dedicated parking for the sponsor's guests and provision of corporate hospitality areas.

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Comprehensive documents for sponsoring individuals and events

These agreements provide a management framework for your sponsorship deal. Since there is no specific law regulating sponsorship, the majority of the content of these documents is commercial and practical rather than legal.

For example, both agreements relating to the sponsorship of events cover:

  • rights of access to the venue beforehand for the sponsor to set-up
  • dedicated parking on the day for the sponsor's guests
  • provision of corporate hospitality areas.
  • advertising and promotion across different media, including television and radio
  • product placement around the venue
  • use of intellectual property by the sponsor in marketing
  • preferential event access
  • right to renew

Similarly, the contract for sponsorship of a person largely covers what each party will provide to the other.

The documents provide a multitude of examples (easy to delete or change) that we hope provide ideas and opportunities you may not have considered.

The agreements could be used either by the sponsor, or by the event organiser or person being sponsored. Although the templates are fair to both parties, they can be edited to favour one over the other.

An associated area of marketing is merchandising, when intellectual property rights in a product are licensed or sold for exploitation in a different market. An example might be the right to use a sports person’s name on a food product in a certain country. You can find merchandising agreements here.

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