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A "terms and conditions" hire agreement for business to consumers use to hire out audio-visual or any other technical equipment. This document gives you best protection against problems with the European Union Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 and extensive notes advise you. Suitable for wide variety of products. A thorough and complete contract to protect the owner in every way.
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About this audio-visual hire agreement

Here are business terms and conditions for hiring out technical products to consumers. Suitable for a wide range of products although drawn in terms specific to audio-visual equipment. You could be in the hire business or simply hire out goods from time to time, or as part of some other business. This is a flexible and adaptable agreement.

Your business might specialise in the hiring of one type of item (fashion goods; music system; tools), or a particular type of product (such as recording equipment), but what sort of products your business hires is not important to these terms.

The agreement is drawn as a “terms and conditions” document which you can send out with a quotation or place on your counter, ready for a customer to sign. You can also adapt it for use on your website.

Our use of plain English makes this document easy to edit to match your business model, without having to be your own solicitor.

Using a professionally drawn document will give you the confidence to know that your valuable goods have the best possible legal protection.

The benefit of clear terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are probably the best example of a legal document where use of plain English strengthens the legal effect of the document. If a dispute should arise, it would be hard for a hirer to claim that he did not understand, even if English is not his first language.

Using this document to hire equipment will help you to:

  • set out clearly how your business works and how equipment can be hired for any period;
  • ensure that the hirer receives the quality of service that you aim to provide - and that you can act against a hirer who oversteps or misuses the equipment;
  • present a professional image of your business. Our use of plain English helps to ensure that your customer do not feel intimidated by overly formal or legalistic language;
  • provide alternatives for collection of equipment and make solving disputes easier.
  • comply with the European Union Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 .

Features and contents of this hire agreement

It includes terms relating to:

  • the basic contract - terms of hiring
  • includes alternative draft quotations text
  • responsibilities for delivery and return covered, with options
  • compliance with the European Union Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 compliance with your return and refund terms
  • extensive disclaimers place liability on hirer
  • loss or damage caused by third parties
  • breakdown and repair of equipment during hire period
  • hirer indemnifies you
  • miscellaneous legal matters to protect your business

Alternative to this document

If your hire business is B2B, you will find a simpler version of this agreement at Hire agreement for audio-visual or other equipment to businesses.

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26 September 2016
Craig Smith
Review of the Australian version
07 January 2017
The template was perfect for what I needed, and explained in clear English what was to be expected of the owner and the hirer. The only reason I didn't award 5 stars is due to the fact I couldn't find another template suitable for another requirement I had, for a template contract related to the sale of services with a focus on indemnity (I am a newborn photographer and wish to have a contract for clients to sign related to provision of services and indemnity should something happen to them/their child during the shoot).
I decided to buy from you because I felt your templates provided good value for money, were easy to understand and customisable to my needs within reason. I would recommend Net Lawman to others, and thank you for making the process easy.
Marie Croot
Review of the New Zealand version
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