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By Thomas Cloherty 16 January 2022

Great, thorough yet easy to understand document that was easy to customise for my business.

By Thomas Cloherty 12 January 2022

Just what I need when starting a new website in a new country!

By Jennifer 09 May 2021

The response to my query was very quick.
The document is comprehensive, covering a lot of situations and easy to understand.
The explanatory notes are very helpful

By Tom Weafer 30 April 2021

Excellent docs, easy to understand and amend.

By Róisín Horgan 25 March 2021

Excellent, easily amendable. Very clear explanations for sections, the document can be adapted as the business grows.

By Sharran 04 March 2021

Loved it, didn't have to do alot with it as everything was covered. Highly recommend. Thank you

By Aisling Sheehy 19 January 2021

By Rachel 19 January 2021

Very professional service, would highly recommend them due to this.

By Clive Seawright 17 January 2021

I was delighted with how comprehensive yet easy to read your document is. I hardly made any adjustments at all and felt you covered areas I would not have thought of. Thank you very much.

By Alexandru Maioru 11 December 2020

By Rachel Treacy 06 December 2020

By MindBodyHeal 23 November 2020

Easy to understand, easy to edit. Concise and versatile. Thank you.

By Ana 19 November 2020

I belive the document is sufficient for my needs and it's high likely that I will use this services in the future.

By Diarmuid Keane 10 November 2020

This site gave me exactly what I was looking for. I needed a Privacy statement for my clients website.

By Juliette - Type & Graphical 28 October 2020

Your document was easy to use and set up in a very editable way. Sections to be chosen and updated were clearly marked.

By Mellissa Cranley 19 October 2020

Clear and understandable information making it easy to tailor to my website. I would highly recommend it.

By Brian Browne 12 October 2020

Great service - with very minor work on my part and a bit of attention to detail I was able to very quickly tailor the document to my client's needs.

By webmail.ie 01 October 2020

Webmail.ie is a startup and our website privacy policy was one of the headaches you have to address when going on line. Thankfully I came across the Net Lawman document which I have tailored to my requirements. I'll certainly be looking at other products from Net Lawman as the need arises.

By Rachel 27 July 2020

The document and service were first rate. Very easy to follow instructions and guidance with excellent support given. I would highly recommend this service.

By Stefano 24 July 2020

Very comprehensive document, easy to adapt to own needs thanks to a very clear set of instructions.

By Dave 19 June 2020

Because the document looked to be a good quality doc to allow us to see the details that are needed.

By Sandra Doran 21 April 2020

Very comprehensive privacy policy with notes, easy to follow and overall a well constructed template.

By Lorraine Byrne 13 March 2020

It gave me everything I needed to create my document

By Roisin OByrne 04 February 2020

By Kylie (Blue Skies Yoga) 30 January 2020

I found this document simple to use, simple to understand and to edit. Everything was clear and concise. Thank you for providing this free of charge.