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I needed a quick document for a potential client so Net Lawman was one of top results in Google. The Confidentiality Agreement covered what we required and more. It was in my inbox within 5 minutes so very convenient.
The notes explaining the paragraphs are very useful.
It is a good solution for simple situations.

By Luke Calvert 22 June 2018

Quick, fast and efficient service with easy to adjust templates.

By Kerry McCarthy 05 April 2017

I am very happy with the service that I received, the document was well formatted and easy to edit.

By Sean Dunne 08 August 2016

Template is simple, easy to understand and the notes are extremely helpful.

By Mark Elliott 24 May 2015

Easy and to the point - document was completed with help of documentation and built-in template which was very helpful

By Brian O'Brien 06 December 2013

Very helpful.

By Brendan Ryan 24 February 2014

I had no concerns about using Net Lawman. Having studied law for two years before abandoning the idea and heading off in a different direction, I knew what I was looking for and had no difficulty understanding the document. Indeed, I hasten to add that any person would find the document I purchased an easy read. The most important feature for me was seeing the comfort that applied for both parties in ensuring that confidential data shared would remain as such before taking the negotiations to the next level.I would recommend Net Lawman to others.