Real law in plain English

Our strap line goes beyond explaining what makes our products and services different. It reflects who we are as well as what we sell.

Real law reflects the high quality of our products and services: documents written by experienced, professional lawyers; in essence, law that is sound. Few lawyers have drawn as many legal documents as the Net Lawman team. Real law also reflects the real-world experience contained in our documents. Net Lawman documents are about understanding your position or situation, protecting you in your situation, as well as providing “the legals” that any solicitor will give you.

Plain language doesn't just reflect our use of it in our documents (more on which can be read on our page Why plain English is important in law). It also reflects our aims to be clear in all our communications and to be straightforward in our dealings. Whether it is because we won't try to sell you what you don't need (for example, we don't hook you into subscriptions that you won't use after the first month) or that we openly resolve mistakes as quickly as possible when we do make them, our customers return to us because they like our approach.

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