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List of Periodicals

UCD Law Review - 2003

Jennifer Schweppe Beyond Abortion – The Right To Life Of The Unborn Child Under Irish Law
(2003) 3 UCDLR 1
Family; Family Law; Constitutional Rights; Constitutional Law; Children; Criminal Law; Law of Tort; Medicine; Medical Law; Medical Treatment; European Convention on Human Rights; Statute; Foetus
Niall Canny A Mercenary World – A Legal Analysis Of The International Problem Of Mercenarism
(2003) 3 UCDLR 33
International Law; International Criminal Law; State; Convention; Military Law
John Curry The Mistake Of Lord Phillips M.R. – Common Mistake In Equity Under Attack
(2003) 3 UCDLR 57
Law of Equity; Contract Law; Statute; Judicial Interpretation; Legislative Proposals; Common Law
Garret O’Brolchain Unimplemented Directives – Re-Examining The Need For Horizontal Direct Effect
(2003) 3 UCDLR 92
European Law; European Court of Justice; Direct Effect; Treaty; Judiciary
Deirdre Moynihan Patents And Aids Drugs: The Solutions Are There – It’s Just A Matter Of Implementing Them?
(2003) 3 UCDLR 121
Patents; Intellectual Property; Intellectual Property Law; Copyright Law; Human Rights; Medicine; Medical Treatment; Pharmaceuticals; International Law; Convention; Treaty
Ciara Murphy Defamation, Media And The Public Interest: A Constitutional Analysis Of The Case For Reform
(2003) 3 UCDLR 137
Media; Defamation; Law of Tort; Constitutional Law; Constitutionality; European Convention on Human Rights; Freedom of Expression
Deirdre Barnacle Reform Of The Defence Of Insanity – The Criminal Law (Insanity) Bill 2002
(2003) 3 UCDLR 153
Criminal Law; Defences; Insanity; Legislative Proposals; Murder; Mental Health Law
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