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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 2006

Olivier De Schutter Three Models of Equality and European Anti-Discrimination Law
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 1
Human Rights; "Defrenne v Sabena, Equality, EU Regulation"
Colm O'Cinneide Fumbling Towards Coherence: The Slow Evolution of Equality and Anti-Discrimination Law in Britian
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 57
Human Rights; "Anti-Discrimination, recent reforms, obstacles to development"
Aidan O'Neill """Stands Scotland Where It Did?"": Devolution, Human Rights, and The Scottish Constitution Seven Years On"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 102
Human Rights; "Scotland, devolution, constitutional rights development"
Ann Sherlock "Human Rights in Post-Development Wales: For Wales, See Wales?"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 138
Human Rights; "Wales, devolution, development, human rights development"
Judy Walsh Unfamiliar Inequalities
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 156
Human Rights; "Irish Anti-discrimination, equality of condition, citizenship"
Francesca King The Long Road to Human Rights Compliance
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 186
Human Rights; "The Ancien Regieme, Human Rights Act 1998, European Convention on Human Rights, implementation "
Sarah Cooke Securing Human Rights Through Promotion and Training
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 205
Human Rights; "European Convention on Human Rights, new approach, challenges for future"
Colin Harvey Human Rights and Equality in Northern Ireland
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 215
Human Rights; "Belfast Agreement 1998, promotion and protection of human rights, Northern Ireland"
Niall Osborough "Bishop Dixon, The Irish Historian And The Irish Law"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 235
Legal History; "Historical benefits from law reporting, difficulties of legal research"
Alan Dowling Early Reported Cases On Slander Of Title
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 246
Property; "Slander of title, malicious falsehood, defamation"
Jack Anderson The Legal Response to Prize Fighting in Nineteenth Century England and America
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 265
Criminal; "Boxing, Criminal Liability, Regulation"
Eoin O'Dell "Liens, Necessity and Unjust Enrichment"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 288
Property; "Equitable liens, historical, reforms, modernisation"
Brice Dickson The Role Of Judges In The Development Of Constitutions
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 332
Constitutional; "Interpretation, freedon of action, judicial activism"
John Jackson "Human Rights, Criminal Justice and the Future of the Common Law"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 352
Human Rights; "Human Rights Act 1998, criminal, limitations on liberty, hierarchy of law "
John Stannard "The Road To Shanklin Pier, Or The Leading Case That Never Was"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 375
Tort; "Warranties, Shanklin Pier Ltd. v Detel Products Ltd., neglligence"
David Capper The Demise of the Advocate's Immunity
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 391
Contract; "Immunity for advicates, contract damages, negligence"
Gordon Anthony The Negligence Liability of Public Authorities
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 409
Tort; "Negligence, public authorities, European Convention on Human Rights"
Elizabeth Cooke Adverse Posession After J.A. Pye (Oxford) Ltd v The United Kingdom
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 429
Property; "Adverse posession, registered land, squatters rights, European Court of Human Rights, reforms"
Georgina Firth The Rape Trial and Sexual History Evidence - R v A and the (Un)Worthy Complainant
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 442
Criminal; "Rape, sexual history, Youth Justice and Criminal Evidence Act 1999"
Alan Dowling "Sublessees, Mortgages and The Docterine Of Tulk v Moxhay"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 465
Property; "Covenants on land, restrictions, Tulk v Moxhale, enforceable burdens"
Gavin Dingwall and Laurence Koffman "Diversion, Punishment and Restricting Human Rights"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 478
Criminal; "Juvenile Justice, human rights, punishments"
Andrew Woodcock "Claims For Dishonest Assistance With Breach of Trust, And Changes Made By Twinsectra v Yardley"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 494
Equity; "accessory liability, assisting in a breach of trust, third party liability"
Fiona Beveridge Foreign Investment in the WTO
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 513
Trade; "Legal reform, international law, multilateral trade"
Thérese Murphy and Noel Whitty "A Question Of Defination: Feminist Legal Scholarship, Socio-Legal Studies And Debate About Law & Politics"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 539
Administration; "Interaction of law and politics, feminism, socio-legal conflict"
Fiona Cownie "Dressing The Part: Gender, Performance And The Culture Of Law Schools"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 557
Education; "law and private life, clothing, stereotypes"
Margret Davies Pluralism And Legal Philosophy
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 577
Jurisprudence; "Legal monism, socio-legal approaches, philosophy of law"
Emmanuel Melissaris "Perspective, Critique And Pluralism In Legal Theory"
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 597
Jurisprudence; "Pluralism, failure to achieve legitimacy, community rules as law"
Roderick A. Macdonald and David Sandomierski Against Nomopolies
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 610
Jurisprudence; "Legal subjectivities, prescriptivism, nomopolies"
Martha-Marie Kleinhans Plural Corporate Persons: Displacing Subjects and (Re)Forming
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 634
Jurisprudence; "Pluralism, corporate identity, state duties "
Ruth Buchanan Legitimating Global Trade Governance: Constitutional And Legal Pluralist Approaches
(2006) Vol 57 NILQ 654
Jurisprudence; "transnational governance, co-existance of laws, global trade alliance, legitimacy"
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