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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 2005

Shaunnagh Dorsett & Shaun McVeigh  An Essay on Jurisdiction, Jurisprudence, and Authority: The High Court of Australia in Yorta Yorta (2001)
(2005) 56 NILQ 1
Jurisprudence; Common Law; Jurisdiction; Post Colonisation
Anthony Bradney  "The Morally Ambiguous Crowd": The Image of a Large Law Firm in "Angel"
(2005) 56 NILQ 21
Legal Profession; Television Series;
Annette Morris  Conditional Fee Agreements in Northern Ireland: Gimmick or Godsend?
(2005) 56 NILQ 38
Legal Profession; Legal Aid; Conditional Fees
Barbara Mauthe  The Notion of Sovereignty and Its Presentation Within Public Law: A Critique on the Use of Theory and Concepts
(2005) 56 NILQ 63
Public Law; Sovereignty; International Law
Lorna Fox  Trusts of the Family Home: The Impact of Oxley v Hiscock
(2005) 56 NILQ 83
Law of Equity; Family Law; Trusts of the Family Home
Simone Wong  Trusts(s) and Intention in Resolving Disputes Over The Shared Home
(2005) 56 NILQ 105
Law of Equity; Family Law; Trusts of the Family Home; Cohabitees
Lady Hale  Making a Difference? Why We Need a More Diverse Judiciary
(2005) 56 NILQ 281
Judiciary; Minorities; Equality; Representation
Joan Loughrey  The Confidentiality of Medical Records: Informational Autonomy, Patient Privacy, and the Law
(2005) 56 NILQ 293
Law of Confidence; Privacy; Health Service; Medical Law
Chris Hilson  Beyond Rationality? Judicial Review and Public Concern in the EU and the WTO
(2005) 56 NILQ 320
International Law; Judicial review; Democracy
C.E.B. Brett  Belfast Leases, Lord Donegall, and the Incumbered Estates Act, 1849
(2005) 56 NILQ 342
Legal Profession; Legal History; Records; Property Law
Alice Belcher  Board Diversity: Can Sex Discrimination Law Help?
(2005) 56 NILQ 356
Equality; Feminism; Discrimination; Company Law
Barbara Mauthe  A Critique on Legal Analysis of Local Government and the Central-Local Relationship
(2005) 56 NILQ 373
Administrative Law; Government; Local Government
Charlotte Smith  The Church of England: Some Historical Reflections on a Constitutional Conundrum
(2005) 56 NILQ 394
Administrative Law; European Convention on Human Rights; Established church; Public Authorities
Ray Ryan & Des Ryan  Resolving the Duress Dilemma: Guidance from the House Of Lords
(2005) 56 NILQ 421
Criminal Law; Duress; R. v. Hasan