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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 2002

Michael Keating Plurinational Democracy in a Post-Sovereign Order
(2002) 53 NILQ 351
Democracy; Nationalism; Sovereignty
Philip A Thomas September 11th And Good Governance
(2002) 53 NILQ 366
Terrorist Law; Rule of Law
Tom Zwart Comparing Standing Regimes From A Separation Of Powers Perspective
(2002) 53 NILQ 391
Constitutional Law; Locus Standi
Peter Leyland Devolution, the British Constitution and the Distribution of Power
(2002) 53 NILQ 408
Devolution; Governance
Amanda Sloat Reconfiguring Scottish Politics: Domestic Governance v European Influence
(2002) 53 NILQ 435
Constitutional Law; Governance
Robin Wilson Private Partners and the Public Good
(2002) 53 NILQ 454
Administrative Law; Devolution; Program for Government
Cathal McCall From Barrier to Bridge: Reconfiguring the Irish Border After the Belfast Good Friday Agreement
(2002) 53 NILQ 479
Constitutional Law; Good Friday Agreement; Northern Ireland
Ronan Keane Murder: The Mental Element
(2002) 53 NILQ 1
Criminal Law; Murder; Mens Rea
Joseph A McMahon The Common Agricultural Policy: From Quantity to Quality
(2002) 53 NILQ 9
European Law; Common Agricultural Policy
R Carson & N Dawson Willing Landlords, Unresponsive Business Tenants
(2002) 53 NILQ 28
Landlords; Commercial Leases
Lucy Ann Buckley Matrimonial Property and Irish Law: A Case for Community?
(2002) 53 NILQ 39
Family Law; Family Property; Distribution of Assets
Martina Gillen The Policy of Promotion: The Clash of Rights in Sex Education Law
(2002) 53 NILQ 77
Local Government Act 1988; Sex Education; Homosexuality
David Capper The Enforcement of Judgments for Possession of Land
(2002) 53 NILQ 90
Property Law; Possession
Norma Dawson Compensation for Disturbance Under the Business Tenancies (NI) Order 1996-Some Queries
(2002) 53 NILQ 100
Business Tenancies (Northern Ireland) Order 1996; Commercial Leases
Gordon Anthony Book Review: Legitimate Expectations in Administrative Law by Soren Schonberg
(2002) 53 NILQ 106
Schonberg; Administrative Law
Brian Sherrard Case Management-The Civil Justice Reform Group's Approach
(2002) 53 NILQ 109
Legal Systems; Civil Justice Reform Group
Judge Hart Complexity, Delay and Cost-The County Courts in Northern Ireland
(2002) 53 NILQ 125
Court Systems; Northern Ireland
David Capper Personal Injury Litigation-The Case for Legal Aid
(2002) 53 NILQ 137
Law of Tort; Personal Injuries; Legal Aid
Richard Moorehead CFAs: A Weightless Reform of Legal Aid
(2002) 53 NILQ 153
Legal Systems; Legal Aid
Les Allamby Legal Aid Reform: A View From The Voluntary Sector
(2002) 53 NILQ 167
Legal Systems; Legal Aid; Voluntary Sector
David Smyth An Excellent Service and A Catalyst for Change? The Future Provision of Criminal Defence Services in Northern Ireland
(2002) 53 NILQ 179
Legal Systems; Criminal Defence Services; Legal Aid
Lord Walker Mary and Jodie-The Case of the Conjoined Twins
(2002) 53 NILQ 195
Medical Law; Medical Treatment; Best Interests; Consent
Stephen Griffin The Disqualification of Unfit Directors and The Protection of The Public Interest
(2002) 53 NILQ 207
Company Law; Company Director Disqualification Act 1986
Steve Foster The Protection of Human Rights In Domestic Law: Learning Lessons From The European Court of Human Rights
(2002) 53 NILQ 232
Human Rights Law; European Court of Human Rights
Jean Howell Subterranean Land Law: Rights Below The Surface of Land
(2002) 53 NILQ 268
Land Law; Property Rights; Ownership of Land
Robin M White Nationality, Citizenship and The Meaning of Naturalisation: Brubaker, The United Kingdom, EU Citizens, Third-Country Nationals and The European Union
(2002) 53 NILQ 288
European Law; Nationality; Citizenship
Andrew Harper Mortgagees: Bankruptcy of O Brien Husbands
(2002) 53 NILQ 318
Property Law; Mortgages; Bandruptcy
Marie Lynch Political Adjudication or Statutory Interpretation-Robinson v Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
(2002) 53 NILQ 327
Politics; Northern Ireland
Adrian Guelke Book Review: Understanding Corruption in Irish Politics by N Collins and M O Shea
(2002) 53 NILQ 338
Collins; O Shea; Politics
Brian Jack Book Review: The Legal System of Northern Ireland by Brian Jack
(2002) 53 NILQ 340
Jack; Legal Systems; Northern Ireland
Jo Winter Book Review: The Judicial Role in Criminal Proceedings by S Doran and J Jackson
(2002) 53 NILQ 342
Doran; Jackson; Criminal Law; Judiciary
Mark Elliot Book Review: Judicial Review of Administrative Action: A Comparative Analysis by Hilary Delany
(2002) 53 NILQ 343
Delany; Administrative Law; Judicial Review
Brian Cian O Neill Book Review: Libel Law-A Journalist's Handbook by Damien McHugh
(2002) 53 NILQ 346
McHugh; Law of Tort; Libel
Lorna Fox Book Review: Charity Law in Northern Ireland by K O Halloran and R Cormacain
(2002) 53 NILQ 347
O Halloran; Cormacain; Charity Law; Northern Ireland
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