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List of Periodicals

Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly - 2001

Rodney Brazier How Near is a Written Constitution?
(2001) 52 NILQ 1
Constitutional Law
Lorna Fox Co-ownership of matrimonial Property: Radical Proposals for Reform
(2001) 52 NILQ 20
Property Law; Co-ownership; Marital Property
Richard Rawlings Quasi-Legislative Devolution: Powers and Principles
(2001) 52 NILQ 54
Constitutional Law; Legislation
Warren Barr Frustration of Leases-The Hazards of Contractualisation
(2001) 52 NILQ 82
Property Law; Leases
Paul Buggy Transfer of Undertakings Law: Back to Confusion
(2001) 52 NILQ 98
Contract for Services; Transfer of Undertakings
Karen Blair Book Review: View Point: A Point of View on Rights of View by John Greed
(2001) 52 NILQ 103
Greed; View
Mark Blackett-Ord Book Review: Partnership Law by Michael Twomey
(2001) 52 NILQ 104
Twomey; Partnership; Company Law
Stephen Sedley Wringing Out The Fault: Self-Incrimination In The 21st Century - The Mac Dermott Lecture
(2001) 52 NILQ 107
Criminal Law; Self-Incrimination
Benjamin Andoh The Legal Implications of Passive Smoking At Home
(2001) 52 NILQ 127
Medical Law; Smoking
David Milman Contemporary Themes In Debtor Rehabilitation
(2001) 52 NILQ 145
Revenue Law; Debts
John Stannard Retaliation Catharsis And The Criminal Process
(2001) 52 NILQ 162
Criminal Law; Retaliation
Brian Childs An Excellent Mystery Or Just another Fine Mess?
(2001) 52 NILQ 182
Contract Law; Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982; Fair Trading; Building Services
Faye Boland Compulsory Detention and the General Practitioner in Irish Mental Health Law: Armour Or Weapon In Wrongful Committals?
(2001) 52 NILQ 205
Mental Health Law; Detention
John Finlay Book Review: A History of The Kings Serjeants At Law In Ireland by A R Hart
(2001) 52 NILQ 220
Hart; Legal History
Adrian Quirke Book Review: The Politics of Transition: A Hidden History of South Africa's Negotiated Settlement by M Chaskalson and R Spitz
(2001) 52 NILQ 221
Chaskalson; Spitz; Legal History; International Law
Norma Dawson Book Review: The Statutory Regulation of Business Tenancies by Michael Haley
(2001) 52 NILQ 223
Haley; Tenancy; Business
John E Stannard Book Review: Criminal Liability by Finbarr Mc Auley & Paul Mc Cutcheon
(2001) 52 NILQ 225
Mc Auley; Mc Cutcheon; Criminal Liability
Austen Morgan What Bill of Rights?
(2001) 52 NILQ 234
Human Rights Law; Bill of Rights
Stephen Livingston The Need for a Bill of rights in Northern Ireland
(2001) 52 NILQ 269
Human Rights Law; Bill of Rights; Northern Ireland
Ursula Kilkelly Children's Rights in the Bill of Rights; Meeting or Exceeding International Standards?
(2001) 52 NILQ 286
Human Rights Law; Children; Bill of Rights
Maggie Beirne Equality Issues
(2001) 52 NILQ 296
Equality Law; Bill of Rights; Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Paul Mageean Issues of Criminal Justice: Working Group on Criminal Justice
(2001) 52 NILQ 303
Criminal Law; Trial; Young Offenders; Pre-trial Rights; Custody; Release Dates
C O Murchadha & L Reynolds A Bill of Rights for Northern Ireland: Language Issues in Context
(2001) 52 NILQ 309
Human Rights Law; Bill of Rights; Language
Brian Stephen Gormally Victims and The Bill of Rights
(2001) 52 NILQ 316
Human Rights Law; Victims; Bill of Rights
E Craig & L Lundy Education Rights in the Bill of Rights
(2001) 52 NILQ 325
Constitutional Law; Education; Bill of Rights
Les Allamby Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
(2001) 52 NILQ 335
Human Rights Law; Economic Rights; Social and Cultural Rights
Colin Harvey The Implementation of a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland
(2001) 52 NILQ 342
Human Rights Law; Northern Ireland; Bill of Rights
Christopher Mc Crudden Not The Way Forward: Some Comments On The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commissions Consultation Document
(2001) 52 NILQ 372
Human Rights Law; Northern Ireland
Rachel Murray The Importance of a Bill of Rights in Northern Ireland as a Process: Comparative Reflections from South Africa
(2001) 52 NILQ 385
Human Rights Law; International Law; Northern Ireland; Bill of Rights
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