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List of Periodicals

Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland - 2002

Deirdre Madden  Empowering Health Information: Medico-Legal Issues
(2002) 8 MLJI 7
Medical Law; Information Technology; Freedom of Information; Data Protection
Charles J Ward  Risk Management: Does It Work?
(2002) 8 MLJI 14
Medical Law; Risk Management
Marie Cassidy  Forensic Pathology in Ireland and Scotland
(2002) 8 MLJI 23
Medical Law; Forensic Medicine; Expert Wittness
T Leigh  Medical Negligence Case Histories
(2002) 8 MLJI 27
Medical Law; Medical Negligence; Delay
Asim A. Sheikh & Cliona McGovern  Medicine, Medical Ethics and Law: Their Interplay and Future
(2002) 8 MLJI 2
Ethics; Law of Tort; Medical Litigation
John D. Blum  American Perspectives on Medical Malpractice
(2002) 8 MLJI 52
Law of Tort; Medical Malpractice; Medical Litigation
Harry Kennedy  Human Rights Standards and Mental Health in Prisons
(2002) 8 MLJI 58
Mental Health Law; Prison Service; Human Rights Law
Cliona McGovern & Tom J. Saunderson  The Identification of Deceased Foreign Nationals: A Commentary on Five Case Studies
(2002) 8 MLJI 66
Foreign Nationals; Immigration
Gerard Casey  Pregnant Woman and Unborn Child: Legal Adversaries?
(2002) 8 MLJI 75
Women; Unborn; Refusal of Medical Treatment
Asim Sheikh  Patient Focus and People-centredness: Fantasy of Achievable Goal?
(2002) 8 MLJI 50
Consent; Data Protection Law; Medical Treatment