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List of Periodicals

Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland - 2000

DA Cusack  Retention of Human Organs and Body Parts: Sensitivity, Legality, Communication and the Need for Legislative Reform
(2000) 6 MLJI 2
Medical Law; Human Organs
AA Sheikh & DA Cusack  Collins v Mid-Western health Board and O Connor: GPs, Hospital Doctors, Hospitals and Their Duty of Care
(2000) 6 MLJI 4
Medical Law; Duty of Care
Marcus Webb  Comments from an Adult Psychiatric Service on the Mental Health Bill 1999
(2000) 6 MLJI 14
Mental Health Law Mental Health Bill 1999
Ubaldus de Vries  The New Mental Health Bill - Failing to be Progressive
(2000) 6 MLJI 19
Mental Health Law; Mental Health Bill 1999
Mary Keys  Guarded Welcome for Mental Health Bill 1999
(2000) 6 MLJI 28
Mental Health Law; Mental Health Bill 1999
Teresa Iglesias  The Anonymous Sources of Embryos: An Ethical Appraisal
(2000) 6 MLJI 36
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction
DA Cusack  The Coroner: A Radical Twenty-First century Review of an Ancient Office
(2000) 6 MLJI 52
Medical Law; Coroner
Harry Wheelan  Aspects of the Coroners System: The Public Interest
(2000) 6 MLJI 68
Medical Law; Coroner
Susan Moloney  Medical Misadventure: Compensation, Accountability and Regulating Standards of Practice
(2000) 6 MLJI 71
Medical Law; Medical Misadventure
Sean Love  Irish Medical Schools Educational Initiative on Medicine and Human Rights
(2000) 6 MLJI 77
Medical Law; Human Rights
Sean O Brian  Advancing Medical Knowledge while Protecting Human Research Subjects
(2000) 6 MLJI 79
Medical Law; Ethics
Kieran Doran  The Confidentiality of Computerised Medical Records: Legal Protection in the United States of America
(2000) 6 MLJI 83
Medical Law; International Law; Computerised Records; Confidentiality
Tom Hannigan  Conference Report: From Crime Scene to Court Room - International Conference on Forensic Science
(2000) 6 MLJI 91
Medical Law; Forensic Medicine
Harold Wheelan  Book Review: Coroners: Practice and Procedure by Brian Farrell
(2000) 6 MLJI 94
Farrell; Coroner