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List of Periodicals

Medico-Legal Journal of Ireland - 1997

Hugh O Flaherty The Expert Witness and the Courts
(1997) 3 MLJI 3
Law of Evidence; Expert Witness
Fergal Bowers Hepatitis C - After the Tribunal Report
(1997) 3 MLJI 8
Medical Law; Infectious Diseases; Tribunal
Deirdre Madden In Vitro Fertilisation: The Moral and Legal Status of the Human Pre-Embryo
(1997) 3 MLJI 12
Medical Law; Assisted Human Reproduction; Ethics
Kieran Doran Medical Confidentiality: The Role of the Doctrine of Confidentiality in the Doctor-Patient Relationship
(1997) 3 MLJI 21
Medical Law; Confidentiality
Jarlath Spellman Judicial Review of an Award of The Hepatitis C Compensation Tribunal
(1997) 3 MLJI 27
Administration Law; Medical Law; Tribunal; Compensation
Bruce Carolan US Supreme Court Rules: No Constitutional Right to Physician Assisted Suicide
(1997) 3 MLJI 43
Medical Law; International Law; Suicide; Euthanasia
Kieran Doran The Legal Position Governing Access to Medical Records
(1997) 3 MLJI 50
Freedom of Information; Medical Records
David Smith The Person Behind the Choices: Anthropological Assumptions in Bioethics Debate
(1997) 3 MLJI 57
Medical Law; Bioethics
Trish Walsh The Childs Right to Independent Representation: Developments Arising from the Child Care Act 1991
(1997) 3 MLJI 66
Family Law; Child Care Act 1991; Children; Representation
Catherine O Neill Nurses Ethical Decisions in the Medical World
(1997) 3 MLJI 73
Medical Law; Ethics; Nursing
Jarlath Spellman Book Review: Handbook for Coroners in the Republic of Ireland by Patrick O Connor
(1997) 3 MLJI 80
O Connor; Coroners
DA Cusack, I Bacik & W Binchy Abortion-Conflicting Rights, Duties and Arguments
(1997) 3 MLJI 82
Medical Law; Abortion
MA Bolster, J Harbison & F Garavan A Review of Homicides involving Homosexuals in Ireland (1975-1996)
(1997) 3 MLJI 86
Criminal Law; Homicide; Homosexuality
Asim Sheikh Time to Clone Around- Human Cloning: A Brave New World for Law, Medicine and Ethics
(1997) 3 MLJI 89
Medical Law; Cloning; Ethics
Mary Keys Issues for the New Mental Health Act
(1997) 3 MLJI 97
Mental Health Law; Mental Health Act 2001; Principal of Reciprocity
Deirdre Madden Abortion and the Law-Review and Commentary
(1997) 3 MLJI 103
Medical Law; Abortion
K Doran & DA Cusack Access to Medical Records: The Effect of the Freedom of Information Act 1997
(1997) 3 MLJI 106
Freedom of Information Act 1997; Medical Records
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