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List of Periodicals

Law Society Gazette - 2006

Alma Clissman Freedom to choose legal representation: Law Society of Ireland v Competition Authority
(2006) 100 (1) LSG 9
European; Freedom of choice; not absolute right; Art. 40.3; Art. 6 ECHR
Geoffrey Shannon Seen but not heard
(2006) 100 (1) LSG 20
Family Law; Children as possessions; child as a legal person; Art. 41 and 42 of Constitution
Catherine McGrath Auditory Nerves
(2006) 100 (1) LSG 24
Taxation; Revenue audit process; disclosure and settlement; interest and penalties
Jennifer O' Brien Blind Justice
(2006) 100 (1) LSG 28
Family Law; In camera rule; family law reporting; Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004; UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Human Rights Act 2004
Damian McHugh "Location, location, location"
(2006) 100 (1) LSG 32
Criminal Law; "Location of murder trial; jurisdiction; Offences Against the Person Act 1861, section 9; extradition"
Cormac Little Reform of EC procurement rules: from the Public Sector Directive
(2006) 100 (1) LSG 52
European; EC public procurment rules; e-procurement; contracts; social and environmental considerations
Alma Clissman Delay under the Constitution and the ECHR
(2006) 100 (2) LSG 11
Human Rights; Practical application of ECHR; time dealys; resolvement of legal issues
Dara Robinson Hearing the voice of the silent victim
(2006) 100 (2) LSG 14
Criminal Law; Victim impact statements; Criminal Justice Act 1993
Murray Smith School's Out
(2006) 100 (2) LSG 18
Tort; Alleged negligence of schools; ‘Prudent parent’ standard of care; personal injury damages
Anne O' Neill Pulling Together
(2006) 100 (2) LSG 24
Family Law; Collarbrative family law; dipute resoultion; problem solving approach; participation agreement
Brian Hunt A Matter of Interpretation
(2006) 100 (2) LSG 32
Interpretation; Interpretation Act 2005; Significant new provisions; Repeal of previous acts;standardisation of terms in legislation
Conor McGuire Seasonal offerings in EC competition law
(2006) 100 (2) LSG 55
Competition Law; Damages for breach of EC Competition Law; no-fault liability; abuse of dominance; Art. 82 EC
Alma Clissman "Magilligan, slopping out and article 8 of the ECHR"
(2006) 100 (3) LSG 11
Human Rights; Human Rights Act 1998; unjustified and disproportionate interference; prisoners’ human dignity; public interest
Geoffrey Shannon Falling short of our obligations
(2006) 100 (3) LSG 16
Children; Constitutional definition of 'the family'; the family as an institution; child as a legal person
Michael Keely Publish and be Damned
(2006) 100 (3) LSG 20
Blasphemy Law; Crime of blasphemy; Corway v Independent; limit of free speech; Defamation Act 1961; Art. 40.6.1 of Constitution
Aoife Henry Red card for Referees
(2006) 100 (3) LSG 24
Employment; Obligation to provide reference; implied contractual duty; duty of care; employee remedies
Margaret Grey "Can't sue, won't sue"
(2006) 100 (3) LSG 30
Competition Law; Enforcement of competition law; Private civil actions; EC Commission Green Paper; disincentive to bring claims
Emer Woodfull Schools of Thought
(2006) 100 (3) LSG 34
Education; Education litigation; Schools’ boards of management; standards of behaviour;
Noeline Blackwell International human rights instruments in Irish law
(2006) 100 (4) LSG 12
Human Rights; Practical application of ECHR; accountability for breach; international human rights
Stuart Gilhooly PIAB- the case for the defence
(2006) 100 (4) LSG 16
Law of Tort; Respondents' interests and protection; ‘all-in tender'; acceptance of liability
Hilary Coveney Sweet child o' mine
(2006) 100 (4) LSG 20
Constitutional Law; Assisted reproductive technologies; ‘Embryo custody' case; Wider implications on Succession Act rights; ‘embryo custody’
Dermot McNamara Club Sand Wedge
(2006) 100 (4) LSG 24
Code of Conduct; Role of club trustees; Serving alcohol; Data protection requirements; no legal persona
Evan O' Dwyer Points of Order
(2006) 100 (4) LSG 32
Road Traffic; Penalty-point system for traffic offences; Legal basis; Enforcement issues
Brian Conroy Change of Direction
(2006) 100 (4) LSG 36
Directors; Restrictions on company directors; The La Moselle test; Companies Act 1990; ‘phoenix syndrome’
John Handell "Horns of a dilemma? Ireland, the EU and the treatment of migrant workers"
(2006) 100 (4) LSG 60
European; Immigration for employment; free movement of people; employment protection and labour market flexibility; immigration policy
Alma Clissman Swiss defend press freedom
(2006) 100 (5) LSG 13
Human Rights; "freedom of expression; article 10 of the ECHR; freedom of press, proportionate conviction"
Henry Murdoch "Is fearr béarla cliste, ná Gaeilge bhriste?"
(2006) 100 (5) LSG 16
Constitutional Law; Official Languages Act 2003; first official language; requirement for legal profession
Andy Harbison Concealed Weapons
(2006) 100 (5) LSG 20
Information Technology; IT forensics and electronic discovery; metadata; uses in litigation; evidence
Denis Kelleher Under Surveillance
(2006) 100 (5) LSG 24
Privacy; Privacy of the individual; Data protection; protection of individuals privacy
Maebh Harding and Mark Murphy Man I feel like a woman
(2006) 100 (5) LSG 28
Constitutional Law; "Legal recognition of transsexualism; birth certs, marriage and rights of the family; equality; approaches in other jurisdictions"
Mark McDermott Pearl of the Adriatic
(2006) 100 (5) LSG 32
International Dispute; The scars of war; Mostar’s uneasy peace; judicial reform
Brian Conroy Director's Cut
(2006) 100 (5) LSG 36
Company Law; Restrictions on company directors; Section 150 of the Company Law Enforcement Act 2001;executive relief
Geoffrey Shannon Brussels II bis: its impact in Ireland
(2006) 100 (5) LSG 55
European; Family law; foreign divorces; standardised rules; ‘habitual residence’; rights of child
Alma Clissman Prosecuting war criminals
(2006) 100 (6) LSG 9
Human Rights; Liability for torture; Geneva Convention; UN Convention Against Torture
Brian Foley Time to think about the 'nuclear option?'
(2006) 100 (6) LSG 12
Constitutional Law; Vindicating and protecting constitutional rights; unconstitutional legislation; ECHR;
Edel Kennedy The hand that robs the cradle
(2006) 100 (6) LSG 18
Criminal Law; "Criminal liability in sexual offences; CC v Ireland, DPP and AG; Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2006; child protection"
Patrick Mullins To have and to hold
(2006) 100 (6) LSG 22
Family Law; Requirement to register a lis pendens; ranking of the judgment mortgagee and the interest of a spouse; start date of family-law proceedings
Rosemarie O' Loughlin All together now
(2006) 100 (6) LSG 26
Competition Law; Competition Authority and merger enforcement; mandatory notifications ‘out of time’; criminal penalties for failure to notify
Denis Linehan Good deed for the day
(2006) 100 (6) LSG 34
Land Law; Registration of Deeds and Title Act 2006; new Property Registration Authority; changes to the legislation relating to the Land Registry
Eoin Dee Tell me more
(2006) 100 (6) LSG 38
Freedom of Information; Appeals under the Freedom of Information Act 1997; justifying the decision to refuse; access to records held by the courts and tribunals
Geoffrey Shannon Brussels II bis: its impact in Ireland (part 2)
(2006) 100 (6) LSG 60
European; Green Paper on Applicable Law in Divorce Matters (Rome III); article 41.3.2 of the Irish Constitution; transfrontier judicial co-operation
Alma Clissman l'Affarie Dreyfus - lessons for today from 100 years ago
(2006) 100 (7) LSG 14
Human Rights; Miscarriage of justice; stigmatised minorities; protection; secularism
Brian Hunt Electro - shock
(2006) 100 (7) LSG 18
Public Interest; Electronic statute book errors; benefits of electronic version now redundant; Tasmanian electronic model should be followed
Elaine Greer The art of restoration
(2006) 100 (7) LSG 22
Company Law; Restoring a company to the register; proofs required; briefing counsel; costs of the application
Stuart Gilhooly Dog eat dog
(2006) 100 (7) LSG 26
Law of Tort; "Personal Injuries Assessment Board Act 2003, joining of co-defendants; issuing an O’Byrne letter"
Joice Carthy Expert Assistance
(2006) 100 (7) LSG 30
Litigation; Expert reports in personal injury actions; practical implications for practitioners; party's disclosure obligations'
David Geary Jumping the gun in merger cases
(2006) 100 (7) LSG 58
Competition Law; Competition Act 2002; merger control rules; regulatory rules
Alma Clissman "Intractable action, abduction and the ECHR"
(2006) 100 (8) LSG 13
Human Rights; Practical application of ECHR; role of courts; Strasbourg standards
Michelle Ní Longáin The ABC of PQE
(2006) 100 (8) LSG 22
Employment Law; PQE and discrimination; indirect discrimination on age and other grounds; a strong defence
Dara Robinson Wiping the slate clean
(2006) 100 (8) LSG 29
Young Offenders; Rehabilitation of young offenders; practice in other jurisdictions; deleting criminal records after a period of time
William Kennedy Expert view
(2006) 100 (8) LSG 32
Litigation; Immunity from suit of a witness or expert; bringing disciplinary proceedings against experts; changes to in camera rule in this area
Stephen Collins Heavy traffic
(2006) 100 (8) LSG 36
Human Rights Law; The ‘modern’ problem of trafficking; Palermo Protocol; trans-national crime with national implications
Suzanne Egan Extraordinary rendition: Ireland’s international human rights obligations
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 13
Human Rights; Extra-judicial transport of suspects; detentions; international enquiries
Alma Clissman Child law conference reveals consensus on culture change
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 15
Children; Rights-based child law; family courts; ‘Skinner principles’; in camera rule
Fergus Finlay Constitutional change is needed to protect children's rights
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 20
Children; Law as it affects children; sexual abuse; child poverty; inalienable rights
Imogen McGrath Air wars
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 24
Competition Law; Ryanair and Aer Lingus; EC merger control and the air transport industry; the Antipodean experience
Bryon Wade "The shrink, the chippy, his wife and her doctor (Part 1)"
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 28
Mental Health Law; Incorrect diagnosis of mental illness; attempt to commit plaintiff to psychiatric institution; delay in release of psychiatric report
Martin Canny Justice Denied?
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 32
Litigation; Delay; new approach of the courts; applications to dismiss for want of prosecution
Richard Grogan Division of Labour
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 35
Employment Law; Employment malpractice claims; exploitation of foreign workers; the employer’s defence
Gabriel Brennan Electric Picnic
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 38
Conveyancing; Electronic conveyancing; Ireland’s e-conveyancing strategy; current progress
James Kinch Member state liability for infringements of community law by a supreme court
(2006) 100 (9) LSG 58
European; Damages; Art. 228 EC; legal certainty; res judicata; interpretation
Alma Clissman Supreme Court decision defends amicus interventions
(2006) 100 (10) LSG 11
Human Rights; ECHR Act 2003; Constitution; Amicus curiae; interpretation
Hilary Coveney Child in time
(2006) 100 (10) LSG 18
Family Law; Private law issue of consent; meaning of the term ‘unborn’; personal rights; Constitution
Geoffrey Shannon Breaking up is hard to do
(2006) 100 (10) LSG 26
Contact Law; Recognition of pre-nuptial agreements; Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996; separation; case law in other jurisdictions
Brónagh Maher In whose interest?
(2006) 100 (10) LSG 30
Company Law; "Dispositions by solvent companies; Companies Act 1963, section 218; Joyce v Wellingford Construction Limited"