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List of Periodicals

Law Society Gazette - 1997

Robert Harley Doctors, Lawyers and the Harvard Report
(1997) 91 (1) LSG 20
Law of Tort; Medical Negligence; Harvard Report
Mary Johnson Civil Legal Aid Act: falling short of the mark?
(1997) 91 (1) LSG 25
Legal Aid; Civil Legal Aid Act 1995
Eugene Davy Family Snaps
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 12
Family Law; Divorce; Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996
Catherine Dolan Agreeing to Differ
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 15
Family Law; Marital Breakdown; Mediation
Terry Oliver Tax and the separated couple
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 16
Family Law; Marital Breakdown; Taxation
Pat Igoe Business Concerns
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 18
Company Law; Directors
Conal O Boyle Irish ways and Irish laws
(1997) 91 (2) LSG 24
Legal History; Brehon Laws
Rex Parry Defective software: who should pay?
(1997) 91 (3) LSG 16
Information Technology Law; Software; Defective Goods
Muriel Walls No place like home
(1997) 91 (3) LSG 24
Family Law; Divorce; Family Property; Distribution of Assets
Rosemary Horgan Till debt do we part
(1997) 91 (4) LSG 22
Family Law; Divorce; Ancillary Orders
Sora O Doherty Suffer the little children...
(1997) 91 (5) LSG 12
Labour Law; Child Labour; Protection of Young Persons (Employment) Act 1996
Mary Johnson Letting in the light
(1997) 91 (5) LSG 16
Freedom of Information Law; Freedom of Information Act 1997
Donal O Carroll Suing in the sun
(1997) 91 (6) LSG 10
International Law; Litigation
Michael Conlon Behind closed doors?
(1997) 91 (6) LSG 12
Medical Law; Medical Practitioners Act 1978; Disciplinary Procedures
Bernard Gogarty Arbitration: The umpire strikes back
(1997) 91 (6) LSG 16
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration
Pat Igoe In the front line against fraud
(1997) 91 (7) LSG 17
Company Law; Corporate Enforcement; Fraud
Kieran Doran Blood lines
(1997) 91 (8) LSG 12
Medical Law; Consent; HIV Testing
Padraig Walsh Punch the Clock
(1997) 91 (8) LSG 24
Employment Law; Organisation of Working Time Act 1997
Paul Lambert Tobacco litigation: a burning issue?
(1997) 91 (9) LSG 16
Medical Law; Litigation; Tobacco
Kieran Doran Freedom of Information Act, 1997: a legal cul de sac?
(1997) 91 (9) LSG 18
Freedom of Information Act 1997
Barry O Halloran Come Together
(1997) 91 (9) LSG 21
Alternative Dispute Resolution; Mediation
Dai Davis Cyberlaw: Ten Recent Internet Cases
(1997) 91 (10) LSG 14
Information Technology Law; Internet Regulation
Sinead Conneely No foal, no fee in the UK
(1997) 91 (10) LSG 18
Legal Systems; Legal Aid
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