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List of Periodicals

Judicial Studies Institute Journal - 2004

Justice Philip O'SullivanA Hot Tub for Expert Witnesses
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 1
Negligence; Expert Witnesses; Balace of Probability; Causation
William BinchyRecent Developments in the Law of Torts
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 8
Law of Torts; Negligence; Duty of Care; Supreme Court; "Compensation Culture"
Caroline Fennell & Andrea RyanA Cork Study on `Domestic' Violence and the Criminal Process: Tentative Conclusions from the Policing Perspective
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 79
Criminal Law; Domestic Violence Act 1996; Constitutional Law; Inadequacy
Derek DunneThe Position of the 'Quasi-Partnership' Type Private Company in Irish Law
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 108
Company Law; Re Murphs Restaurant; Companies Act 1963, s. 205
Rosemary HorganDomestic Violence and Civil Harassment: Some Issues Which Arise When the Case Comes to Court
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 144
Family Law; Domestic Violence Act 1996; European Convention on Human Rights; Interim Barring Orders
Lord Justice BrookeThe Use of Technology in the Courts
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 169
Court Service; Technology; Judiciary
Paul Anthony McDermottContempt of Court and the Need for Legislation
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 185
Contempt of Court; Legislative Reform; Law Reform Commission
Owen McIntyreLiability for Asbestos-Related Illness: Redefining the Rules on `Toxic Torts'
(2004) 4(1) JSIJ 196
Law of Torts; Negligence; Forseeability; Asbestos; Fletcher v. Commissioner of Public Works
Ronan KeaneJudges as Lawmakers: The Irish Experience
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 1
Judiciary; Judicial Activism; Legal History
Una Ni RaifeartaighThe European Convention on Human Rights and the Irish Criminal Justice System
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 20
European Convention on Human Rights; Criminal Law; Democracy; Fundamental Freedoms
Donal O'DonnellA Comparison of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights and the Due Process Requirements of the Constitution of Ireland
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 37
European Convention on Human Rights; Right to a Fair Trial; Criminal Justice System
Ursula KilkellyChildren's Rights: A European Perspective
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 68
European Convention on Human Rights; Family Law; Children's Rights; Human Rights Act 1998 (UK)
Christos RozakisThe Right to a Fair Trial in Civil Cases
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 96
European Convention on Human Rights; Right to a Fair Trial; Civil Procedure
Paul MahoneyRight to Fair Trial in Criminal Matters
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 107
European Convention on Human Rights; Right to a Fair Trial; Criminal Justice System
Jonathan TomkinImplementing Community Legislation Into National Law: The Demands of a New Legal Order
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 130
European Law; Secondary Legislation; Constitutional Law; Dualist System; Direct Effect
James HamiltonThe Summary Trial of Indictable Offences
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 154
Constitutional Law; Criminal Justice System; Indictable Offences
Carol Daugherty RasnicAlternative Dispute Resolution Rather than Litigation? A Look at Current Irish and American Laws
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 182
Courts System; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Arbitration; Mediation
Garrett SimonsPlanning Injunction: Section 150
(2004) 4(2) JSIJ 199
Planning and Development Act 2000; Unauthorised Development; Injunction; Locus Standi
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