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List of Periodicals

Judicial Studies Institute Journal - 2002

Mr. Justice Paul Carney The Case for a National Court for Indictable Crime
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 1
Criminal Justice System; Court Proceedings
Gerry Curran Journalists and Judges: Tension and Distortion
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 11
Media; Justice
Caroline Fennell The Culture of Decision Making: A Case for Judicial Defiance through Evidence and Fact-Finding
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 25
Sexual Offences; Law of Evidence; Corroboration
Mr. Justice Ronan Keane Homicide: The Mental Element
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 66
Homicide; Malice, Mens Rea
Judge Mary Kotsonouris Criticising Judges in Ireland
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 79
Judiciary; Contempt of Court
Susan Moloney A New Approach to Civil Litigation? Implementing the "Woold Reforms" and Judicial Case Management
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 98
Case Management
Judge Clare Leonard Racism and Xenophobia: Difficulties facing the Courts in Ireland and Sweden in Dealing with Ethnic Minorities
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 110
Racism; Xenophobia; Minorities
Garret Simons Special Judicial Review Procedure under the Planning and Development Act, 2000
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 125
Environmental Law; Judicial Review
Rory White Disclosure of Bench Memoranda prepared by Judical Assistants
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 154
Bench Memoranda
Mr. Justice Ronan Keane Book Review: Greer and Dawson (eds.). "Mysteries and Solutions in Irish Legal History"
(2002) 2(1) JSIJ 161
Colum Gavan Duffy George Gavan Duffy
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 1
High Court; Gavan Duffy P.
Roy Goode Arbitration - Should Courts Get Involved
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 33
Arbitration; Alternative Dispute Resolution
Judge John W. Kennedy, Jr. Personality Type and Judicial Decision Making
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 50
Jurisprudence; Judicial Decision Making
Mrs. Justice Catherine McGuinness Recent Developments in Family Law
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 68
Family Law; European Court of Human Rights
Donal O'Donnell  Some Reflections on the Law of Contempt
(2002) 2(2) JSJI 88
Benedict Ó Floinn An Chuideachta Dhíscaoilte - Bás nó Ath-fhás?
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 131
Company Law; Liquidation
Gerard Quinn The Judging Process and the Personality of the Judge
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 141
Jurisprudence; Realism; Judicial Decision Making
Shivaun Quinlivan and Mary Keys Official Indifference and Persistent Procrastination: An Analysis of Sinnott
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 163
Disability; Education; Rights
Barry Sheehan 'Til Death Do Us Part? : Cohabitees and the Law
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 190
Cohabitees; Family Law; Property Law
Mr. Justice Nicholas Kearns Book Review: Power, "Competition Law and Practice"
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 244
Competition Law
Mr. Justice Esmond Smyth Book Review: Cordial, "Consolidated Circuit Court rules: Practice and Procedure"
(2002) 2(2) JSIJ 248
Court Proceedings; Circuit Court